Dominion Online is awesome and free to play

Dominion is a “deck building” game. Each player starts with the same set of cards and at each turn they can use the powers on those cards to do stuff, buy new cards and hopefully a few victory points. As the turns go round you cycle through your deck which means that the you get to use the good cards you have got, along with any bad cards like curses which other players inflict upon you. In real l… Read more →

Happy Christmas 2020!

I hope you had a nice Christmas, and I wish you a more restful and brighter new year. I'm taking a much needed break at the moment, so the normal regularly scheduled blog posts will resume next week :-) Things hopefully coming up soon in blog posts include 2 cluster posts (1 about Docker, and another about HTTPS in Fabio), and another post in my NAS series - as I'm now setup with btrfs in raid1 mo… Read more →

Strings and C++ Warnings

When I build code I try to work in a “zero warnings” mode. That is, when I build the code I don’t see any mutterings about stuff the compiler things might think is stupid. However, sometimes I get errors that I don’t think I deserve. For example, I tend to do things like this:char * name;name = “Rob”;I know what I’m doing here. I’m creating a character pointer and then making it refer to a string… Read more →

Using an M1 Powered MacBook to program ESP8266 devices

I’m loving my new M1 powered MacBook Air. The hardware makes a perfect laptop. It just works, goes very fast and is always there. The battery life is more like an iPad than a laptop. It doesn’t run Windows 10, so it isn’t perfect, but I’m slowly getting my head around Mac OS (WHY IS FOLDER NAVIGATION SO HARD???) . I’m still using the Microsoft tools I use most of the time - Visual Studio Code, Wor… Read more →

Bluetooth and Furbies video now live

The video of my session at DDD202 is now available. You can watch it above. You can find all the videos neatly arranged in playlists here. Read more →

2020 – A look at my journey through the year

2020 has definitely been a difficult year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to how we interact with our family and friends, as well as how... The post 2020 – A look at my journey through the year appeared first on James Croft. Read more →

Calibration Cube Dice

Having spent a happy day fiddling with 3D printers (among other things) I’m going to have to think of some kind of dice game that we can pay with all the calibration cubes that we seem to have printed…. Read more →

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all my readers. I hope the season brings you joy, peace and not too many repeats on TV. Read more →

Christmas Presents

I’ve made some “names in lights” as Christmas presents. I hope people like them. Read more →

Enter the Wemos D1 mini ESP32

I really, and I mean really, like the Wemos D1 mini. Part of this is because I can get them for under two pounds each, but I do reckon that they make the best connected embedded platform you can get. Unless you need Bluetooth, or want to talk using secure sockets. Or you fancy writing a MicroPython program longer than a few lines. Then you need an ESP32. Up until recently my weapon of choice for E… Read more →