Red Nose Day Presentation Video Now Live

This is the Red Nose Day presentation in super-duper widescreen and high resolution and also starring a bucket of money. Which has all the best lines. Watch out for the bit where the cameraman falls asleep. Read more →

Air Quality Top Hat Video Live

The video shows my Air Quality Hat in action. (still time to donate at ) Read more →

Making an Air Quality Top Hat

This how I made my Air Quality Top Hat. It’s actually more of an Air Quality belt really, in that the sensors and the lights are attached to a strip of webbing which can then be fitted around the hat. I’ve made it slightly too long, so that it can also be turned into an Air Quality belt if you prefer. Click on the image for a large version on Flickr I’m using a Wemos D1 Mini and a Winsen ZPH01 par… Read more →

Red Nose Day Lecture complete

Your host…. Well, that went well. Thanks to the awesome audience. Thanks to David for the donuts. Thanks to the University of Hull for the venue. Thanks to another David for filming a video. The screencast is now live. Donations are still accepted here. Read more →

Automatically rotating log files on Linux

I'm rather busy at the moment with University, but I thought I'd post about Linux's log rotating system, which I've discovered recently. This post is best read as a follow-up to my earlier post, creating a system service with systemd, in which I talk about how to write a systemd service file - and how to send the output of your program to syslog - which will put it in /var/log for you. Log rotatin… Read more →

Red Nose Day Screencast Recorded and Ready for Premiere

I’m actually ahead of myself. Amazing. I’ve got the words for the lecture written (a mere 96 slides), the Air Quality Top Hat works, and I’ve even had time to record a quick screencast of the material. The screencast goes live after the lecture, at 14:00 GMT tomorrow on Red Nose Day.I’ll update it with footage of the event over the weekend. Oh, and you can still sponsor me here. Read more →

Haiku Cop Out

I’ve decided to do a section of the Lecture in Rhyme as Haiku. This is because I want to reflect all genres of rhyme in my quest for poetic perfection. It also seems much quicker to write…. Read more →

New Red Nose Day Poster

Behold the updated Red Nose Day Lecture poster, with new enticing banner. If you want to click on the banner you can sponsor me. I’ve been busy writing poetry today and trying to get code to work . Read more →

Azure Storage Explorer

I’ve been playing with Azure Functions and storing values in Azure Tables. It’s very easy to do. If you decide to have a to have a play with these (and you should - you can do it for free) you should download Azure Storage Explorer. It lets you explore your storage (the clue’s in the name) but it also lets you download CSV files, manage binary objects and lots of other nice things. And it works a… Read more →

Amazing facts to impress your friends....

If you want to really impress someone just tell them this:“If you want to use MQTT with PubSubClient and talk to an Azure IoT Hub over secure sockets you should use Version 2.4.2 of the LOLIN Wemos framework or your program will crash when it runs out of memory during socket open.”Then again, it might just be me that would be impressed by this. Read more →