Job Scheduling on Linux

Scheduling jobs to happen at a later time on a Linux based machine can be somewhat confusing. Confused by 5 4 8-10/4 6/4 * baffled by 5 */4 * * *? All will be revealed! cron Scheduling jobs on a Linux machine can be done in several ways. Let's start with cron - the primary program that orchestrates the whole proceeding. Its name comes from the Greek word Chronos, which means time. By filling in a… Read more →

Inadvertent Storytelling

I love it when I go through pictures I've taken and every now and then find one that really tells a story. I took this one at the Steam Rally recently, hoping to get a good shot of the car instruments and totally failed to notice the figures in the background.But, having revisited the pictures I really like the way that this one seems to be all about a couple and their dog, and their shiny MG. Read more →

LoRa Build a Node Workshop at c4di

We've just had a bunch of folks around to build some LoRa nodes. Robin had put together some kits and we came up with a set of instructions. By the end of the day we expected our attendees to have their LoRa nodes sampling temperature, air pressure and humidity and maybe even be viewing the values on The Things Network website. Well, we got that and more. One person had the information going into… Read more →

The Printer

I have mentioned my 3d printer a few times on the blog now and I have been meaning to document the various modifications and the overall journey that I have taken with it. So here it is. Read more →

LoRa at Humber Street Gallery

Today finds us at Humber Street Gallery. We're looking for locations for a LoRa gateway for the area. They've got a lovely rooftop bar which looks perfect, and has some amazing views. Of course, I happened to have my camera with me. We were telling the folks at the gallery about LoRa and we're going to go back and find out a bit more about the possibility of LoRa enabled artworks. Could lead to so… Read more →

Search Engine Optimisation: The curious question of efficiency

For one reason or another I found myself a few days ago inspecting the code behind Pepperminty Wiki's full-text search engine. What I found was interesting enough that I thought I'd blog about it. Forget about that kind of Search Engine Optimisation (the horrible click-baity kind - if there's enough interest I'll blog about my thoughts there too) and cue the appropriate music - we're going on a fi… Read more →

Mixed Reality Accelerator – VISR

Finally finished with first year, I should be receiving my results any day now. More importantly however, is the Accelerator program that I will be attending until mid August, ran by Hull based VR company VISR! The program trains students in developing for the Hololens, providing real projects to work on, from real big-name … Continue reading Mixed Reality Accelerator… Read more →

Bad Telly

Scene 1: A meeting room, a bunch of TV transmitter engineers are sitting round a table. With an accountant.Engineer 1: 'If we use this form of broadcast antenna we'll have good strong signals all year round.'Engineer 2: 'Which is what we want. Right?'Accountant: 'Hmmm. Looks a bit pricey to me. How about this design, which is cheaper.'Engineer 1: 'Yes, but with that one the signal will drop in the… Read more →

Little Weighton Steam Rally

Today finds us at the Little Weighton Steam Rally. Wonderful weather and lots of steam. We've not been in a while, but we'll be there next year for sure because it was wonderful. Of course I took some pictures. Not just steam engines.... The little engines are really cute... Read more →

Waiting for the Ice Cream Machine to Warm Up

We went down to the waterfront today. Wonderful weather, cool breeze from the water. A scene that could be made completely perfect by the addition of an ice cream.We went into the local ice cream parlour. They were just getting going, what with us being there quite early. Anyhoo, the machine wasn't ready for use, and I had this lovely idea that we were waiting for the ice cream machine to warm up. Read more →