An interactive file mover inspired by git

Time for the annual blog post! I recently had to change the names of a bunch of files at work. I thought about how annoying it was going into Finder and renaming individual files, but how easy it was in my code editor to change the references to those files. So I had the idea to write a tool that could open a list of files in an editor, one on each line, and whatever file path was on each line whe… Read more →

Own your code, part 6: The Lantern Build Engine

It's time again for another installment in the own your code series! In the last post, we looked at the git post-receive hook that calls the main git-repo Laminar CI task, which is the core of our Continuous Integration system (which we discussed in the post before that). You can see all the posts in the series so far here. In this post we're going to travel in the other direction, and look at the… Read more →

Visit Hessle foreshore

Yesterday we drove over to the Humber Bridge County park and had a marvellous work though the trees and down to Hessle Foreshore. It still amazes me that we have lived in Hull all these years and only started going to this splendid place quite recently. It was a lovely afternoon and the sunlight across the estuary was very pretty. We grabbed a coffee at The Humber Park and then sat on the terrace… Read more →

Achievement unlocked - soldering surface mount components

I did something today I’ve never done before. I soldered a couple of surface mount components onto our latest environmental monitor control board. They are the transistor and the resistor towards the top of the picture. The trick (at least for me) was to get one pin anchored and then work my way around applying a drop of solder paste to each terminal and then heating it up until it melted and form… Read more →

Got my own abacus

While I was in Ikea buying beds I also bought something I’ve fancied owning for a while. I got myself an abacus. I’m going to try to learn how to use it so that come the apocalypse I’ll still be able to do sums. Read more →

Bonfire night particle counts

I thought that bonfire night would be interesting, and so it turned out. Above are particle counts from one of our sensors in Hull. From the looks of things most of the air particle action was in the days before bonfire night which kind of makes sense, bearing in mind that was the weekend. These numbers are not definitive (after all this is just one sensor) but I’ve seen similar changes in the rea… Read more →

World Generation, Plant Life & NEAT brains!

World Generation One of the important parts of this project is having an interesting and detail-rich environment for the creatures to exist in. I want there to be a lot of information that can be drawn from the environment (temperature, biome, height) which can be fed into the creatures’ neural networks in order to allow them to have a proper understanding of the world they exist in. I want to be… Read more →

Really good hardware meetup at c4di

This evening we had a most excellent hardware meetup at c4di. We had a new member turn up and say Hi, Adam was there too and we had some great discussion about moving forward with Air Quality and lots of other stuff. Everyone who turned looked like they’d just come from standing under a waterfall, which they had. I really must start taking pictures of these gatherings, but I’m usually so busy chat… Read more →

The Ikea test

I was assembling an Ikea bed today. I rather like assembling their furniture. Their instructions are very good, once you take the time to understand them. I failed on one bit and had to undo some parts I’d put in the wrong place. It wasn’t hard, but you had to focus a bit. And it gave me an idea.You may have noticed that in the UK we are having an election. This will probably decide nothing and do… Read more →

Heltec Cube Cell

I quite like Heltec devices. They have a rough and ready quality to their construction, but their designs are well thought out and once you get your head around how they work you can use them as the basis for some neat devices. Four Heltec LoRa devices are presently powering our Air Quality sensors in Hull.Heltec have just released a new device, the Cube Cell. It has LoRa built in and it has a stu… Read more →