Change the way you think: Languages and Compilers in Review

Change the way you think. I haven't seen it used recently, but when I first arrived at Hull University to start my degree, that's the phrase I saw on a number of posters about the place. I've been thinking about it a lot over the course of my degree - and I've found that it has rung true more than one. My understanding of programming has been transformed 3 times that I can count, and before I get… Read more →

My Car in Gran Turismo

The only Black Friday purchase that I made was that of Gran Turismo for half price. And I only bought it on Sunday. One of the attractions for me was that it offered me a chance to drive my own car in the game. The picture you see above is pretty much identical to my car, it even has the same wheel design.Yesterday I downloaded a free pack of images that allow you to place your car in exotic locat… Read more →

Rob in Andy Comfort's Comfy Chair

I took a 360 degree picture during the chat. Click through the image to view it Hmm. A chat all about me? With my favourite music? Sounds about right. I got invited onto the Andy Comfort show on Radio Humberside this afternoon to talk about this and that. But mainly me. It was great fun. I think you can find the program here. Read more →

Hull Pixelbot Scripting Language

About nine months ago I finished off a design for a scripting language for the Hull Pixelbot. The idea was that you could enter programs in clear text and the robot would understand and act on them. You'd not need anything else, and the programs would be compiled and stored inside the robot in an intermediate code. Then "Begin to code with Python" hit me, and everything else stopped as I frantical… Read more →

Ian Mitchell Artworks are Amazing

We went off to Harrogate today. Very nice place. They have a lovely little art gallery which was showing some rather nice pictures and designs. In the porch on the way in they had some superb prints by an artist called Ian Mitchell. He's based in Scarborough and I think his work is awesome. Go take a look. Read more →

Oh well.....

Quite pleased to receive an email that wasn't about a Black Friday sale. It seems I may have been miss-sold payment protection insurance at some time in the past..... Read more →

Nasty Example SPL Programs

I've written a few example test programs to debug various edge cases whilst writing a compiler for my coursework at University, and I thought I've post them here to help others out. As this coursework is ongoing I'm not going to say anything else, but I hope that these help someone else out :-) Anyone posting coursework compiler code here will have it deleted (but additional example SPL programs a… Read more →

File Comparison in Visual Studio

Today I found out something that I didn't know that Visual Studio could do. It can perform file comparison. This is really useful if you've made a tiny change to a file for a very good reason at the time, but have completely forgotten where the change is, or why you made it. I never do this kind of thing myself you understand, but I've heard that some programmers make this mistake from time to tim… Read more →

The Ring Doorbell and WiFi problems

Some time back I got a Ring doorbell. It's an internet connected door chime that contains a camera and motion sensor. When someone rings your doorbell (or stands on your doorstep if you've turned on the motion sensor) your phone (or your Apple watch) goes ping to alert you. The doorbell also contains a speaker and a microphone, so you can have a conversation with the person at your door. And for a… Read more →

HullDevs event next week

The next Hull Devs event is next week on the Wednesday 29th of November at 6:15 at c4di. They have a couple of interesting speakers; Dylan will be talking about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of APIness: The Secret to Happy Code and Seb Lambla will be talking about ReST 3.0 - A Lap Around HTTP API's Next Generation. There are free goodies and we always finish up in the pub. I'd suggest that you sig… Read more →