Digital Checkup & why it is important.

Digital Checkup was a project created by myself and [Nathaniel Read]( for the Sustainable Computing module during the first year of our Computer Science degree. Read more →

Refactoring Monitair

Fun fact. Users don’t care how their code is factored. They just want there programs to do what they want. All the time. Programmers have a different perspective. They want it to look nice and be easy to maintain. This means that you often have to revisit decisions made at the start of the project, and change things to make them better. Real world architects don’t have this luxury. If half way thr… Read more →

More on Brexit: The Brexit options revealed

I know that I promised that my earlier post would be the last thing that I would write about Brexit. What can I say? I lied. There’s apparently a lot of that going around. I’ve decided that one thing the British are good at is making fun of whatever dire situation they happen to find themselves in. So, with that in mind, here is my explanation of the various Brexit options .No Deal : A chance for… Read more →

Negotiator Rob

Sometimes I manage to surprise myself. Like today, when I was buying some new tyres for the car:BMW Sales Person: Names PriceRob: Names Lower PriceBMW Sales Person: “I’m afraid that would mean we’d have to sell you the tyres at cost price.”Rob: “Hmm. I can’t see a problem with that”.BMW Sales Person: “Yes, but that would mean that we would not make any profit on the sale.”Rob: “Still searching for… Read more →

Joining Hull Makerspace

On Saturday I went along to the new Makerspace in Hull with fellow #hullCSS members Harry and Adam to see what was happening in the space, as I hadn’t been before - and they said it was really cool. After doing an induction session, being reminded to stay away from sharp things and all the normal health and safety stuff, I was set loose on the space to build whatever I wanted. After three of us sp… Read more →

Using Begin to Code With C# Snaps in Visual Studio 2017

In celebration of putting Snaps onto GitHub I’ve made a brand new video that describes how to install Visual Studio 2017 and use it with Snaps from GitHub. It’s well worth watching, if only for the bit where the installer window gets hidden behind the browser for about five minutes and I don’t notice this…. Read more →

Snaps now on GitHub

A couple of days ago I got an email from James. He’s been working through my “Begin to Code with C#” book and having fun learning C#, which is great to know. He’s even reached the point where he has spotted an improvement to my code. It occurred to me that what he really wants to do is to put the changes into the GitHub repository where the code was stored, so that everyone could benefit from it.… Read more →

Generating Atom 1.0 Feeds with PHP (the proper way)

I've generated Atom feeds in PHP before, but recently I went on the hunt to discover if PHP has something like C♯'s XMLWriter class - and it turns out it does! Although poorly documented (probably why I didn't find it in the first place :P), it's actually quite logical and easy to pick up. To this end, I thought I'd blog about how I used to write the Atom 1.0 feed generator for recent changes on P… Read more →

Going to York Technology Conference

This Wednesday I got the opportunity to go to York Technology Conference, after seeing it advertised on Twitter in Early November, I was really interested in a local tech conference, especially with York being so close. I went along with Adam representing #hullCSS and some other people from the University across different faculties. Getting Started When we arrived, we were given our lanyards and p… Read more →

Bridge Pictures

Went for a walk down at the Humber Bridge today. The weather was a bit brisk (Translation: it was blowing a freezing gale) but the light was quite nice so I took some happy snaps. Read more →