Adam Tunnicliffe


3D Generalist and Student Software Developer, interested in the possibilities of VR, MR and IoT.

Blog posts

Vimeo Channel

www.vimeo.com/adamt3d I have quite a lot of 3D projects on my vimeo page, but the most important would be my VFX demo reel. I created this reel entirely in my own time, attempting to get a position in a VFX studio without a higher education degree. Whilst it did open up a few possible doors, … Continue reading Vimeo Channel → Read more →

Starting this blog

This will be the first post of my blog, and probably the best place to explain who I am, and why I have created it in the first place. I may talk more about my background in future posts, but for now I will keep the introduction relatively brief and career oriented. I am currently … Continue reading Starting this blog → Read more →