The Edge browser is ready for prime time

For a few years now my browser of mostly choice has been Google Chrome. I say “mostly choice” because I don’t really want to use it, but it is the one browser that most things seem to work with. The Edge browser had a few advantages. The two main ones were that it was a tad faster and wasn’t linked to Google. However, it also had problems where it would not quite work with sites, which was super a… Read more →

Super Mario Party for Switch is awesome

It’s a measure of the greatness of this game that I really like it even though I’m not that good at it. And we’ve only really played the mini-games. And there are lots of things we’ve not unlocked. It works best if there are four players so you’ll need to get four controllers from somewhere. But once you’ve done that a whole slew of fun and games awaits. The mini-games are both crackers and genius… Read more →

Playstation Controller Back Buttons

Number one son is in town for the weekend. We went shopping today and he bought something rather interesting. Back buttons for the PlayStation 4 controller. They are a nifty moulding that fits underneath between the controller sides. By cunning use of a moving plug they wrap themselves around to make it look as if they are part of the controller. They provide two extra buttons that are really easy… Read more →

Virtual Worlds Saving Lives. A topic introduction.

Virtual worlds saving lives is something I have wanted to talk about for a long time now. I have still not fully found the correct words to express this delicate yet important topic adequately. More details about my personal experience with this will follow in future blog posts. This poster... The post Virtual Worlds Saving Lives. A topic introduction. appeared first on Sara Payne's Blog. Read more →

That could have gone better...

Una, my 3D printer has been behaving wonderfully over the last few days. She’s been turning out beautiful speaker covers. I knew it had to end sometime…. The above print is my first attempt at a panel support for the LED cube. It’s a right old mess. I used “gyroid” support because it sounded cool. That might have been a mistake. But the bigger mistake was to print the whole thing upside down. This… Read more →

Hardware Group Meetup - Frekvens and LED Cubes

I thought it might be fun to add some themes to Hardware Group meetups. The next meetup, on Thursday 20th of Feb, will be about Ikea Frekvens hardware, among other things. I’ll bring along my speaker, so folks can get an idea of how good it sounds. I’ll also be bringing along my LED cube work in progress. I’m working on making a cube out of 64x64 led panels. The idea is to have a Raspberry Pi 4 in… Read more →

A look at Frekvens - and a printable speaker cover

Frekvens is a very interesting collaboration between Ikea (who make nice stuff) and Teenage Engineering (who make amazing stuff). The range of Frekvens branded items includes lights that flash in time to the music (always a winner), speakers, a nifty tripod, a drum you can sit on, some furniture and even a shiny raincoat that I think I’ll pass on. We happened to be in Ikea on Monday and they some… Read more →

PhD Update 2: The experiment, the data, and the supercomputers

Welcome to another PhD update post. Since last time, a bunch of different things have happened - which I'll talk about here. In particular, 2 distinct strands have become evident: The reading papers and theory bit - and the writing code and testing stuff out bit. At the moment, I'm focusing much more heavily on the writing code and experimental side of things, as I've recently gained access to the… Read more →

Led Panels on the way

My dreams of a led panel cube have been on hold for the last couple of weeks while I wait for the panels to arrive from China. Today I did something I should have done a while back. I did some digging to find out what was going on. Turns out that my local Parcel Force depot had sent all the letters about a customs payment to the wrong address. This raises a couple of depressing thoughts:They must… Read more →

Plumbing the depths

Recently our electric shower has been indicating that it is not a well machine. Last week a lever linked to the power button fell off and in recent days the shower has making the kind of noise that X-Wing Starfighters make just before they crash into the ground. And today the noise acquired a new rumble that wasn’t there before. So I guess it is new shower time again. I’ve been installing new show… Read more →