Shift-reduce Parser Part 1: First Steps

Now that I've done the Languages and Compilers module at University, it's opened my eyes to a much better and more extensible way of handling complex text in a way that can easily be read by any subsequent code I write. To that end, I've found that at least 3 different various projects of mine could benefit from the inclusion of a shift-reduce parser, but I haven't been able to track one down for… Read more →

Another awesome Hardware Group Meetup

Why I like c4di. 2.4 Gigabytes to download. In a couple of minutes. I keep taking my camera to our Hardware Meetups with the intention of getting some pictures of what goes on, and then getting into so many chats about different things that I completely forget to get any pictures. It happened again tonight. We had some new members with awesome ideas about projects they want to build. And folks I'v… Read more →

Midsummer Night's Dream at Hull Truck

There are a few nights left of this performance of Shakespeare's classic play at Hull Truck. You can probably still get tickets. And you should. Go here. Buy them. Go see. You'll thank me. We went tonight and it was very, very, funny. Some lovely twists on the original, and a bun fight at the end. And that's the most I can say without giving away any spoilers (which is not something you can usuall… Read more →

Markdown editors compared

If you didn't know already, I write all my blog posts here in markdown. I've used several markdown editors over the years (wow it's strange to write that), and I thought I'd talk a little bit about the ones I've used, what I liked about them (and the things I didn't), and what my current preference is. Firstly though, why would you want one? Couldn't you just use a regular text editor like Notepad… Read more →

Flying Video

My brother posted a video to YouTube of when he came flying with me some time last year. You can watch it above. Danny Advertisements Read more →


The idea of DevOps — short for developer operations — being a discrete role in Software Development doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. As I have had quite a few conversations about this in the past few weeks I felt it might be useful to get my thoughts written down. The original Read more →

Talking Hull Pixelbots at the new Hull Makerspace

I stole this picture from Hull Makerspace. Thanks for that. Today I got my first look at the new Hull Makerspace. It's splendid. It's a huge room full of potential; connected to a bunch of other rooms also full of potential. The stuff they are installing is fantastic, including pottery kilns, a CNC machine shop, a paint booth, wood working, sewing and of course frickin' lasers (not mounted on shar… Read more →

User-friendly data tools for my JRPG

I haven’t done a project blog in regards to tech in like forever. In fact, I haven’t blogged in like forever. HI! So yeah I finished Persona 5 (hence the picture) and it took around 90 hours. And that game is a JRPG. And I am working on a JRPG so see it is kind Read more →

An epic journey awaits: The hows and whys of DNS (and why DNS privacy is important)

(Above: The logo of Cloudflare's new announcement. Read on to find out more! Sourced from here.) Hello! I hope everyone had a nice restful Easter. Cloudflare made an exciting announcement recently (more on that later), which inspired me to sit down and write about a vital, but invisible, part of the internet we know today. It's called DNS (Domain Name System), and I'd like to take you on a journey… Read more →

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read more →