Using an osciloscope

I actually had to use my oscilloscope last week. First time in ages. I'd quite forgotten how useful it is to be able see signals on wires. I'm thinking of running a "What is an oscilloscope and why is it a good idea?" session at the c4di hardware club. Read more →

Old Stuff

I found this old lens in the loft, attached to an old camera. Seems to work a treat. If I could travel faster than light. Could I use the old lens to take a picture of itself? Read more →

Agile and AI at Hull Devs on Feb. 28th

Looks like a couple of most excellent talks at Hull Devs at the of this month. Steve Trapps is talking about agile development and James Mann is coming over from Black Marble to talk about making bots. Should be a great evening. You can get your tickets here. Read more →

c4di Hardware Group Monster Meetup

Actually we didn't have any monsters turn up. But we did have a lot of people. Hayden was running a soldering masterclass. I was talking about Hull Pixelbots to a whole bunch of students who turned up to find out what we're about. Brian showed off a work in progress which simulates Hull Pixelbot movements in a nifty Python program. And we did some work with one of our youngest attendees, who's try… Read more →

"The Culture" is really good

You've got to be pretty sure of yourself to allow someone to write a farce about what you're doing. Or brave. Or something. But the Hull City of Culture team did it. "The Culture" is a behind the scenes look at just what goes on in the offices behind those fancy slogans and artistic happenings. There are some lovely nods to the buzzwords and whatnot that come with organising something like Hull Ci… Read more →

Android app architecture: First steps and impressions

This post, obviously, is not endorsed by Google or the Android Open-Source Project at all in any way. It's just my attempt to consolidate what I've learnt about it so far. I've been learning about Android development at University recently - this post is my attempt to consolidate what I've learnt. I'm by no means as confused as I have been in the past at similar stages of a module (take AI and com… Read more →

Shrove Tuesday

So, what with it being the start of Lent, it's time to give something up. So I've decided to give up eating after 7:00 pm. For someone like me this is actually quite an issue, what with biscuits, cheese, liquorice all sorts and chocolate being consumed in apparently vast quantities in front of the telly of an evening. Read more →

Dear Visual Studio People....

...when I try to edit a program that is running (something which I do rather a lot these days - I think it's because I'm getting old) I get this "helpful" message.It would be even more helpful if the dialog contained another button I could press to stop the application and return me to the code that I'm trying to edit. Read more →

Kickstart Hull's Smart City - free event Wed. 21st Feb

On 21st of February we'll be Kickstarting Hull's Smart City at the c4di. You're invited. You're especially invited if you're a developer wanting to get into city wide networking, a student looking for a new field to get your teeth into or someone who wants to do some good with technology. We'll be describing our plans for building a community to work with the latest low powered networking technolo… Read more →

c4di Hardware Group Soldering Fun

If you want to get into proper hardware builds you need to learn how to solder. So, next Thursday evening we're going to have a go at learning to do it. I'm going to bring along my ancient soldering iron and have a go at soldering some surface mount devices. If you've got a soldering iron and an urge to use it. You can sign up here. Read more →