Building Javascript (and other things) with Rollup

Hey, another blog post! Recently I've been somewhat distracted by another project which has been most interesting. I've learnt a bunch of things (including getting started with LeafletJS and Chart.JS), but most notably I've been experimenting with another Javascript build system. I've used quite a few build systems over the years. For the uninitiated, their primary purpose is to turn lots of separ… Read more →

CodePen January in Hull

This week I attended CodePen in Hull again, the first one of the new year after the one where #hullCSS demonstrated SpaceApps at last November, this event we had three speakers with really different topics, Bethan who talked about ethics in tech, Sundeep who told us about SVGs and Steve who told us about some cool tech he found at Future Decoded. Bethan Bethan talked about taking responsibility fo… Read more →

Bridging the gap between XMPP and shell scripts

In a previous post, I set up a semi-automated backup system for my Raspberry Pi using duplicity, sendxmpp, and an external drive. It's been working fabulously for a while now, but unfortunately the other week sendxmpp suddenly stopped working with no obvious explanation. Given the long list of arguments I had to pass it: sendxmpp --file "${xmpp_config_file}" --resource "${xmpp_resource}" --tls --c… Read more →

Comedy Eye Test

I had to go for an eye test. I really wanted to do this as a comedy routine, but my nerve failed:Doctor: ‘Have your eyes ever been checked?’Me: ‘No. They’ve always been blue.’Doctor: ‘I don’t find that very funny.’Me: ‘Well, I do know lots of cornea jokes….’Anyhoo, all was well. They are not going to have to shoot any lasers at my exploding eyeballs, which has got to be a good thing. Big thanks to… Read more →

Air Quality on the radio

The coloured fountains in Hull city centre look lovely. Every now and then I get to do the newspaper review for the Radio Humberside breakfast show. It means getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning but it is rather fun. We talked about a bunch of things, including Air Quality, which was actually in the news today. Apparently the air in London Underground tunnels contains dangerously high level… Read more →

Achievement Unlocked: Joined Hull Makerspace

Today I went for my induction at the Hull Makerspace and paid up for my first month of membership. I’m rather pleased that my recent financial shenanigans mean that I’ve actually saved the monthly membership fee before I spend it, which must be a first for me. The induction session set out how they see the Makerspace working and I’m really keen to get in there and play with stuff. My ambition is t… Read more →

Dates for your New Year Diaries

Some dates to write down. Both awesome events:Humber Care Tech ChallengeTuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at the Bridlington Spa. Find out more here. DDD NorthSaturday 9th of February at the University of Hull. Find out more here. Read more →

Crack the Code

This is important information that I use once a year. But what is it? Read more →

End of Semester One (Year 2)

This is my slightly late review of last semester and what I’ve been up to! I’ve built numerous applications in projects for my course but we’ll get into that shortly; I’ve also had a lot of project management practice this semester, being in charge of delivering an agile group report as well as software. Ultra Run Ultra Run was my project for Electronics and Interfacing where we were tasked with b… Read more →

Using Azure Functions with IoT devices video

I’ve made a new screencast. This one is all about the use of Azure Functions with IoT devices. I find it quite magical that I can press a button (in this case the Joke Button above) and have a function run in the cloud in response to that action. And the code to make it work is tiny. Find out how it works and how to get started in the video. Read more →