What Have We Brits Learnt Through #blacklivesmatter?

I’m working on some longer stuff, because one thing that #blacklivesmatter has made me realise is that there are a lot of assumptions being made about racism and there’s a lot of bollocks being talked. In the meantime, a few bullet points: We still have institutions here in the UK that treat people differently according Read more →

EmbedBox: Lightweight syntax-highlighted embeds

I was planning posting about something else yesterday, but I wanted to show some GitLab code in a syntax-highlighted embed. When I wasn't able to figure out how to do that, I ended up writing EmbedBox. The whole thing is best explained with an example. Have an embed: (Can't see the above? Check out the original file here) Pretty cool, right? The above is the default settings file for EmbedBox. Giv… Read more →

Combining multiple code coverage results in Azure DevOps

When working with any .NET Core project, you’re likely to have one or more test projects. These types of automated test projects could be unit, functional, integration, or even UI.... The post Combining multiple code coverage results in Azure DevOps appeared first on James Croft. Read more →

Compile Firestorm on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa)

Compile Firestorm on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) – A guide to compiling the Firestorm Viewer for Opensimulator. Official Firestorm guides are available on the Firestorm Wiki. However, they have not been updated for Linux in a few years. This guide shows how to successfully compile the viewer using Ubuntu Focal... The post Compile Firestorm on Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) appeared first on Sara Payne'… Read more →

Times Table Tester now live

As part of chapter 6 (loops) of Begin to Code with JavaScript I’ve made a times table tester. The left hand button makes a mostly correct times table. The right button checks it for you. You can pay with it live here. Read more →

Back to Chapter 6

I’ve kind of had a week off writing; what with having guests and building gazebos, so today is all about writing some more of chapter 6. We’re improving our “Theme Park Ride Selector” program with the use of loops and colours. Read more →

Windows UI testing with Legerity

Testing at the application’s UI level is often an afterthought for most projects. These tests usually put your application under the testing of how it would be used by a... The post Windows UI testing with Legerity appeared first on James Croft. Read more →

Securing An Opensim Ubuntu Server

Securing An Opensim Ubuntu Server is not a comprehensive article. Instead, it is an accompaniment to the series of blogs I have written about running Opensim on Ubuntu. Yet nothing in this article is specific to opensimulator. The processes described can be applied to any Linux server, though the setup... The post Securing An Opensim Ubuntu Server appeared first on Sara Payne's Blog. Read more →

M5 Stickc with big Tailbat

This is another device from the M5Stack people. This has an 1860C rechargeable battery which can run an M5Stickc for a couple of days (depending on what it is is doing). With careful use of sleep mode it could be even longer. And it makes the device look a bit like a wand, which is nice. Read more →

M5 Atom and Tailbat

The M5 Atom is a neat little ESP32 based device. They now do a version with 25 multi-coloured leds on it which is rather nice. You can also get a battery pack with the wonderful name of the “Tailbat” to plug into it and keep it going. You can program the device in Arduino C++, use MicroPython or even the UiFlow block based environment, all over the air from a browser. Great fun and loads of potent… Read more →