External Examining Fun

We had the exam board this morning and then I wandered off for a walk around the city before I went to get my train home. I really like Dundee. I'm going to have to make some time for a proper visit. I also like the fact that I wrote a chunk of chapter six of "Begin to Code with Python" sitting at platform 1 waiting for my train. I'll be able to read my description of the while construction and ho… Read more →

Travel to Dundee

Took a few trains to Dundee today to help with External Examining of the course at Abertay University. Just like last year, the weather was awesome. The people who designed the hotel I'm staying at really know their stuff. I've counted eight mains sockets in the room, four of them with USB power outputs. I wish I'd brought more things with me to charge up. Read more →

Hull Pixelbot (and me) at c4di CodePen Meetup next Monday evening

I love things like CodePen. Anything that gets developers talking about what they are doing is absolutely brilliant in my book. These kind of events are great for students too. They learn that developers are just like them, just a few years further down the tracks. c4di are hosting another CodePen event next Monday evening, 5th of June. There are three speakers, and I'm one of them. I'm going to i… Read more →

Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch

I've bought Minecraft on lots of different platforms but never really played it enough to do it justice. Perhaps the version on the Nintendo Switch will be the one that changes this. It's not particularly expensive and from my fairly limited perspective, does a very good job of implementing the game. The controls are a bit fiddly. I keep throwing things when I mean to select them. But then again I… Read more →

Training on call newbies

Recently my team established a first and second line support mechanism at work. Essentially, the idea is to address the need to train newer or lesser experienced people on the team for being on call on their own. During work there will be one person on first line who should Read more →

Evil Croquet

The Incredible Hulk used to say "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." For me it's "You wouldn't like me when I'm playing croquet". We got the croquet set out today for the first time in many years and had a go. I seem to have lost a bit of my accuracy. But none of my nastiness. Sorry folks. You would think that by now I'd have learned the dangers inherent in giving other people large, heavy, mall… Read more →

Alien Mischief

We were driving down the motorway today when we passed two enormous wooden crates on huge lorries that were straddling two lanes. I'm not sure what they were carrying, but I really wanted to stencil "Area 51: Fragment 25" on one of them in large letters. Read more →

Long File Paths and Begin to Code with C#

I've had a few people hitting problems with the Begin To Code with C# example programs. The sample code is supplied as a Visual Studio Solution which you can download and then open. You get problems if you put the sample code folders inside other folders with long names, for example:c:\users\rob\documents\2017\programming\csharp\learningtoprogram\book\BeginToCode\When Visual Studio builds a progra… Read more →

Recovery programming

Sorry!Hello, sorry I haven't posted in a long while I have been super busy with some personal things. Here are some things I have made over the past couple of weeks while getting back on my feet!LANChatWhile learning how to make LANHelper I made another program where you can chat to people on your LAN and send files to them. From making this i learned how to create a udp networking system using he… Read more →

Following in the Footsteps of Greatness

Turned on the BBC news tonight to see Jeremy Corbin in Hull, making a speech from exactly the same stage that, just one week before, I'd been doing my "Pint of Science" talk. And I reckon the audience was around the same size. Read more →