Journey from Hell

Well, that was fun. In retrospect signing up for the 10:40pm flight home was not a great plan, but it did give us one more day away. We arrived back in the country at 2:00am all bleary eyed, but just about up for the two hour drive back to our house that I was expecting. After all, the roads would be nice and quiet, right?If only. All the motorways were shut. And I mean all of them. And the divers… Read more →

Heading home..

This is our last day in Lisbon. We actually saw some grey clouds and some rain, which I think is preparing us for what we can expect back home. On well. We will definitely be back. Read more →


Last week I was promoted to Lead Software Engineer at PepperHQ. As part of the meeting we discussed what I want to achieve in the year ahead. There’s a lot and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to try to be a bit better at keeping the blog up-to-date with details of my day-to-day Read more →

Roman Amphiteatre

The Romans liked Lisbon too. They built a dirty great big amphiteatre just to show off. There are still some bits of it left which you can see, yes, at another museum.We like museums. Read more →

Lisbon Culture

More culture today. The Puppet Museum (only a bit creepy) and the Oriental Museum. All good stuff. And I seem to remember some good food and drink too. Read more →

Lisbon Castle

Today we headed for Lisbon Castle. It has a great view of the surroundings; what with it being on the top of a hill and all that. Read more →

Tram 28

We're in Lisbon for a few days. Lovely place. I came year a few years ago to do some Microsoft Technical conferences and loved the place, even though most of my views of the city was through the windows of the taxi on the way to and from the airport. We've got a little apartment and the place is lovely. Today we took Tram 28 for a tour around the place. This is a forth minute tram ride from the ce… Read more →

Happy Holidays

We're having a few days away. Don't tell the folks at Microsoft Press, I'm supposed to be finishing of the final chapters of "Begin to Code with Python". (actually I'm spending a goodly chunk of each day away on chapter edits, so my conscience is clear...) Read more →

iPhone X - it will be interesting

The Kinect's Eye view of a sofa.... A few years ago I spent a lot of time playing with the Microsoft KInect. I even wrote a book about it. The Kinect contains a special “depth camera” where pixels don’t give you light intensity, they give you distance. The depth camera works by viewing an array of dots which are projected onto the scene in front of the sensor. Software works out the distance betwe… Read more →


Let’s say this at once. Overcooked is great fun. You and a bunch of friends control cooks franticallly grabbing ingredients, following recipes, washing up, putting out fires and trying to keep the customers satisfied. I’ve not laughed quite so much playing a game as I did when we were all blundering round the kitchen, getting too many mushrooms (cries of STOP GETTING MUSHROOMS) and setting fire to… Read more →