Design Patterns – The Command Pattern

Again, I am not gonna bother trying to find relevant images for this stuff, so have a nice picture of Wipeout Omega Collection that came out last week. Wipeout is my favourite Anti-Grav racer, sorry F-zero, I grew up with the PlayStation 🙂 . Anyway, lets have a look at the Command Pattern. I have Read more →

Design Patterns – Intro

As usual, I couldn’t find a decent picture, so I just put up one of Persona 5. I am still playing it, it is really good. Pick it up! Recently I have been going through all my knowledge and figuring out where my core knowledge gaps are. After doing a few tests, etc, I found Read more →

Saved by the stud finder

Put a new mirror up in the hall. Now I can check that I look my absolute handsomeist best before leaving the house. It's a very optimistic mirror. We carefully decided where it needed to be hung and, just before I fired up the drill, I ran my trusty stud-finder over the wall. I bought this a while back. It's a metal detector for wall use. It tells you if you are about to drill into a pipe (messy a… Read more →

Robot Rumble Action

I think we had around sixteen robots at the hardware meetup tonight. Some new members, and the possibility of getting some cut from plastic. At which point we can have even more....Great fun. Read more →

Red Nose Day Award

Well, that was nice. This afternoon a chap delivered a rather nice frame with an award in it from the Red Nose Day folks. I'll be doing more lectures in rhyme in the future. Try and stop me. Read more →

Unreal Engine and Space JRPG

This year I wanted to learn something new. I also wanted to work on a hobby project that other people cared about and get excited about, not just me, so I have been cocnepting a new idea for a “light” sapce jrpg. I think the idea is pretty cool… the amount of content required for Read more →

Robot Rumble at c4di Hardware Meetup

Ross is bringing his Hull Pixelbots in to c4di on Thursday for our Hardware Meetup. I'm going to bring mine too, to create The Largest Gathering of Hull Pixelbots ever seen on the planet.If you want to come along too (and maybe bring your own Pixelbot) we start at 6:00 on Thursday in c4di. You can sign up here. Read more →

One Day, Maybe

Many years ago I got to go to "It Felt Like a Kiss" in Manchester. It was one of the weirdest things that I've ever done. Especially the bit at the end where you're chased by a man with a chainsaw. Since then I've been on the lookout for similar, immersive theatre events. There's one on in Hull later this year. One Day, Maybe is based at the offices of Kasang, who are apparently a South Korean com… Read more →


Oh. Good. Read more →

Apres La Deluge

You can keep all your scary movies. To me one of the most frightening things I can hear is someone ask very quietly "Is this stuff under the sink supposed to be wet?".We'd just about convinced ourselves that the out of place water was caused by a leak from a pack of wet wipes, when I discovered that a plastic box that was supposed to be full of cleaning materials was also full of water.Oh dear. To… Read more →