Unity Triple A – Characters looking at stuff via IK

I have been talking about doing this for ages, and as my interest for Triple A techniques increases and the blog was looking a little sparse, I thought I would do a few tutorials on more Triple-A techniques. In this article, I am going to talk about using Inverse Kinematics in Unity and in particular characters looking at Read more →

Just another day: More spam, more defences

When post is released I'll be in an exam, but I wanted to post again about the perfectly fascinating spam situation here on my blog. I've blogged about fending off spam on here before (exhibits a, b, c), but I find the problem is detecting it in a transparent manner that you as the reader don't notice very interesting, so I think I'll write another post on the subject. I could use a service like G… Read more →

Shift-Reduce Parser Part 2: Building Furniture (1)

Hello and welcome! I got a bit distracted by other things as you can tell, but I'm back with part 2 of my series on building a shift-reduce parser. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, then I'd advise reading part 1 first and then coming back here. It might be a good idea to re-read it anyway, juts to refresh your memory :-) Last time, we created some data classes to store the various rules… Read more →

Angry Rolling Drake

In a previous post I mentioned that we had won our second ThreeThingGame with our game: “Angry Rolling Drake”. But this time I will leave out the bragging, and focus on the game itself. We haven’t polished it much, as we wanted to stay true to the game that was built in 24 hours. Bugs “Unique features” … Continue reading Angry Rolling Drake Read more →

Deadpool 2

The movie Deadpool 2 is rude, crude and very violent. It is also something of a guilty pleasure, with a rather unexpected amount of heart. My advice, go for the quips and dialog and close your eyes in the gory bits. That's what I did. Read more →

What have I been up to this Semester?

This semester I’ve studied three modules: Programming 2, Sustainable Computing and Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction. In Programming 2, I’ve worked on creating a local management application for a hair salon in C# which allows customers and stylists to register (and are validated before) joining the company, book chairs on available days and book appointments in available slots t… Read more →

Universal Paperclips

In Universal Paperclips you play the role of an artificial intelligence that was created to maximise the production of paperclips. Thing start off slow, with a button to press to make a paperclip. One mouse click equals one paperclip. But pretty soon you've earned enough to afford one or more "auto-clippers" that will press the button for you. Then you can start to set the price of your paperclips… Read more →

Even More Ultimate King Domino

So yesterday I talked about Kingdomino and what the maximum possible score is in two player 7 x 7 grid mode is (http://goparker.com/post/2018-05-14-ultimate-king-domino/). I showed a possible contender (267 points) and asked whether you could do better, throwing down the gauntlet. Well I picked the gauntlet back up again and did better myself. Read more →

Rob at Pint of Science 2018

So, tonight finds me in Furley and Co in the middle of Hull. I was there to give a talk about the Robots to be most afraid of. I was second on the bill, the first speaker was Dr Stephen Burwood, a lecturer on Philosophy, talking about Science and Human Nature. It was really interesting to hear a philosopher's take on science, and where it fits in. I learned a few new words including the word "apor… Read more →

Ultimate King Domino

Just a few days before last Christmas I began belatedly thinking about what sort of things I could do with my family during the holiday period. A little while ago, one of my buddies had introduced me to Kingdomino (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204583/kingdomino) which is a fun tile placement game for up to 4 players. It was on ‘the list’ of games that I had put together after perusing a num… Read more →