Redis in Review: First Impressions

(Above: The Redis logo backed by a voronoi diagram generated by my specially-upgraded voronoi diagram generator :D) I've known about Redis for a while now - but I've never gotten around to looking into it until now. A bit of background: I'm building a user management panel thingy for this project (yes, again. I'll be blogging about it for a bit more yet before it's ready). Since I want it to be a… Read more →

Make your own Theremin. Sort of.

A Theremin is a musical instrument that you control by waving your hands. It's used a lot to provide spooky sounds for science fiction and horror movies. A "proper" theremin uses a tuned circuit that is which is controlled by the player waving their hands near a couple of antennas. I thought we could have a go at making something similar using just a light sensor and an Arduino, so I've come up wi… Read more →

Machine Learning at the Insider Dev Tour

If you were there, click through to the large version on Flickr and find yourself... Today I had to get up early to catch a non-existent train. Of course, I didn't know it was non-existent as I got showered and hurried down my breakfast before dashing out of the house. I found out at the station. Apparently my train to Manchester was cancelled because it was "late leaving the depot". Which makes i… Read more →

Lessons learned from technical team leadership

Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to take up a technical team leadership role for a team of software engineers porting a large Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application to... Read more →

Getting stuck into Mixed Reality – Thank god for emulators

Starting to mess around with developing for mixed reality with the Microsoft Hololens emulator and Unity, and I have to say, its going surprisingly smoothly! Whilst I wont be able to buy myself an actual Hololens any time soon, the emulator does a very good job for development purposes, and works seamlessly with visual studio … Continue reading Getting stuck into Mixed Reality – Thank god for emul… Read more →

<code>#movingtogitlab</code>: What's up, Thoughts, and First Impressions

You've probably heard by now that GitHub has been bought by Microsoft. It was certainly huge news at the time! While I did tweet at the time (also here too), I've been waiting until I've gotten all of the repositories I've decided to move over to GitLab settled in before blogging about the experience and sharing my thoughts. While I've got some of them settled in (you can tell which ones I've done… Read more →

All In

Well, that's it. I've finished writing all the text for the C# book. I think they call this "all in". It's certainly how I feel just at the moment. It seems to me that writing (and programming) always takes longer that I think it will. Even (or perhaps especially) if I allow for this. Anyhoo, the good news is that now I'll have more time for Hull Pixelbot, Lora and, of course, the blog. Read more →

Tech Days Online

I was invited to speak about Container Orchestration at Microsoft Tech Days Online today. It was a lot of fun, there were some interesting points made and a good day overall. Thanks a lot to Gabriel for organising and for all the Microsoft cohort at the reactor for being so lovely all day :) (Note that the youtube link above has very choppy sound due to it being from Youtube Live, I think that’ll… Read more →


I was invited to talk at Tech Days Online at the Microsoft Reactor in London today on the topic of Microservices. Rather than a presentation format the talk was as part of a conversation moderated by Christina Warren, Senior Cloud Dev Advocate for Microsoft. Being live on Channel 9 — Microsofts online TV channel — Read more →

C# Yellow Book - Spanish Lemon Edition

Jesús Ruiz García has released another version of his Spanish translation of the C# Yellow Book. Awesome stuff. Thanks so much. You can find it here. Read more →