Tech Roundup

These are the notes for my chat about current affairs for Radio Humberside this morning. I thought I’d do a Tech Roundup and make the notes into a blog post…..Drone home Amazon are launching a tiny home security drone that can fly round your house to check that you haven’t left the gas on. It comes in its own cute recharging stand and you can teach it the way round your house. I can think of a few… Read more →

I say tomato.png you say Tomato.png

Sometimes, way back in the past, software writers set massive traps that we still fall into today. Like when someone at Microsoft wanted to make MS-DOS seem different to Unix so they used backslash “\” for filename separators rather than forward slash “/”. Or that other time, when someone else (or maybe the same person - who knows) thought it might be a wizard wheeze to make MS-DOS not care about… Read more →

Slave to my bathroom scales

Last week I got an email telling me it was time to replace the batteries in my bathroom scales. Today I replaced them. I was tempted to not replace them just to see what happened next, but in the end I didn’t dare… Read more →

BBC Sound Effects free to use

You might not believe this (alright, you’re bound to believe this) but when I was younger I used to buy sound effects records from the BBC. It was all part of a growing up process that involved a number of reel to reel tape recorders and duties as sound man for the local amateur dramatics society. It got so that I could actually recognise familiar effects when I heard them on TV and radio. Anyhoo,… Read more →

Covid App Installed

I’ve installed the NHS Covid App on my phone and it seems to work. Actually, it doesn’t seem to do much. After asking me for my home postcode (or at least the first few characters of it) the program seems to have lost interest in me. I think this is definitely a good thing. I was expecting to have to enter a username, think of a password that didn’t (or did) include non-alphanumeric characters and… Read more →

Begin to Code with JavaScript is written

It’s done! Yay! I’ve finished writing all the chapters of Begin to Code with JavaScript. I’ve been turning out a chapter every two weeks since early April. It’s been great fun and a wonderful distraction from the end of the world as we know it. Of course the book is by no means finished. It now needs to be made right, which is what we do in the editing process. Since I’m ever the optimist though,… Read more →

Among Us is very annoying - and great fun

We played Among Us for a couple of hours tonight. It was hilarious. Everyone is trying to repair a spaceship. Except one person - the imposter. The Imposter can sabotage the ship and kill crew members. When a death is discovered the remaining crew get together and try to decide who to throw out of the airlock. Get it right and the crew win. Get it wrong and the game continues until the imposter ru… Read more →

Grand Canyon Flying

We flew down the Grand Canyon this evening. Some of our party were much braver than I was, being quite happy to fly just above the river. I really enjoyed the trip - but I still need to work on my landings. Read more →

3D Printed Maze

Today I presented a session in our new students induction called “Building Your Brand” which was broadly about how to develop your profile in a way that supplements everything that you are explicitly learning on your degree programme. In preparing for it I came across something that led me to an interesting diversion. Read more →

Stitching videos from frames with ffmpeg (and audio/video editing tricks)

ffmpeg is awesome. In case you haven't heard, ffmpeg is a command-line tool for editing and converting audio and video files. It's taken me a while to warm up to it (the command-line syntax is pretty complicated), but since I've found myself returning to it again and again I thought I'd blog about it so you can use it too (and also for my own reference :P). I have 2 common tasks I perform with ffm… Read more →