Pulse & queer history

The Pulse nightclub & A memorial in CSS. Read more →

The Y2K Bug: Was It a Hoax?

I’ve run into a few people recently who’ve told me that the Y2K problem, aka The Millennium Bug was a hoax. In some ways the issue was, but let’s get one thing straight, the bug was very real and if we hadn’t done a hell of a lot of work to fix it, things would Read more →

Take a look at Jupyter

If I was still teaching a programming course (those were the days) I’d be taking a very long, hard, look at Jupyter. It’s a web based active notebook where the pages can contain text, images, programs and outputs from programs. You can write your code into blocks on the page, hit run and see the output. And you do this inside your browser. I’ve had a go with Python and JavaScript and they just wor… Read more →

Two Minds

l’m not sure whether I should be happy that I bought two replacement bulbs for the outside light so that I’d have a spare when it failed, or sad because I forgot that I’d done this. Read more →

An apology

I feel that I must apologise for the blog post yesterday. Readers with long memories will no doubt be feeling short changed by the way that I failed to meet their appetite for new, relevant articles and recycled an old one from 16 years ago. I’m not the kind of person who fill his blog with old posts from way back. But I am the kind of person who fills his blog with apologies for posting old posts… Read more →

Magic from the Wayback Machine

If you think that the current internet is a bit of a time sink, try taking a look at the past one.I’ve been playing with the wayback machine, which has been carefully salting away copies of my deathless prose for around twenty years or so. I’ve just lost a big chunk time reading stuff I wrote ages ago. But some if it I rather like. Take this one, about debugging and magic that I wrote on 25th Sept… Read more →

Saving space on Linux

While Linux is a whole lot lighter than Windows, there does come a point at which one has to look at reducing the amount of stuff that's on one's hard drive. Thankfully, there are a number of possible things that we can do on Linux to find and delete large, bulky, and extraneous files, and I thought I'd post about them here. Firstly, there's the Disk Usage Analyser, or baobab. It's a graphical int… Read more →

C Sharp Yellow Book Examples on GitHub

An email from Alan inspired me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I’ve put all the sample code for my World Famous (in my world) C# Yellow Book on GitHub. The code has been lurking in a zip archive on my blog site for a while, but GitHub is definitely the proper place for things like this. You can find it here. Read more →

DDD 14 at Reading

Thanks for being a great audience folks I’ve not been to Microsoft Thames Valley Park for a while. It was very nice to be back there for the day at the Developer, Developer, Developer (DDD) conference. It was awesome. Four tracks of excellent content. I was talking about Air Quality and top hats and whatnot. I had a fantastic audience all my demos worked. (Note to self: stop sounding surprised whe… Read more →

Making a Useful SatNav

I’ve been moaning about SatNav software for years. It is getting better though. My latest car displays a map that contains 3D renderings of the car parks I’m failing to find a way into. Very useful. Of course it also has a habit of getting the lane guidance wrong, which makes for amusing antics at roundabouts every now and then, but I guess nothing is perfect. One thing that struck me as I was thr… Read more →