Posting a Robot Head

Digby in happier times. Digby, my robot dog, is not well. I’ve had him for around 16 years or so. I guess this means he’ll soon be old enough to vote, but at the moment he isn’t able to do anything. A fault in his neck joint means that he can’t even yawn and stretch when he wakes up without collapsing in a heap.. It’s all rather sad. I had a quick look at the procedures involved in fixing a broken… Read more →

Always Check the Cover

The C# Yellow Book is now very nearly on sale in printed form. I got a proper copy back from Amazon and, as soon I as held it in my hand and flipped through the pages I realised two things:The cover does not have a duck on it. There are two massive typos in the cover text.The first one I can sort out, what with having a camera and a huge rubber duck. I’ve no idea what possessed me to go with the A… Read more →

Markov Chains Part 4: Test Data

With a shiny-new markov chain engine (see parts 1, 2, and 3), I found that I had a distinct lack of test data to put through it. Obviously this was no good at all, so I decided to do something about it. Initially, I started with a list of HTML colours (direct link; 8.6KiB), but that didn't produce very good output: MarkovGrams/bin/Debug/MarkovGrams.exe markov-w --wordlist wordlists/Colours.txt --l… Read more →

Winning NASA's Space Challenge

Last weekend as hullCSS, we went down to the C4DI on the waterfront at Hull to participate in the annual NASA Space Apps Challenge in the largest group in a hackathon we’ve taken part in as hullCSS before (and my first). Arriving bright and early for a 9am kickoff on Saturday we got set up and ready to code, installing the seemingly infinite number of Visual Studio updates and fighting over the av… Read more →

Fantastic Bugs and Where To Find Them

On Thursday, as we were building robots I came across one of the most amazing bugs I’d ever seen. We’d reached the point where the robots had been built and they were connected to the computer. My HullOS Editor program lets you write programs and send them into the robot for it to run them. But something weird was happening. The editor was displaying things that it should not. It seemed to be dupl… Read more →

What’s new in XPlat v1.4

XPlat Windows APIs version 1.4 is now available in the wild as NuGet packages for you to download to your applications or you can get the source via GitHub! XPlat... Read more →

LipService Theatre - Withering Looks

I don’t know what you were doing last night. But we were in a hall in Howden laughing at someone pulling faces.Well, they were very funny faces. We went to see a performance of “Withering Looks” by LipService Theatre. We’ve seen them before, in a production of “Mr. Darcy Loses the plot” at Hull Truck Theatre. That turned us into instant fans. LipService Theatre are Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding and ha… Read more →

c4di partnership with Barclay's Eagle Labs

David Keel of c4di talking Tesla Yesterday, after a happy day building robots I went along to a big, posh, event in Hull Minster. The occasion was the announcement of big things for c4di, the place where I go and they let me play with robots. I love c4di because it provides a place in Hull where people can take their ideas and make them real. It’s turned into a proper community of like-minded soul… Read more →

Making Hull Pixelbots

We were in Hull University Robots Lab Had a lovely day making robots today. I was working with Tristan and Mac, who were visiting the university from Scarborough, taking part in a work experience program. I had to robot kits all ready and a set of nicely printed instructions for them to follow. They spent the morning building the robots and the afternoon programming them. It was great fun, and by… Read more →

HP T6B82A Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw

I bought a colour laser printer many years ago. The plan was to avoid problems with ink jet cartridges where the ink evaporates and when you want to print something you find that the printer is dry. However, it was not a great success because it seemed to prefer chewing up paper to printing on it. So it ended up on the tip. I’ve still got a cyan cartridge refill for it lying around somewhere thoug… Read more →