Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

A couple of days ago we went to see “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. It’s really, really, good. You should go and see it. A light touch, a strong story and some amazing graphics. Spiderman as you’ve never seem him. In many different ways. Read more →

Invisible hearing aids and other frauds

I was very upset to discover today that a shop in Cottingham (where I live - the village not the shop) has taken away their “Invisible hearing aids - 475 pounds a pair” sign. I really wanted to get a photograph of that sign.The way I see it, advertising things like this is fraught with fraud potential. “I say, there’s only one hearing aid in this box” "That’s because the other one is switched on”.… Read more →

Non Sale Sale

We went to what was supposed to be the sales today. But we didn’t find much that was worthy of the “sale” label. I think every reduction that could have been applied to the prices had already been applied. Read more →

Breaking out the JavaScript

Making the famous game in JavaScript using Canvas. While I was at Lincoln college studying Computer Science (BTEC), we where tasked to create a game based of the infamous Breakout game using web languagues. Using inspiration from old arcade machines and CRT monitors I created How it was made What skills where used to make it What skills where learnt through out the process What could have been don… Read more →

Bank Heist Fun

As part of our Christmas present, number one daughter organised a trip to an escape room in Hull. This was a room with a difference. It turns out that there is no problem escaping, you can leave the bank at any time. But, you’ll want to take away a few souvenirs in the form of wads of cash, gems etc etc. The puzzle was a very good mock up of a bank branch (remember them), even down to the pens cha… Read more →

Where in the world does spam come from?

Answer: The US, apparently. I was having a discussion with someone recently, and since I have a rather extensive log of comment failures for debugging & analysis purposes (dating back to February 2015!) they suggested that I render a map of where the spam is coming from. It was such a good idea that I ended up doing just that - and somehow also writing this blog post :P First, let's start off by l… Read more →

Unboxing Boxing Day

Today I got to open up the box and start work on my big Christmas Present. It’s a lovely big Lego Truck. I must confess that I bought it for me when I saw it at an amazing discount on Amazon. It’s the biggest build that I’ve ever done. And I’m having big fun. Read more →

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas one and all. Read more →

Happy Christmas 2018!

Happy Christmas! I hope you have a restful and peaceful holiday. Have a picture of a cool snow-globe: by Starbeamrainbowlabs | 25-12-2018 at 09:00 am | Holidays | Permanent Link | 0 comments | Share via: Read more →

Working Lights

Well, the lights have stayed up for another day. I think they’ve reached “Peak Sag”. I’m rather pleased with how well they work. It’s basically a one dimensional particle system with particles that change size and position. I’ll post the code on GitHub at some point. Read more →