Talking about robots for the children's university

Showing of "Transparent Terry", one of the robot crew We had a bunch of folks from HEY Children's University come and see us at c4di today. It was great fun. I was showing off how we can put programs into robots to tell them what to do, and that a program is just something that takes in something (a distance from a distance sensor) does something with it (run away if the distance is less than 100… Read more →

LoRaWAN talks at CD4I!

(The LoRaWAN Logo. Of course, this post isn't endorsed (or even read?) by them at all) Hello again! I decided to write a quick post about the trio of talks I attended at C4DI yesterday. We had Rob Miles, Robin, and a very knowledgeable Paul from Norfolk come to us about all things LoRa. Rob Miles started off with an introduction to how it all works, and how as a hobbyist we can get started with it… Read more →

Kickstarting Hull's Smart City

Paul Foster taking networks. Well, that was fun. And exhausting. We did two Smart City events in one day. The morning event was all about getting people together to build a network, and the afternoon was all about the tech of LoRa. Both events had awesome attendance, lots of sensible discussion, and we even managed to fit in a bit of planning. As far as I'm concerned, the outcomes are:We are going… Read more →

Securing a Linux Server Part 2: SSH

Wow, it's been a while since I posted something in this series! Last time, I took a look at the Uncomplicated Firewall, and how you can use it to control the traffic coming in (and going out) of your server. This time, I'm going to take a look at steps you can take to secure another vitally important part of most servers: SSH. Used by servers and their administrators across the world to talk to on… Read more →

Preparing to Kickstart Hull's Smart City

Well, the preparations are nearly complete. I've even printed out the name badges. Tomorrow we'll be talking Smart Cities and networking. By way of a taster, I've put the first slide of my presentation above. Should be exciting. Read more →

"The Expanse" is rather good

The Expanse is a great big lump of space opera that must have cost a fortune to produce. (I tried to work in an "The Expense" gag here, but I couldn't make it work. Oh well.)The spaceships are some of the best I've ever seen on TV and the narrative is rattling along at a furious pace. Set all around the solar system, a few hundred years into the future, it has earthers, martians and belters (folks… Read more →

Using an osciloscope

I actually had to use my oscilloscope last week. First time in ages. I'd quite forgotten how useful it is to be able see signals on wires. I'm thinking of running a "What is an oscilloscope and why is it a good idea?" session at the c4di hardware club. Read more →

Old Stuff

I found this old lens in the loft, attached to an old camera. Seems to work a treat. If I could travel faster than light. Could I use the old lens to take a picture of itself? Read more →

Agile and AI at Hull Devs on Feb. 28th

Looks like a couple of most excellent talks at Hull Devs at the of this month. Steve Trapps is talking about agile development and James Mann is coming over from Black Marble to talk about making bots. Should be a great evening. You can get your tickets here. Read more →

c4di Hardware Group Monster Meetup

Actually we didn't have any monsters turn up. But we did have a lot of people. Hayden was running a soldering masterclass. I was talking about Hull Pixelbots to a whole bunch of students who turned up to find out what we're about. Brian showed off a work in progress which simulates Hull Pixelbot movements in a nifty Python program. And we did some work with one of our youngest attendees, who's try… Read more →