Buy Nintendo Labo VR

This is awesome. I’ve stayed away from buying any of the Nintendo Labo kits because, after all, they are only cardboard. However I couldn’t resist the purchase of the Labo VR kit above. And I allow myself one silly purchase after giving a course (thanks GSK). And I get to play Zelda in VR.So today we tracked down a copy of the game and starting folding things together. The game comes in a box arou… Read more →

Building Robots at GSK

We’ve taken “Build a robot in a day” on the road and today we spent a lovely day today down at GSK in Weybridge. Things went so well that at one point we thought we might have to rename the course “Build a robot before lunch”. Everyone got their robot moving around and interacting with them. If you were on the course (or are just interested) you can find all sample programs here.If you want to wor… Read more →

Powahroot: Client and Server-side routing in Javascript

If I want to really understand something, I usually end up implementing it myself. This is the case with my latest library - powahroot, but also because I didn't really like the way any of the alternatives functioned because I'm picky. Originally I wrote it for this project (although it's actually for a little satellite project that isn't open-source unfortunately - maybe at some point in the futu… Read more →

Insider Dev Tour 2019

Last yer I gave a session at the Insider Dev Tour in Manchester. It was great fun. And they’ve invited me back to do it again. Different topic (IoT) but probably the same jokes. If you fancy coming along; keep the 20th of June free. The sign in page will be coming soon. Read more →

Octoprint is wonderful

I mentioned on Sunday that I was a bit worried about the SD card reader on my lovely 3D printer being potentially unreliable. For years (seven actually) I’ve been writing my gcode files onto an SD card and then plugging into the printer for each print. This is probably not a good idea (and hasn’t been one for a while). Anyhoo, a couple of failed prints on Sunday left me wondering about a better, a… Read more →

Bringing an Alien back from the grave

Me and my Alienware laptop go back a long way. We need some spare laptops for a course that I’m helping with, and I was wondering how hard it would be to get an 8 year old laptop to run Windows 10. It turns out to be a bit tricky, but possible. I had to ignore dire warnings about graphics cards and press on with the installation anyway.. Then, afterwards I found some original drivers and installed… Read more →

Making a Clever Chatbot for World Domination

I’m doing another talk for in the “AI Frenzy” series at c4di on Thursday 9th of May. I’m going to be talking about chatbots, how to make one and how to hook it into cognitive services that will make it usefully intelligent. Oh, and we might try to control some robots with the perhaps a bit of world domination thrown in. You can sign up here. Read more →

What is unreliable?

Una, my Ultimaker printer has been very busy over the last week. We’re doing a “Build a robot in a day” course and we need 15 sets of printed parts for the robots. Up until today she was printing beautifully, and I made the mistake of thinking “My goodness, the printer is working well”. Bad move. She promptly stopped dead in the middle of a print. Oh well. It made me thing a bit about what we rega… Read more →

It's often a power supply problem. Especially if it can't be.

I've been working on an an air quality sensor that we are hoping to attach to a lamp post somewhere in Hull. I’ve got the hardware just about sorted (as you can see above) and the software should work fine.But it doesn’t.As soon as I connect everything together the serial interface to the host computer stops working. This is not a problem in operation, but it makes it hard to configure the device.… Read more →

Lunchtime Pictures

I really like the way that I can go for a walk at lunchtime and within a few minutes I can be in a place where I can take pictures like this. Read more →