USB Power Supply

This is a really useful device. You feed it power from a USB socket and it puts out a range of voltages from around 14 volts down to two or three. You can also set it to limit the current supplied and it has a nifty display of current and voltage. Great for testing simple circuits and well worth the price. I got mine here and the customer service was excellent. My first device arrived with the per… Read more →

Crocodile Dentist is still a thing

When our kids were a lot younger than they are now we had a lot of fun with a game called “Crocodile Dentist”. The gameplay is simple enough: pull teeth out from the crocodile and be careful not to pick the one which makes him close his jaws and chase you across the table. Last we we got out our old copy and played it with a new member of the family and discovered that it still retains its nerve w… Read more →

Social gatherings in a virtual world.

Social gatherings in a virtual world? Some of you might ask what this means. I have been in virtual worlds since 2004. During that time, my friends have fallen into two broad categories. People I know in the physical world and those I know through virtual worlds. The outbreak of... The post Social gatherings in a virtual world. appeared first on Sara Payne's Blog. Read more →

Buy a copy of Fritzing

If you are into electronics you should be into Fritzing. It’s a fantastic way to visualise circuits at breadboard level, schematic level and finally on a PCB. I’ve been using it for ages. I’ve just installed it again on my newly built PC and I noticed that this time there’s a proper option to pay. Which I was very happy to do. Software of this quality deserves to be supported. Read more →

JISC DigiFest Hackathon 2020

It’s been a year to the day since I published my last blog post reflecting on the DigiFest Hackathon of 2019. It’s been a busy year, but the opportunity to reunite the team for another Hackathon was one we couldn’t turn down! As usual, the theme of this Hackathon is EdTech, organised by JISC. JISC […] The post JISC DigiFest Hackathon 2020 appeared first on Harry Gwinnell. Read more →

Self Isolation Tip: Start a Diary

I’ve been self-isolating now for a couple of days and so I now feel that I have acquired sufficient experience to be able to give out a few tips to you, dear reader. After all, it is only a matter of time before you have to do it too.My biggest tip so far is to do something that I’ve been doing for a while anyway. When I stopped having a “proper” day job a few years ago I found that it was hard to… Read more →

Save Animal Crossing at ShopTo

Looking forwards to playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo Switch but not looking forward to spending fifty quids to do it?You can reduce the hit on your wallet a bit by heading over to ShopTo where you can pick up the download for about ten pounds less. Read more →

Facebook Portal TV

I thought that the Facebook Portal TV was an interesting device when it came out, but at the time I didn’t think that I had a particularly good reason to own one. That changed this week, with the prospect of spending a while unable to meet up with people in person. So I’ve got one. It works rather well. You clip it to the top of your TV and plug it into your TV and the mains adaptor and away it go… Read more →

Self Isolating Rob

These are the strangest times that I can remember. And I go back a long way. Today we discovered that one of our family was showing some symptoms that meant that we have to go into “self isolation” mode. The good news is that self-isolation doesn’t stop you from sitting in front of a computer for multiple hours a day, and so I think I’ll be just fine. Read more →

Testing storage devices with f3

(Above: Some microSD cards. Thankfully none of these are fake, but you never know.....) Always test storage devices after you buy them. I don't just mean check to see if they work (though that's a good idea too), but also that they can actually store the amount of stuff that they advertise they can. Recently, I bought myself 5 64GB microSD cards for my cluster (more on this very soon in a future b… Read more →