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3D Generalist and Student Software Developer, interested in the possibilities of VR, MR and IoT.

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TeamGB and Hull University Partnership

a.k.a that time I was an olympic torchbearer So much has happened in the past month that I really should have blogged about earlier! I did consider not writing about this, as I have already left it late enough to be old news, there have been other more important things happening in the area, and … Continue reading TeamGB and Hull University Partnership → Read more →

Global GameJam 2019 – emoH

Time to get back into writing blog posts! A little late, but this one is going to be about the game my team created this Global Game Jam on January 25. The team consisted of 2 musicians (Natalie Gall and Alvin Lee), 1 3D Artist(Jordan Bolton), 2 3D Artist/Programmers (Myself and Matthew Bingham) and 2 … Continue reading Global GameJam 2019 – emoH → Read more →

unity Workshops as Game-Jam PREP

Over the past month I and another Unity Student Ambassador have been running introductory workshops at Hull University. In order to provide motivation and increase engagement with students interested in game development, we decided to hold two preparatory workshops for the University’s Bi-annual 24h GameJam: 3TG on the 3rd of November. This gave us around … Continue reading unity Workshops as Game… Read more →

HullCSS – Local Winners of NASA Space Apps Challenge

This weekend I was part of team HullCSS, a team made up of 5 members of the Hull University Computer Science society. Together we entered the NASA spaceapps 2018 hackathon, and managed to win the Hull Local Award, qualifying for the Global competition. The 30 second video above was our submission after a tiring weekend … Continue reading HullCSS – Local Winners of NASA Space Apps Challenge → Read more →

Mixed Reality Accelerator

The Mixed Reality Accelerator finished this August, and I can finally sit down and go through it. Thankfully I have been given permission to speak about our project without any restrictions from the Non-disclosure agreement. I do not have good quality promotional media yet though, so I will add those at a later. It was … Continue reading Mixed Reality Accelerator → Read more →

Mixed Reality Accelerator – VISR

Finally finished with first year, I should be receiving my results any day now. More importantly however, is the Accelerator program that I will be attending until mid August, ran by Hull based VR company VISR! www.visr-vr.com/accelerator/ The program trains students in developing for the Hololens, providing real projects to work on, from real big-name … Continue reading Mixed Reality Accelerator… Read more →

Getting stuck into Mixed Reality – Thank god for emulators

Starting to mess around with developing for mixed reality with the Microsoft Hololens emulator and Unity, and I have to say, its going surprisingly smoothly! Whilst I wont be able to buy myself an actual Hololens any time soon, the emulator does a very good job for development purposes, and works seamlessly with visual studio … Continue reading Getting stuck into Mixed Reality – Thank god for emul… Read more →

Angry Rolling Drake

In a previous post I mentioned that we had won our second ThreeThingGame with our game: “Angry Rolling Drake”. But this time I will leave out the bragging, and focus on the game itself. We haven’t polished it much, as we wanted to stay true to the game that was built in 24 hours. Bugs “Unique features” … Continue reading Angry Rolling Drake → Read more →

Another great “3 Thing Game”!

Earlier this year I posted that me and my team had won Hull Universitys 2017 Autumn Three Thing Game Jam… Well now I can happily report that we have also won the 2018 Spring Three Thing Game Jam! Well done to the team, and a massive well done and thankyou to the sound dev guys who put … Continue reading Another great “3 Thing Game”! → Read more →

Semester Two, Strike, and Recruitment Fair

Just realised that I havent posted anything this month. I know myself well enough not to expect to update weekly, but I should at least make sure to update monthly! We’re half way through semester two now, and I have been kept relatively busy with coursework, especially the “Fault-tree analysis” project, and to a lesser … Continue reading Semester Two, Strike, and Recruitment Fair → Read more →