Explicit not Implicit

A repeated complaint of mine since joining a new company, one which heavily relies on a task board, is that we have a lot of tasks. Some of them are old, most of them are ill-defined, and a lot of them are just notes of what people have felt they Read more →

Happy Election Day

Well, that was fun. I've started finding the news interesting again. Read more →

Joe Stead talks .NET Blub

c4di is having some great evening events at the moment. On Monday we had CodePen, and today we had Joe Stead talking about future platforms for .NET development. Well presented and thought provoking.Some interesting musings on how programmers are defined by the languages and tools that they use and how important it is to be looking at what's out there and developing professionally. Plus a look at… Read more →

Design Iteration

One of the nice things about having a 3D printer is that it makes it really easy to iterate designs. I'm working on a new design for the configurable game controller. This version will have a socket for an input device and a bar-graph above each socket. I think I've found a design that sort of works, now to make up a panel. Oh, and one 3D printing top tip from Rob. Don't use oil on the sliding com… Read more →

Great Gardening Gloves

These are the exclusive "Goldfinger" edition I never thought I'd be blogging on matters relating to gardening. Perhaps I'm growing up.Shudder.However, if you are in the market for some proper tough gardening gloves, ones that actually protect your fingers from all kinds of pointy nasties that you find when taking out a holly bush, then I strongly recommend these, which I got from the local PoundLa… Read more →

Pixelbots at CodePen

Thanks to CodePen Hull for the picture of me holding up a phone to prove something worked. Codepen is a great idea. Get together a bunch of people interested in code and have them tell each other what they are up to. There were six talks over the evening, ranging from a lovely looking Scrum development management tool, a splendid hosting framework, video game development, first steps in programmin… Read more →

Air Law and Operational Procedures

I passed my first two CAA exams today; Air Law and Operational Procedures with marks of 94% and 91% respectively. Went for a flight afterwards and did a few circuits and a PFL from the downwind leg. Was only up for 40 minutes as the airfield shuts at 6pm and the lesson before mine lasted Read more →

Zelda Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Complete Official Guide, Standard Edition By Piggyback I suppose it's an admission of defeat to buy a game guide. But actually I like them for the pictures as much as anything. And sometimes they are useful because they let you know that something is possible, rather than telling you how to do it. My official guide for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild arriv… Read more →

Solar Cell Silver Lining

I think another reason I was grumpy yesterday was that, while mowing the lawns, I managed to take out some of our solar powered lights. I'm not always a huge fan of lights in the garden to be honest. Last year we got some blue lights that must have previously been used on an aircraft carrier to guide planes down to land. To say they lit up the neighbourhood was something of an understatement.But t… Read more →

Appalling UI Design

Can you use your skill and judgement to tell which of these options is selected on the "upgraded" YouView user interface? I can't.Oh, and while we're on the subject of stupid design: Why enable spell checking on the body text of the blog post editor but not on the title? This means that the interface detects and highlights errors that might not be spotted, while failing to notice mistakes that eve… Read more →