Windows 10 Screen Shots in "Does exactly what you want" shock horror.

Long blog title. But it’s true. You might be surprised to learn quite a bit of my work involves cutting and and pasting. Particularly for screenshots. For a long time my weapon of choice has been the Windows Snipping Tool, which if you read the name quickly sounds a lot more exciting than it is. Anyhoo, me and the Snipping tool have got along fine over the years and I was worried when I saw a warn… Read more →

Apple Arcade

I didn’t intend to get hooked on the Apple ecosystem but here we are. What can I say? The stuff just works. The latest iPhones are very nice. They have almost caught up with my Lovely Lumia 1520 which I still have. I get it out every now and then, marvel at the design and the UI and then sadly put it back in the drawer. I’ve just signed up for Apple Arcade. It costs around the same as a packet of… Read more →

A bit of fun from a tiny game

I was in Ryman’s in Hull today looking for cheap AA batteries (I have lot of robots to feed) and I came across a tiny handheld video game that had been massively reduced in price. Always a sign of quality I find. However, the promise of 150 games for a tenner was too hard to resist. So I invested in one. Note that I never say “bought”, always “invested in”. Buying something means that the money is… Read more →

Read "Midnight in Chernobyl"

You really should read this book. It’s not a happy tale, although there are moments of pure heroism. It tells the story of the worst nuclear accident the world has ever seen, when a Russian nuclear reactor exploded in April 1986. I can vividly remember seeing news footage of helicopters swarming over the doomed reactor building, along with reports that everything was under control. It was not, and… Read more →

TTGO Camera

A while back I ordered a TTGO camera from Ali Express. It came today and it is lovely. It is similar to the ESP32 webcam that I bought a while back, but it has a PIR sensor and a BME 280 environmental sensor along with a nifty OLED display. It is supplied with firmware that sets it up as an Access Point. If you connect to it you can view the image and control it from the web page that it serves ou… Read more →

Divide and Conquer Algorithms with Python Examples

An easy to understand introduction to divide and conquer algorithms Read more →

Go and See Shaun the Sheep in "Farmageddon"

We went to see the new Shaun the Sheep movie tonight. This builds nicely on the TV show and the earlier film to add an interplanetary element, with a cute alien stranded on the farm. The story bounces along nicely through a whole bunch of lovely set pieces and some excellent voice acting (but no script). Great fun for all ages. Just go and see it. Read more →

Converting multiline text to an image in PHP

This post is late because I lost the post I had written when I tried to save it - I need to find a new markdown editor. Do let me know if you have any suggestions! I was working on Pepperminty Wiki earlier, and as I was working on external diagram renderer support (coming soon! It's really cool) I needed to upgrade my errorimage() function to support multi-line text. Pepperminty Wiki's key feature… Read more →

Updated C# Yellow Book available for download

I got an email over the weekend from Drew about a glaring typo in my downloadable edition of the C# Yellow Book. I was about to respond that I’d fixed the error when I thought I’d better check first. It turned out that I hadn’t.So I’ve spent this morning going through all the reports of issues with the book and fixing them. Most of them have been typing mistakes but Iv’e also made a few changes to… Read more →

Electronics Lab 1: Part 1

So, as mentioned in previous posts, I switched from Artificial Intelligence to Electronics and Interfacing. As we go through the labs, I'm going to post the code/photos of how I achieved the objectives so that I can look back and see what I've done in the future.I think Read more →