I did no work today

I did no (or at least hardly any) work today. That has got to count as a win. I know that I’m supposed to be retired, but I seem to end up doing stuff anyway. But today I didn’t. Go me. Read more →

Website update: Blog post view counter

Website update! This time, I've added a blog post view counter. You can see it at the bottom of every blog post: While views don't really matter to me on this blog, I am curious as to how many people read my posts. It was fairly simple to implement actually, but the internals are quite interesting. Under-the-hood, it uses a 1x1 transparent tracking image, that's actually located just to the right… Read more →

Always take some toys to meetings

Today I had a meeting about Connected Humber CIC. We are trying to spread the word about what we are doing. I took some toys along, including the prototype Air Quality sensor and my Air Quality Top Hat.This turned out to be a real win. Everyone was very impressed (or very polite). I reckon you should always have some toys to show off when you are trying to impress. This doesn’t mean you should pus… Read more →

So much for that...

I had a really great idea for a blog post today, but I forgot to write it down. Which was unfortunate as I’ve now forgotten what it was. Oh well. There’s a lesson in there for us all. Write your good ideas down in case they escape. Read more →

Going to Monzo Show and Tell Manchester

This week I went along to my first Monzo event, Show and Tell Manchester. I’ve been meaning to go along to a Monzo event for a while but haven’t had chance as I’ve either been at University or they’ve been in London; I’ve been following Monzo from a while from getting a Beta card in 2017 and writing a blog post about building on their API, I’ve always found their modern tech-stack and community-dr… Read more →

Making classy web sites for free using Hugo

A while back I read a great post from David Parker about using the Hugo program to produce static web sites that you can host on GitHub. I’ve had a go with this, using the amazing meghna template. You can find the result here.It’s been a great learning experience. Things I’ve learned:The Hugo program will serve out a test version of your web site pages which you can view on your local machine. Eac… Read more →

Beware The False Summit of Racism

It hit me like a train when I realised that one of my toughest battles against racism would be with myself, simply because of the environment I grew up in.My parents were against racism, my schools were against racism. 1/6 — Tom Fosdick 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺 (@sinibar) August 1, 2019 In fact all the institutions I dealt Read more →

Big List Tuesday

Made a bit list of things to do today and managed to do at least some of them. Have a picture of a traction engine with some Brasso on it. Read more →

Playing with Linux for Free using Azure

Last week I built Linux PC and started it going on Azure. I kind of did it by mistake, in that I had half an hour between meetings and I thought I’d just do something to pass the time. There was intent there though, in that we are moving the Connected Humber air quality data visualisation platform (that sounds posh) over to Azure. Getting started is very easy and free. Just follow the instructions… Read more →

How to convert your resume to JSON

CVs have long been (for me anyway) a long list of PDFs of v1. v2-Final, v3 and so on, making it painful to work out which version is the latest and sift through to find the version I’m looking for. Last year, I migrated my old iWork Pages based CV to JSON to get greater control of both versioning and design of my CV, as well as better compatibility, as Pages files don’t always play nice when conve… Read more →