Last Day of Paper City Today

It's the last day of Paper City in Hull today. The weather's lovely. Get out there and enjoy it. Read more →

See the Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman movie is way, way better than it needs to be. Hanging off two solid franchises (the clue's in the name) it could confidently expect to make a fortune just by showing up. At least for one episode at least. However, it is very, very, good. Just the right balance of action, story and knowing self-reference to keep everyone happy. I don't think I've laughed out loud at a film so many t… Read more →

Mixed Emotions

Something that stirs up mixed emotions: receiving an email that goes "I really like your book, sorry that I'm reading a stolen copy". Read more →

Reckitt Benckiser at c4di

David Keel of c4di explains what we are about Spent an afternoon talking about robots and chatbots. In other words, a good afternoon. We had folks from Reckitt Benckiser over to talk about a new partnership with c4di. We were showing off stuff what we had made and I brought along a few Hull Pixelbots. Another satisfice Hull Pixelbot customer... I really love it when I show someone a bit of tech an… Read more →

Hull Pixelbot Rumble at c4di today (Thursday)

Finally, a blog post that isn't a thinly disguised plug for one of my books....Anyhoo, today I'm plugging the Hardware Meetup at c4di tomorrow (Thursday). Ross is going to bring his robots, I'm going to bring some of mine, and we are going to do some robot things that might include rumbling.You're welcome to come along and marvel. Sign up here. The meetups are in the ground floor of the awesome c4… Read more →

Begin to Code with Python is coming

Begin to Code with Python By Rob Miles Well, this is exciting. I'm just finishing off Chapter 9 and I find that the book is already available for pre-order on Amazon.Better keep writing.... Read more →

Monday Games Snap

You might have heard of my Snaps framework. Then again you might not. I created it for my Begin to Code with C# book. The idea behind Snaps is that learning to create Windows 10 Universal Applications is hard because it takes a while to get to the point where you understand enough to have a bit of fun writing C#. So I created a bunch of helper functions that grew into an entire library for app and… Read more →

Jeff Lynne's ELO are Awesome

I've liked ELO since, well, forever. And when I found out they were coming to Hull, I got tickets. They were playing at the KC Stadium. It's big. And it was full.ELO did not disappoint. The support from The Shires and Tom Chaplin deserves special mention too for being excellent too. At the end they created enormous plumes of fire in time with the music. Awesome. A fantastic night that was only sli… Read more →

Paper City in Hull

We went to the Paper City event today. It was wonderful. I took a few photographs. If you're in Hull, you should so go along and take a look. It's running until the 9th of July.If you're not from Hull I reckon you should make a special trip. It's really good. Read more →

Worlds Favourite Colour - in my house

Apparently the world's favourite colour is "Marrs Green". This was announced at the launch of "Paper City", an exhibition of paper sculpture in Hull's Fruit Market. I think I'm ahead of the game the. Above you can see the chosen colour against the walls of my tiny office which I painted green many years ago. Very similar eh? Once more, Rob is ahead of the times... Read more →