Windows 10 WiFi Problems Solved

I'm bringing some old machines back into commission in case I need some spare devices for our "Build a robot in a day" course on Friday. Of course I'm updating them to the latest version of Windows 10, Fall Update Creators edition. My experience has been that, unlike previous versions of Windows on low powered machines, successive versions of Windows 10 have better performance than the previous on… Read more →

Cheap Inject Refills - wish me luck

My printer has run out of grey ink. It's funny, because I don't remember printing many grey pictures. But there you are.Like most printers, mine has a habit of waking up at odd times of the day and night, squirting a bit of ink out of the print head and then going back to sleep. Perhaps I should look for a grey puddle under the printer. Anyhoo, it was on to Amazon to find out how much a proper set… Read more →

Man of Substance

I've actually got a tiny part in the City of Culture celebrations. Four minutes to be precise. It's as part of the Substance Future Forum, a whole bunch of events over the next few days. I'm one of the speakers in "HULLOS V2042GM – YOUR CITY EVOLVED, CONNECTED, ACCELERATED AND ACCEPTED – 1 @ THE DOCK, 3.15PM – 4PM on Thursday 7th December" We've got a whole bunch of ideas about where this city is… Read more →

Counting nuts

I spent the evening in front of the telly counting nuts and putting them in plastic bags. We're doing another "Build a Robot in a Day" course at the end of the week and each robot uses 28 bolts and 26 nuts. It's all in the spreadsheet.And no, we're not making a robot like the one above. But I really would love to... Read more →

Robots in Hull

There are robots in Hull. Not science fiction ones, hard core car assembling, job doing, working robots. I've got a history with robots. When I worked in Electronic Engineering (it seems ages ago) we had a few proper robots around the place. I even found myself counting the number of degrees of freedom the robots in the city centre have (this is the number of ways they can rotate - the more the be… Read more →

Day 2 of the MVP Community Event

Another day of MVP chat at the MVP Community event. Some really interesting talks and some very thought provoking ones too.I really like meeting up with all these people.The only downside was that I didn't get to win the Xbox One x competition. If only I'd been a bit quicker with my answer (and actually known what the answer was....)Thanks to Claire and the other stalwarts who put everything toget… Read more →

Finding the distance to a (finite) line from a point in Javascript

For a project of mine (which I might post about once it's more stable), I'm going to need a way to find the distance to a point from the mouse cursor to implement an eraser. I've attempted this problem before - but it didn't exactly go to plan. To that end, I decided to implement the algorithm on its own to start with - so that I could debug it properly without all the (numerous) moving parts of t… Read more →

Winning on Table 6

Click Through for the 360 degree experience of Table 6 Day one of the Microsoft MVP Community event. Great fun. Interesting content on Story Telling and whole bunch of like minded folks. We're at the National Space Centre in Leicester which is a fantastic venue. Tonight we had the event dinner. With a quiz. And I was on the winning table, which was rather nice. More talks tomorrow. Read more →

Biggest Hull Devs Meetup Yet

Joe whips the crowd into a frenzy.... Last Wednesday in the month. Time for another Hull Devs. This means free food and drink (including those lovely white chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands on them) and high quality technical chat. And, the most people I've seen there ever. It was packed. I think there was one seat free. It was the one next to me, which might tell you something about m… Read more →

Python Fans

Begin to Code with Python By Rob Miles It was really nice to see some students from Hymers College today. They'd dropped by to talk about Python, which was great. I hope I said some things that you found useful. I did find time to gratuitously plug my new book (see left).Incidentally, anyone can get the final four chapters of the book as free downloads from here.These chapters are the ones where y… Read more →