Routers: Essential, everywhere, and yet exasperatingly elusive

Now that I've finished my University work for the semester (though do have a few loose ends left to tie up), I've got some time on my hands to do a bunch of experimenting that I haven't had the time for earlier in the year. In this case, it been tracking down an HTTP router that I used a few years ago. I've experimented with a few now (find-my-way, micro-http-router, and rill) - but all of them fe… Read more →

Unreal Engine – Exposing Functions and Variables to the Editor

This is a repost of something I put on twitter a while ago when I first started learning Unreal Engine last year which was how intuitive it was to expose things to the editor. Unity lets you expose variables to the editor by using the SerializedField attribute. Unreal Engine has a similar method in the Read more →

Meeting industry and learning new technology this semester

As well as my studies this semester, I’ve been to a HullDevs meetup to meet with a community of developers to Sensor City in Liverpool and a HullDevs event to meet local businesses. Visiting Sensor City in Liverpool - March After seeing that the University of Liverpool’s Sensor City (a building to encourage the growth of Smart Cities) was having an open day where local student’s could go and look… Read more →

Hull Pixelbots with ChildDyamix

Answering questions... Spent a great evening with a bunch of folks from Child Dynamix. I showed off the Hull Pixelbots and then we had a go at programming them in HullOS. Such fun. Read more →


Smiler has been revived and she is now better than ever following the Dead Led debacle ( Read more →


Smiler has been revived and she is now better than ever following the Dead Led debacle ( Read more →

First NavEx (Turweston – Cambridge)

I was planning to do some more solo circuits on Sunday, however in the end I got to do something even more fun! Instructor Bill rang me in the morning to ask if I would like to go to the flight school earlier and share a navigation exercise with fellow aviation student Terese. Of course Read more →

Achievement Get: Complete Degree!

I've just finish my degree at University this week. I'm still waiting on results, but I thought I'd make a post about it documenting my thoughts so far before I forget. Note that this doesn't mean the end o this blog - far from it! I'll be doing a masters this next academic year. It's been a great journey to have the chance to go on. I feel like I've improved in so many different ways having gone… Read more →

C++ Struct Memory Layout

I have been playing God of War recently (also known as Dad of Boy) and it is amazing. Out of curiosity I looked at what it would take to be a gameplay programmer (I am not planning to move to the states, but you know, you never know what the future may hold) and once Read more →

Dead Led

This is a little of a public service announcement as I didn’t follow the instructions and have now killed my NeoPixel ring leds. Read more →