Time to stop

Just typed this into a Python class. I think it's time to stop for the day.... Read more →

Pub Night Pictures

Went out to the pub on Wednesday night. I took the camera. As you do. The light was quite good and I grabbed some pictures of Cottingham Church. Read more →

Begin to Code Python Snaps

Creating pretty menu screens, Snaps style As you might know, I'm working on Begin to Code Python. You can order a copy below. It will be out once I've finished writing it....When I wrote the Begin to Code with C# book (which you can buy now - see below) I wrote a library of functions I called Snaps. The idea was to use these to make it easy for people to create impressive applications right from t… Read more →

Amazon Echo in Hull

Our Amazon Echo works really well. Except sometimes. The radio service, on TuneIn, frequently stops or breaks up.If we ask again for the station it plays again for a while and then stops. It used to do this a lot a while back, but it seemed to have settled down.I'm not sure if it is the WiFi in the house or the networking in Hull. Anyone else in Hull with an Echo had a problem with radio playback? Read more →

Baby Driver is a great film

Baby Driver is a great film. Perhaps a bit more driving would have been nice, but not really necessary. It has shades of Reservoir Dogs, Cape Fear and Hot Fuzz. All in a good way. Snappy direction, driving music and even a happy ending (spoiler alert - too late...). We managed to track down a screening last week. It might be a bit harder to find now, but it is well worth seeking out. Read more →

Monday Snaps: Steering the Cheese

Welcome to this week's Monday Snap. We're re-creating the game Cheese Lander using the Snaps game framework. You can find earlier episodes here. Last week we put the bread and the cheese at their start positions. This week we're going to get the cheese moving. Games work by repeatedly updating the game engine and then re-drawing the display. In a Snaps game we use a C# loop to do this:void gameLoo… Read more →

Happy Birthday Me

I'm now officially and properly old. Bus passes beckon. Thank heavens I've still got my youthful good looks (although I've forgotten where I put them).However, I've just had the most fantastic of birthdays, starting with a trip out for coffee in the morning and then a slap up Sunday Lunch at 1884 Dock Street Kitchen. They do a roast beef that is just perfect (pro-tip, have the sausage roll snacks… Read more →

Tons of Culture in Hull

Oh to be in Hull in the summer time. This summer is astonishing in terms of the range and quantity of goings-on in the city. We wandered up town on Saturday for lunch at Nibble (wonderful place, you should try it) and found ourselves listening to a BBC Prom being broadcast from the stage right next door. Full orchestra action. The city was also alive with a whole bunch of folk acts around the town… Read more →

Tanya And Tom Do Racing

I have been known to point a camera at a thing – quite often that thing is a racing car. I do it as my own personal challenge but other people seem to like the results, which is one of the reasons behind the TanyaAndTomDoRacing Instagram account. I do find however that I get asked Read more →

Splatoon 2 is wonderful

Of course I went out and got Splatoon 2 today. Very good game. I enjoyed the first one on the Wii U, and this one keeps up the standard, while adding some great new touches. We've been playing it on full screen TV and it looks lovely. The controls take a bit of getting used to, what with tipping the controller to aim, but I'm getting the hang of it slowly but surely. The single player campaign is… Read more →