Pulse & queer history

The Pulse nightclub & A memorial in CSS. Read more →

Summer Project Part 5: When is a function not a function?

Another post! Looks like I'm on a roll in this series :P In the last post, I looked at the box I designed that was ready for 3D printing. That process has now been completed, and I'm now in possession of an (almost) luminous orange and pink box that could almost glow in the dark....... I also looked at the libraries that I'll be using and how to manage the (rather limited) amount of memory availab… Read more →

Getting Started with Micro Python on ESP32

I got my little game working on the Raspberry Pi yesterday, and today I got to thinking how I could make it work on something a bit, er, cheaper. It’s not so much that I begrudge paying the price for the Pi, more that I can think of more demanding things to do with the Pi than just run the game. My thoughts turned to the ultra-cheap ESP32 devices that I’ve been playing with. The only snag is that… Read more →

Hull Raspberry Jam with Two Buttons

Well, that was fun. I really should have taken some pictures of the jam, it was great fun. There were loads of machines set up and creativity going on all over the place. I took my “Two Button Box” along and developed the rest of the software. Thanks to Ben, Jon and Matt for advice and help on getting my Python program to run each time the box is powered on (this harks back to my Unix days of old… Read more →

Making plans for Hull Raspberry Jam

There’s a Raspberry Jam in Hull tomorrow. There is a kind of development theme where attendees are invited to create a game that only uses two buttons to control it. I love a good constraint. Ask me to make a game and I’ll fall apart. Ask me to make a game that only uses two buttons and I get interested. I mean, as you can see above, I’ve got two buttons….My plan is to put the buttons, a Raspberry… Read more →

Mobile Phone Navigation is still rubbish

Wrong side of the tracks…. The satnavs that I’ve used in cars are mostly OK. The ones I’ve used in phones are mostly awful. Some observations:The official Apple Maps application for iPhone actually consumes power faster than a normal car USB connector can charge it. So on a long journey your phone can go flat even if it is plugged in. On the plus side, it does make for quite a good hand warmer.The… Read more →

Ensure your SSH server is secure with SSH Check

We've got ssllabs.com for testing HTTPS servers to ensure they are setup to be secure, and personally I've been using it for years now (psst, starbeamrainbowlabs.com gets an A+!). SSH servers are a very different story, however. While I've blogged about them before, I mainly focused on preventing unauthorised access to a server by methods such as password cracking attacks. Now that I'm coming to t… Read more →

O2 Apple Watch Data Fix

After all the fun and games getting the Apple Watch on O2 I was hoping for a happy ending. But this didn’t happen because although we could quite happily make phone calls with the device all the network and SMS features were broken. I was thinking for a while that I’d have to ring up and they’d try to sell me another watch. Wah.But the good news is that the fix was quite simple. I opened the Apple… Read more →

Enter C++

After working on a prototype for a few weeks, I was able to create a fairly basic evolutionary simulator using neural networks. The prototype was a success; I was able to evolve creatures which had the ability to locate and eat food. The number of ideas I’ve had for this project is ever growing and given it was only a prototype in JavaScript, it was begging for a rewrite. Enter C++ and OpenGL. I c… Read more →

Sewerby Hall is Awesome

Yesterday we had a lovely time at Sewerby Hall and gardens. It’s a lovely place. Just go there. Read more →