Pulse & queer history

The Pulse nightclub & A memorial in CSS. Read more →

Own your code, part 4: Laminar CI

In the last post, I talked at a high level about the infrastructure behind my continuous integration and deployment system. In this post, I'm going to dive into the details of the Laminar CI job is the engine that drives the whole system. Laminar CI is based on a concept of jobs. The docs explain it quite well, but in short each job is a file in the jobs folder with the ending .run and a shebang.… Read more →

Dyrham Park is a great place to visit

..as seen on TV Dyrham Park (pronounced “Durham Park”) is presently on the TV screen as one of the locations for the ITV production of Sanditon, a fairly speculative visualisation of an unfinished Jane Austen story. Apparently the "original” story ran out about half way through the first episode. There are 7 more episodes after that and so I think they should have probably added “from an idea by…”… Read more →

Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch

Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch looks like a very good game. I can say this with confidence because today I spent a good chunk of time watching number one son play it. There’s a nice mix of fighting, exploring, problem solving and interacting with people. Along with a nicely mind-bending premise. Amazing that such a rich environment can fit into a tiny card that then goes into handheld that y… Read more →

The perils of gingerbread baristas

Starbucks are selling gingerbread people in the shape of tiny baristas. I wonder how the people selling them feel?“Here’s a little model of me. Feel free to eat it…” Read more →

Humber Care Tech Challenge Visioning Day

Well, that was fun. Some very good (and rather moving) descriptions of the problems posed by dementia and how technology can make a difference. And then we all sat down and transferred our thoughts and ideas onto a whole bunch of cards. Lots of lovely ideas… Read more →

Getting ready for Visioning Day

Getting ready for the Humber Care Tech Challenge Visioning Day. We’ve got lots of people coming and they’re all very keen to take part. So no pressure then….. Read more →

Quick File Management with Gossa

Recently a family member needed to access some documents at a remote location that didn't support USB flash drives. Awkward to be sure, but I did some searching around and found a nice little solution that I thought I'd blog about here. At first, I thought about setting up Filestash - but I discovered that only installation through Docker is officially supported (if it's written in Go, then should… Read more →

Staying Cool

A little while ago I was designing and printing an update to my printer to allow it to use one less motor for controlling the z-axis. The basic printer design uses two lead screws to raise and lower the x-axis. It still does, but now it only uses one motor to control both screws instead of the original two. But that is not what this post is about. Instead it is about staying cool under circumstanc… Read more →

Dead Dot Matrix

Dot matrix printers eh? You leave them standing for a year and then when you go to use them again they don’t work. In retrospect this was a bit silly. And my joy in finding that I could get complete set of inkjet cartridges for a fiver may have been misplaced as they might have gummed everything up. I’ve narrowed the fault down to the print head or something else. A replacement print head (which m… Read more →