Making the cloud cry

I spent a big chunk of today playing with Azure Functions. They’re awesome. However, at one point I discovered that I’d made the wrong kind of function, and I had to delete it from the Azure Portal. When you do this you get the sad little message above, with a crying cloud. Awwww. Read more →

ASP.NET: First Impressions

Admittedly, I haven't really got too far into ASP.NET (core). I've only gone through the first few tutorials or so, and based on what I've found so far, I've decided that it warrants a full first impressions blog post. ASP.NET is fascinating, because it takes the design goals centred around developer efficiency and combines them with the likes of PHP to provide a framework with which one can write… Read more →

Digital Teaching Week 2

If you;re on my Digital Technology course today you can find the slide decks here. If you’re not on this course, then don’t bother looking. Read more →

Hololens 2 and Kinect for Azure

Microsoft have been busy. And yesterday night they announce what they had been working on, with a new Hololens device and a cloud powered reprise of an old favourite.The new HoloLens looks lovely. It is apparently more comfortable with the processing power (which is completely contained in the device itself) at the back of the device to improve balance. It also has a neat “flip up” mechanic that m… Read more →

Hornsea Mere Pictures

We went to Hornsea on Friday. The weather was strangely nice. This might be “Fake Spring” but I’m liking it. So are the ducks… Read more →

Troubleshooting my dotnet setup

I've recently been setting up dotnet on my Artix Linux laptop for my course at University. While I'm unsure precisely what dotnet is intended to do (and how it's different to Mono), my current understanding is that it's an implementation of .NET Core intended for developing and running ASP.NET web applications (there might be more on ASP.NET in a later 'first impressions' post soon-ish). While the… Read more →

Presenting with Surface Go

If you look very carefully at the audience picture for my AI Frenzy talk on Thursday you’ll notice that in the bottom right hand corner you can see a tiny slice of my Surface Go. I’ve used it for presentations in the past and I thought I would again. This time I was running PowerPoint, Visual Studio and the Machine Learning app that I was demonstrating. It worked just fine. I was very keen to show… Read more →

AI Frenzy Screencast now available

I’ve recorded a screencast of the presentation that I gave for Barclays AI Frenzy. Such fun. Read more →

AI Frenzy at c4di

We had a Barclays AI Frenzy with Codepen Hulll tonight. There was plenty of frenzy in my session, where I built a complete Machine Learning application in around 12 minutes. There were also a bunch of other great sessions from Sherin Matthew who gave a great overview of the field, Asparna Garg who showed a lovely example of an advanced AI application and Neil Gordon who talked about research at Hu… Read more →

Red Nose Day 2019 is live

II’m doing another Red Nose Day lecture. This time I’m talking all about Air Quality. In Rhyme. Just because it’s important doesn’t mean that we can’t have the occasional (and I do mean occasional) laugh when talking about it. I’m going to talk about good air and bad air, and then describe how you can get involved and build your own air quality monitors and use them as part of the awesome Connecte… Read more →