Hull Makerspace in Hackspace Magazine

This time last year Hull didn’t even have a Makerspace. Now we’ve got one that is featured in magazines. This month’s “Space of the month” in Hackspace magazine is Hull. Well done folks. I’ve used the Makerspace quite a bit, I’m especially fond of their laser cutter which is where I cut the chassis parts for the air quality sensor. If you’ve not read Hackspace magazine you really should. I’ve got… Read more →

Humber Street in Hull is Lovely

There is some rather nice artwork on the buildings The weather in Hull was glorious today. We spent a goodly amount of time wandering down Humber Street looking for somewhere nice for lunch. Loads of choices, we went for Bert’s Pizza at the end which turned out to b a splendid choice. If you want to see what the future of life in Hull is really going to be like you should really go and take a look… Read more →

Jelly belts

Number one son has discovered the joys of vinyl records. Today I thought I’d relive some of my youth and got my record deck down from the loft. Turns out that the drive belt has turned into a kind of jelly. Ugh.Fortunately, through the magic of Amazon it turns out you can still get belts, and even the stylus, for my elderly Panasonic deck. The order went in today. Nostalgia beckons… Read more →

Linux on Windows 10 is Awesome

I’m doing some web site work at the moment for Connected Humber. In the process I found about about Grav, which is another nice way to make static web sites that are simple to host, even on sites like GitHub.I thought it might be nice to have Grav on my machine so I could play with it. Only problem is that it really needs to run on a Linux box. A while ago I mentioned how easy it is to get a Linux… Read more →

Still time to enter the Humber Care Tech Challenge

I got an email from Kevin today if I was still planning to enter the Humber Care Tech Challenge.Oh yes.I’ve just filled in my form. Total cost for spending two days at the lovely Spa Hall in Bridlington, talking to subject matter experts, getting feedback on my ideas and picking up new skills? Zero. And the food you get while you’re there is free too. (I really hope they do the pie again. And the… Read more →

A picture fit for the living room wall

We’ve had the same picture (Lego superheroes) over our fireplace for ages. Last night, thanks to a time limited 40% saving offer from Photobox, we set about changing this. We’re going for the picture above, which I took way back in 2013 from the Ferris wheel at Hull Fair. We’ve bought canvas prints from Photobox before and they do a good job. I was feeling very smug about getting the order in befo… Read more →

Don't buy the wrong Heltec device

It turns out that I’m perfectly capable of making the same mistake twice. In fact, I seem to insist on doing this. A couple of years I bought three Heltec devices that were configured for the American market. They worked fine, but only on the 433 MHz network that they use for Lora in the ‘states. For the UK and Europe you need 868 Mhz ones.A while back Adam told me about a new Heltec Wireless Stic… Read more →

Thinking about coding style

After upgrading my blog to support view counting, it got me thinking about programming styles. Do you put your braces on a separate line or the same one as your if statements? What about whitespace and new lines? And then there's even casing of variable names to consider, such as snake_case, PascalCase, or camelCase. As if to add to the confusion, there are also paradigms to worry about. Object-or… Read more →

Pride and Prejudice at Elsham Hall

There’s nothing like live drama in the open air. As long as it doesn’t rain. Today finds us at Elsham Hall sitting in their lovely grounds waiting for a production of Pride and Prejudice to start. We were fortified by a large number of sandwiches and an optimistic weather forecast. The play was really good. It’s rather tricky to fit an entire book into a couple of hours but they managed it splendi… Read more →

Using TTN Mapper to show LoRa coverage

I’ve been playing with TTN Mapper. It’s great. There’s an app you can get for your phone (Android or IoS). You configure it with the details of your Things Network application and then you can wander round with a portable LoRa device and help to build a map of coverage. You don’t have to actually connect your LoRa device to your phone, you just have to enable the mapper program on your phone to co… Read more →