Insider Dev Tour London

A happy audience at the start of my session. Aren’t they always… We took our Manchester Insider Dev tour to London today. I was there with a Raspberry Pi, the Logo Blaster, and my trusty Surface Go. I’d made all kinds of plans for network and video contingencies, and I was very pleased to find that they had two (yes two!) wired connections and a really fancy video switching system, along with a bu… Read more →

Summer Project Part 3: Putting it together

In the first post in this series, I outlined my plans for my Msc summer project and what I'm going to be doing. In the second post, I talked about random number generation for the data collection. In this post, I'm going to give a general progress update - which will mostly centre around the Internet of Things device I'm building to collect the signal strength data. Since the last post, I've got n… Read more →

Bandwidth idiot

So, today I’m doing the final tests for my sessions this week at the Insider Dev tour. My plan, such as it is, involves hanging all my devices off the mobile hotspot in the phone. I was testing the whole workflow, including creating a new Windows 10 image for the Raspberry Pi. While I was doing this I noticed that the network was a bit slow. Not painfully so, just slower than I expect in my Lighst… Read more →

Soak testing air quality sensors

For the last few weeks I’ve had four air quality sensors sitting on the windowsill in the house that faces the nearest LoRa gateway. I’m soak testing the devices prior to putting them on lamp posts around Hull.The air quality in that room must be one of the most highly measured in the county.Anyhoo, one of the devices decided to try and spoil Fathers Day today by falling off the LoRa network. It w… Read more →

Making a PAX counter

PAX counter and plastic pig PAX is an abbreviation for “passenger”. A PAX counter is a device that counts passengers, although you could use it to count people in lots of other situations too. One way to count people is to detect the devices they are carrying. I’ve built the PAX device above from the code here. It’s based on the Heltec WiFi Lora device and I’ve printed a rather neat little case fo… Read more →

Blasting a new logo

I’ve added a new image to the LogoBlaster. Looks rather good. Read more →

Spotting a smile with Windows IoT

I’ve been working on my demos for the Insider Dev tour. One of the examples shows how to use Azure Cognitive Services to analyse a picture, find faces and see how happy they are. I’d like to use this in my demo, but I want to use the camera rather than a fixed image. Anyhoo, I’ve got it working. The Raspberry Pi snaps a picture, sends it to the cloud and then gets back the location and happiness o… Read more →

Deal or Duel Game

I bought Deal or Duel on a whim. It seemed like a good price for a game with lots of moving parts and I liked the idea of setting up a pistol fight between King George III and Napoleon Bonaparte. We’ve had two goes at playing it now, and I must say it is growing on me a bit. It is fiendishly complicated. And the rules don’t help much. There’s lots of details on some aspects, but others are left de… Read more →

The curious case of the unreliable webhook

In the last post, I talked about how to setup your own Git server with Gitea. In this one, I'm going to take bit of a different tack - and talk about one of the really annoying problems I ran into when setting up my continuous integration server, Laminar CI. Since I wanted to run the continuous integration server on a different machine to the Gitea server itself, I needed a way for the Gitea serve… Read more →

Heltec serial port problems fixed

One of the great things about working with other people is that if you get stuck you can simply hand the problem over to someone else. For ages I’ve been having problems with the serial connection between my Heltec device and the PC failing. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies and even thought one or two might have fixed it, but no. It’s a really frustrating problem because when the connection fails… Read more →