Fixing broken Windows Services for Linux

Last week I upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10. And I rather like it. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the upgrade seemed to break my lovely Windows Services for Linux installation. When I tried to open my Ubuntu command prompt it just closed instantly. No error, no nothing. Wah. A bit of searching didn’t help, since most of the fixes were to an almost working system and mine w… Read more →

Blogging on the iPhone

My Squarespace blogging site now has a rather nifty iPhone program that lets you add and edit blog posts. I’m using it on my phone along with a tiny portable keyboard and it actually works quite well. Two surprising things. My ancient Bluetooth keyboard works fine. And I can actually find one of my blog posts about it from way back. Read more →

Using the Postman to fetch data from a Swagger Site

We’re using The Things Network to get data from our PAX (passenger) counters. We have Things Network application that receives Lora messages from our counters and we’ve added a data storage integration to hold the data from the counters. We’re not doing much with the data at the moment, but today I thought I’d try and get it out of the Things Network data store sot that I could play with it. I was… Read more →

Super secure wallet

A while back I went into a clothes shop and bought something that fitted me perfectly. It was a wallet. It was half price, but since my old wallet had reached the point where my money might start escaping of its own accord, I thought it was a bargain. It was sold as super secure because it uses special material to stop radio signals getting at the cards inside it. The idea is to stop sneaky people… Read more →

Stupid Train Tickets

Every now and then I do something that I (but probably nobody else) think is rather clever. Like using both cores of an ESP32 so that a display keeps running when the WiFi is used to updated it. And every now and then I do something that everybody thinks is rather stupid. Like last week. A while back I subscribed to an alert to tell me about the release of cheap train tickets. I wanted to get a da… Read more →

iPod Classic Blast from the Past

I got out my old iPod Classic today. It still works, and it is still only half full. And it is the only way that I can listen to some of my music. For example, take the album “Futurenow” from Go West. Good stuff. I bought it ages ago. Unfortunately I didn’t actually “buy” it though. I got it from Apple iTunes, loaded a copy onto my iPod and got on with my life. And then, for some reason, the licen… Read more →

Fixing browser problems after Windows 10 Upgrade

I finally got the latest Windows 10 feature update on my PC today. I like it. The improvements to the downloads folder are worth the price of admission alone. You now get to see your more recent downloads (the one that you actually care about) instantly, rather than having to wait for the folder contents to laboriously update. The only problem for me was that the upgrade broke my browser, which st… Read more →

Starting my PhD on the mapping of flooding

Specifically, using new technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things to map and predict where it's going to flood in real-time. This year, I'm starting a 3 year funded PhD on dynamic flood risk mapping, as part of a cluster of water-related PhDs that are all being funded at the same time. I've got some initial ideas as to the direction I'm going to take it too, which I'd like to talk a littl… Read more →

Good Morning Hull

You can say what you like about going up town first thing in the morning to review the newspapers for BBC Radio Humberside, but it does mean that you can be around to get some nice pictures. Read more →

Top Five Finish in the Humber Care Tech Challenge

This was our work area. Keith is posing with a rather nice multimeter. We had the camera in the middle of the table and cupboard (full of sweets), kettle (borrowed jug) and sink (we had everything but the kitchen sink it turned out). The tracking could tell which of the locations you were standing at, and also when you were moving. You can see a horrible, but mercifully short, video of it mostly w… Read more →