Quest Get: Search large amounts of code!

(Above: A map of the Linux Kernel source code. Source: this post on medium.) Recently I was working on a little project of mine (nope, not this for once! :P), and I needed a C♯ class I'd written a while ago. Being forgetful as I am, I had no idea which of my project I'd written it for. And so the quest began to find it! I did in the end, but it left me thinking whether there was a better way to se… Read more →

Retinex: Correct your low-light images today!

I was processing some images for someone recently, and I ended up encountering issues with colour balance. The images looked okay on my monitor, but as soon as I printed them out, they took on a slight red-orange tint. Very interesting. I suspect that the root cause lies in some complex colourspace or device colour profile issue (which will take me ages to debug and track down), but I stumbled upo… Read more →

Day two of the MVP Summit

More great content. More chocolate milk. Read more →

Day one of the MVP Summit

We had day 1 of the MVP summit today. Lots of really interesting stuff. And chocolate milk. Read more →

Whiskey and Gambling in Seattle

One of the lovely things about the MVP Summit is the "appreciation night" that they organise for us each time we come. It's nice to be appreciated. This year we all descended on a whiskey distillery to sample a few, eat some good grub and maybe do a little light gambling. Great fun. Betting the farm (the dealer got 19) The best gambler of the night earned a substantial donation to a charity of the… Read more →

Train takes the strain

Well, that was fun. Turns out that trains work. We had to get up rather early, but at least we made it to the airport. Then onto the plane and away. The journey was smooth, and on time. Thanks to the magic of time zones we managed to land around the same time as we took off. Read more →

Satnavs 0 Snow 1

I thought we were being so clever. with our planning for the journey to the MVP summit. Booking a hotel close to the airport and ravelling a day early seemed like a good way to handle "The Beat from the East meets Storm Emma". What could go wrong?Everything.There are only a few roads between Hull and Manchester airport. And this afternoon they were either broken or impossible too get to. I chose t… Read more →


We had another superb Hardware group meetup at c4di tonight. Two new members, plus a host of others braved the horrid snow to come and talk tech. I was telling everyone of my problems with my soldering iron, which had come un-soldered (see above) leading to some nice "Catch-22" issues (in the end I bought another iron and mended my "proper" one).Plans are afoot for another soldering evening, and a… Read more →

Markov Chains Part 3: Weighted Chains

Recently I remembered that I had all the pieces I need to make a weighted version of the unweighted markov chain I built in part 2 of this series - specifically the weighted random number generator I built shortly after the unweighted markov chain. With this in mind, I decided on a whim to put all the pieces of the puzzle together - and this post is the result! Where to start... hrm. I know. To st… Read more →

MVP Summit Preparations

I'm busy getting my ducks in a row for the MVP Summit next week.Not sure why I'm taking a row of duck there though.. Read more →