Run a Program on your dedicated Nvidia graphics card on Linux

I've got a new laptop, and in it I have an Nvidia graphics card. The initial operating system installation went ok (Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is my Linux distribution of choice here), but after I'd done a bunch of configuration and initial setup tasks it inevitably came around to the point in time that I wanted to run an application on my dedicated Nvidia graphics card. Doing so is actually real… Read more →

Maketober Day 20: Making Enemies with Game of Thrones

I never got round to watching the Game of Thrones TV series. But now I’ve played the board game. It was hilarious. In the game you take control one of the factions fighting for the famous “Iron Throne”. Not sure why, it doesn’t sound very comfortable. The strapline for the game is “win or die”. I was always fairly sure where I was going to end up when we started playing this evening, but I gave it… Read more →

Commands, queries and side-effects (object interface design)

Commands and queries "A machine has 2 types of buttons, command and query buttons. When a command button is pressed, the machine performs work and its state is modified. When a query button is pressed, the machine returns some information about it." - Bertrand MeyerCommand corresponds to procedures, they do not return any results. For example:class MyMachine {public: void SetName(const char * name… Read more →

Makertober Day 19: Python as a prototyping language

I’ve been waxing lyrical about the joys of using Python to create embedded applications. It turns out that there is no better way to put programs into an embedded device as long as your program is less than 300 lines or so and you don’t mind it chugging a bit.Today I managed to hit both of these brick walls at the same time, when the NeoPixel sprite program I’m making both ran very slowing and out… Read more →

Smarthome Dashboard

I’m going to start releasing and posting how/what/why I built things into my custom smart home dashboard. as-well as follow the ongoing development as I add new things and new integrations. I’ll use this page as a content/links page eventually to the later articles. So come back soon for the first article. Read more →

Makertober Day 18: Making a working printer

I think you should all know that the little plastic rocket above was the product of a lot of effort today. In the end I discovered that last time I mended the printer I’d left a tiny gap between two parts of the path into the print head. If the plastic in this gap melted it then formed a plug which blocked everything up. All I had to do was take the printer to pieces, put it back together wrongly… Read more →

Adventurous Accounts: The Pepperminty Wiki Android App

I've found recently that there are a growing number of things I haven't blogged about on here yet because I either haven't finished them, or I have run into difficulties. I'd like to start blogging about these projects here and there, so in this post I'm going to talk about the Pepperminty Wiki Android App. For those not in the know, Pepperminty Wiki is a wiki engine I've built myself from scratch… Read more →

Maketober Day 17: Making a broken printer

Una my lovely 3D printer is what I call a “Schrodinger Device”. She’s got this title in honour of the celebrated “thought experiment” involving a box containing a cat and something that might, or might not, kill the cat. The idea is that right up until you open the box and take a look inside you don’t know whether the cat is dead or not. From a quantum perspective you can regard the cat as both de… Read more →

Maketober Day 16: Making a mesh of things with eero

Curse you, Amazon Prime Day. I wasn’t going to buy anything until you came up with a nice discount on a set of three WiFi mesh devices from eero. I’ve been having problems with WiFi reaching all round the house and so I ordered some. The idea is that the three devices work together to extend network coverage around your house. They can forward messages from one to another over the air or via a wir… Read more →

Maketober Day 15: Making plans

We had a really good meetup of our little hardware group today. Adam came along and we talked about lots of lovely tech including proposals for a “bike thing” device for measuring road quality while you pedal. I really hope we can have a go at building one. Read more →