"The Culture" is really good

You've got to be pretty sure of yourself to allow someone to write a farce about what you're doing. Or brave. Or something. But the Hull City of Culture team did it. "The Culture" is a behind the scenes look at just what goes on in the offices behind those fancy slogans and artistic happenings. There are some lovely nods to the buzzwords and whatnot that come with organising something like Hull Ci… Read more →

Android app architecture: First steps and impressions

This post, obviously, is not endorsed by Google or the Android Open-Source Project at all in any way. It's just my attempt to consolidate what I've learnt about it so far. I've been learning about Android development at University recently - this post is my attempt to consolidate what I've learnt. I'm by no means as confused as I have been in the past at similar stages of a module (take AI and com… Read more →

Shrove Tuesday

So, what with it being the start of Lent, it's time to give something up. So I've decided to give up eating after 7:00 pm. For someone like me this is actually quite an issue, what with biscuits, cheese, liquorice all sorts and chocolate being consumed in apparently vast quantities in front of the telly of an evening. Read more →

Dear Visual Studio People....

...when I try to edit a program that is running (something which I do rather a lot these days - I think it's because I'm getting old) I get this "helpful" message.It would be even more helpful if the dialog contained another button I could press to stop the application and return me to the code that I'm trying to edit. Read more →

Kickstart Hull's Smart City - free event Wed. 21st Feb

On 21st of February we'll be Kickstarting Hull's Smart City at the c4di. You're invited. You're especially invited if you're a developer wanting to get into city wide networking, a student looking for a new field to get your teeth into or someone who wants to do some good with technology. We'll be describing our plans for building a community to work with the latest low powered networking technolo… Read more →

c4di Hardware Group Soldering Fun

If you want to get into proper hardware builds you need to learn how to solder. So, next Thursday evening we're going to have a go at learning to do it. I'm going to bring along my ancient soldering iron and have a go at soldering some surface mount devices. If you've got a soldering iron and an urge to use it. You can sign up here. Read more →

Your first games programming gig – the 2018 edition

It is 2018, and whilst the world can feel like it is falling apart a bit in regards to politics, economics and whatever, we can rejoice. ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER GOT REMADE AND IT IS NOT TERRIBLE! Seriously if you have a PS4 go and and get Shadow of The Colossus. Anyway! This Read more →

Why is Windows 10 so slow at sorting file folders?

I actually managed to write and post this while Windows 10 was sorting my downloads folder into date order. And I'm not a very fast typist. Anyone else seen this? Anyone know why this is? Read more →

An expert in PLINQ for a day

One of the nice things about writing a book is that you become an expert on a subject (albeit in my case, just for a very short time). At the moment I know exactly how to make different parts of a Parallel Language Integrated Query (PLINQ) expression sequential so that the order of the output set is the one that you want. Not many people can say this. (Oh, and PLINQ is a very neat technology by th… Read more →

Arduino Retro Computer

Derek put me onto this. It's a retro computer made from two Arduino devices, one of which generates VGA output. Many years ago I discovered that people were using PIC devices to produce video output, this does something similar with an Arduino to generate VGA video. It uses a tiny interpreted basic that is not a million miles away from my HullOS software, although the Basic implementation uses a l… Read more →