IoT at the Insider Dev Tour

I’m doing some IoT sessions for the Windows 10 Insider Dev Tour. I’m in London on the 18th of June and Manchester on the 20th. If you fancy going I’m afraid they are all booked up, but there should be some recordings. Anyhoo, I’ve been brushing up on my Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi skills. It’s come on a bit since I started playing with it a few years ago. You can create SD card images and deploy th… Read more →

Farm Open Day Fun

Open Farm Sunday is a great idea. We got there just as the farm was opening and it was already really busy. But a good time was had. Along with ice cream. With sprinkles. Read more →

Sprout Scanning

I’ve got my HP Sprout back home again. Turns out that it is a great device for scanning cuddly toys and then making montages. Such fun. Read more →

Vader Immortal for Oculus Quest

Well, that was embarrassing. Fortunately number one wife was out so nobody saw. Yesterday evening in the middle of light sabre training I managed to wallop one of the lights in the living room with my “sabre”. Quite scary to have the real world intrude on the virtual one. And I think I’ve broken the bulb in the lamp. I was having such fun too. Once in a while you do something and think “This is th… Read more →

Self destructing Apple Pencil

I’ve not used my Apple pencil much. And that turns out to be a problem. Apparently the circuitry is such that if a pencil isn’t charged and used regularly the battery can be irreparably damaged. Not cool. For a while I’ve been convinced that this has happened to me. The power supply where I leave my pencil plugged failed and I had a pencil that didn’t work, even after charging with a working suppl… Read more →

Summer Project Part 2: Random Number Analysis with Gnuplot

In my last post about my Masters Summer Project, I talked about my plans and what I'm doing. In this post, I want to talk about random number generator evaluation. As part of the Arduino-based Internet of Things device that will be collecting the data, I need to generate high-quality random numbers in order to ensure that the unique ids I use in my project are both unpredictable and unique. In ord… Read more →

Home the weary traveller and his Surface Go

Another day, another six hour train journey. But then again it is quite a long way from Dundee to Hull. Fortunately I’d taken my Surface Go with me, so I could be properly productive on the journey. Even when it turned out that the mains sockets at my table on the train were broken. I did three hours on one train, then another bunch of work on the next one - that had working sockets which was nice… Read more →

Train Travel to Dundee

Today marks my last trip to Dundee as external examiner for some Computer Science modules at Abertay University. But not my last trip to Dundee. It’s a lovely place and I want to spend some more time there. It’s a great department and I’ve always enjoyed my visits. Thanks for looking after me so well folks. Read more →

More Heltec Fun

Welcome to the blog all about the Heltec Lora 32 V2 device that occasionally mentions Rob Miles.Last night I was feeling quite pleased with myself because I reckoned that between us we’d solved all the problems relating to our Air Quality sensor. We’d picked hardware that seems to work, a case that seems the right size and even got a power supply that looks like it will cut the mustard. We’ve even… Read more →

Laser Cutting at Hull Makerspace

I spent a very pleasant afternoon at Hull Makerspace laser cutting last week while the car was being MOT’d. I wanted to cut some chassis parts for the air quality sensor. I turned up with some files and my lovely Surface Go and set to it. By the end of the day I’d got exactly what I want and even been able to use the cutter myself. Laser cutting panels is much, much faster than 3D printing them, a… Read more →