Bendy Keyboard: The plot thickens

Well, the replacement keyboard arrived today. Still stylish. Still beautifully made. Still won't work with my PC. But it works fine with my iPad. Interesting.I've ordered a replacement Bluetooth adaptor for the PC. The one I'm using was one I happened to have around when I needed it. At the time I thought this was lucky, but maybe it isn't after all. Read more →

Bad Bendy Keyboard

I love the Microsoft Ergnomic keyboards. I’ve worked my through a whole bunch of them over the years. I’m convinced that if I’d spent the last thirty years typing on a “normal” keyboard I probably wouldn’t be able to type now. To celebrate completing “Begin to Code with Python” I thought I’d treat myself to the latest and greatest Microsoft ergnomic keyboard, the shiny Surface one. Then I can writ… Read more →

Hull Devs at Hull

Hull Devs is shiny new. They have T shirts. They have free crisps. And beer. And they meet up at on the last Wednesday of every month at c4di. And we end up in the pub.Joe Stead, the man behind a really good talk a while back, returned to Hull with Richard Tasker, who gave a lovely talk about the Raspberry Pi. I know a bit about this device, but Richard put me onto some interesting new directions… Read more →

A Tender Subject

I’d barely got into the corridor before I found myself being bundled into the wall by a rotund sales guy. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he barked in my face, “If you ever pull a stunt like that again I’ll making fucking sure we put you out of business. Consider this a Read more →

Finished Writing

That's it. Chapter 16 (writing games with pygame) is done. I've finished writing the original material for Begin to Code with Python. Now I just have to finish the editing. But at least I don't have to go to bed thinking about what I'm going to write tomorrow. Read more →

My points are expiring and I don't care

Internet companies seem to be getting increasingly desperate in their marketing. The latest trick seems to be to award me some discount coupons and then send me loads of emails telling me that they are about to expire. Just FYI folks, I neither know nor care about your coupons. If you happen to be selling something that I need right now and you've got coupons that make it cheaper, then great. But… Read more →

Hull Solar Gate

Hull's "Solar Gate" sculpture is now properly in place. It's rather impressive. If you go and see it (and you should) then make sure you take a proper look at all the plaques set into the ground around the sculpture. Read more →

You should be using NSP

A few months ago I integrated the Node Security Platform into the continous integration system we use at pHQ. This week it picked up a vulnerability for the first time (don’t worry, its since been patched 😉) which meant that I was alerted to the vulnerability and provided with a link to read about ways Read more →

Hull Pixelbot: the future is clear

We had another splendid hardware meetup at c4di today. Karl has done some sterling work on the design of the Hull Pixelbot chassis and we now have a price for a laser cut version. It comes in at less than four quid, which I think is an excellent price. The next thing to do is decide how many to get.... Read more →

Back writing....

Now that we're back in Hull it's time to finish off the last part of the book. You might not here from me for a while.... Read more →