Resizing Encrypted LVM Partitions on Linux

I found recently that I needed to resize some partitions on my new laptop as the Ubuntu installer helpfully decided to create only a 1GB swap partition, which is nowhere near enough for hibernation (you need a swap partition that's at least as big as your computer's RAM in order to hibernate). Unfortunately resizing my swap partition didn't allow me to hibernate successfully in the end, but I thou… Read more →

Self destructing setting storage

It turns out that creating useful embedded devices seems to be around 80% setting storage and management. I’ve created a nice little setting manager that exposes the settings as C structures, stores them in EEPROM and allows settings to be updated via JSON messages or via direct commands. Settings are bound to the process or sensor that needs them and it works well. I thought it might be nice to b… Read more →

The Spaceship | Why open-source is important

It was a day like any other: Captain Ralph of the small cargo ship SS carryalot was taking a shipment of bavarian noodles to Epsilon V in time for their annual noodle festival with his partner, Egbert the Engineer. Unfortunately though, he was having some FTL drive trouble. An hour or two previously, he docked with the layover station Alpha 9 to refuel, but yet the FTL drive suddenly abruptly cut… Read more →

Using SSL security with ESP32 and ESP8266

The story so far…..Robert has been trying to connect an ESP8266 embedded device to an Azure IoT Hub, something he has done many times with no problems. Except it no longer works. Having spent a day failing, perhaps it is time for Robert to have some success. Now read on…..Yesterday was not a good day. Today was better. To summarise my problem: I want to use my embedded devices with Azure IoT hub s… Read more →

Azure IoT Hub for Free

Everything I achieved today I achieved before 9:30. It was all downhill after that. But I did achieve quite a bit. I’m making a bunch of connected devices and I want to use MQTT to link them together. I could set up my own MQTT broker on a local Raspberry Pi but that would only work around my house and I want these to work around the world. My weapon of choice for these things is Azure IoT hub whi… Read more →

Looking back on my time at Sauce

After interning at EKM in using C#, I was interested in exploring other tech stacks in addition to the .NET I’d worked in previously. Throughout my first couple of years at University, I’d seen some presentations from some of the team at Sauce about the different tech they’d been working with and ended up talking to them more at a careers event in University, wanting to find out a bit more about w… Read more →

Fun with Fish Eyes

So I took the Fish Eye Lens for a walk. The hard bit is making sure that you don’t end up with your feet in the picture…. Read more →

PhpStorm Xdebug Setup In Windows

Introduction to PhpStorm Xdebug Setup PhpStorm Xdebug Setup In Windows is a guide designed for people who with a correctly working PHP installation including Xdebug. If your system does not have this, Setup PHP On Windows With Debugging can help. This blog post is part of a new series of... The post PhpStorm Xdebug Setup In Windows appeared first on Sara Payne's Blog. Read more →

It's the hope that kills you...

Today I saw the ultimate in error messages. I wasn’t doing anything particularly adventurous, just trying to play a video file. However, the error really scared me. I wish I’d taken a picture of it. The error said:This video cannot be played. Please try again later. Such evil in 9 words. The video file was eminently playable, this device just couldn’t play that particular format. One of the things… Read more →

Setup PHP On Windows With Debugging

Introduction Setup PHP On Windows For Development and Debugging is a guide designed for people installing PHP with debugging for the first time. This guide also forms part of a larger collection aimed at setting up development environments. Hint to make this process easier. There is a reasonable amount of... The post Setup PHP On Windows With Debugging appeared first on Sara Payne's Blog. Read more →