Turnip Eater

My obsession with Animal Crossing is showing no sign of abating. Today, after spending all my money on turnips I made the mistake of eating 10 rather than dropping them on my Turnip Patio. This was an expensive mistake. I suppose it just means that I’ll need to make even more profit than usual on this batch to cover the loses. Read more →

Computer Science Reference List

CS Reference ListThis is a collection of papers, websites and books that I have found useful when researching into computer science. Mainly into programming paradigms and languages, focusing on understanding OOP OOP Phenomena and Concepts Websitehttp://people.cs.aau.dk/~normark/oop-csharp/html/notes/intro-oop_themes-phen-concepts-sect.html PDFhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1FQLDJC6Kj2r7SeLZK1YnLC… Read more →

Short Birthdays

The Windows 10 login screen now tells me birthday details of people who I met once on FaceBook. It always says that their birthdays are “All Day”. Are there people who only have birthdays that last a few hours? Read more →

Cheesy Games in Begin to Code with JavaScript

Player 1… I’m writing the final chapter of Begin to Code with JavaScript at the moment. This will be my favourite one. It’s all about making games. And I’m using cheese. Read more →

Hardware Meetup Interesting Chip

We had a great Hardware Meetup this week. If you ever want to join us, take a look at the MatterMost thread here for details of the next meeting on the 1st of October. One of the things we talked about was an amazing little processor that you can get for 94 pence for the smallest one. It looks very interesting. I think we’re going to order some. Read more →

A new blog.

We’re starting from scratch now that I’ve moved fully self-hosted. Maybe I’ll write about that? Read more →

Chinese Book

My Chinese copy of “Begin to Code with C#” has arrived from China. I think it was totally worth getting it just to read the author’s bio page. It turns out that they’ve left all the important bits in English. Read more →

Quiplash Fun

Jackbox Games are great. I’ve got very fond memories of playing “You don’t know Jack” from CD way back in the day. Tonight we had a go at a bunch more JackBox games, including “QuipLash”. In Quip Lash you have to come up with quick quips which the rest of the players then vote on. My favourite of the night was when Simon was asked to write something you wouldn’t expect to find in a message in a bo… Read more →

Night Flying

The view of the runway Tonight we thought we’d fly over Mont Blanc. Which was sensible enough as people say it looks fantastic. Although doing the flight at night might have been a bit more adventurous than we’d bargained for. I find it hard enough to stay in the air under normal circumstances, but it is even harder when the invisible ground keeps coming up to say hello. Anyhoo, we made it as far… Read more →

Animal Crossing Basement

Thanks to the silvery tonged selling technique of Tom Nook I now have a house with a basement and a 2,500,000 mortgage…. Read more →