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MSc Computer Science student, software & games developer. Interested in 3D graphics, software & games programming.

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WebGL Ray Tracing

The past couple of weekends I’ve been trying out some WebGL powered rendering that can be embedded into my website. Above is a little something I coded up, made by ray marching implicit surfaces using distance fields (after being inspired but Read more →

Procedural RPG World Generation

Having now completed my MSc, below is a brief summary of my dissertation project along with galleries and a video of the prototype. There’s also a download of the full report detailing the implementation process along with background on the topic for those interested Read more →

The MSc Departmental Prize

Several weeks ago I was very pleasantly surprised by a letter from the British Computer Society stating I had won the ‘Departmental Masters’ Prize in Computer Science’ for my MSc degree! Along with the nice certificate, I also received a cheque for Read more →

Update and MSc Results

It’s been 8 months since my last post and since then I have become a dad, completed my masters, relocated and become a programmer in the games industry! So, there’s been much to talk about but little time to do it. It’s been Read more →

3D Pinball Game – Development Project

This is a 3D pinball game developed as part of my MSc Computer Science. The module was a group project and we were tasked with developing a 3D pinball without using an existing propriety game engine (such as Unity or Read more →

Falling Object Simulator – Simulation & Concurrency

As part of my MSC Computer Science degree, the Simulation & Concurrency module was probably the most intense module on the course, tasking us to produce a physics engine from scratch with robust network and multi-threading integration in order Read more →

Sandy Snow Globe – Deferred Shading

For the Real-Time Graphics module as part of my MSc in Computer Science we were tasked with developing a real-time graphics application representing a snow globe but with a few added twists. Instead of a wintery landscape, the theme would Read more →

Cross-Platform Game Engine

In the first semester of my MSc Computer Science degree as part of the Games Development Architectures module we were tasked to design and implement a cross-platform game engine. A game would also be made using the engine. The chosen platforms were a Read more →

Bit’s Blitz – Puzzle Game

In the third year of my Computer Science BSc (2013) as part of the Commercial Games Development module, we were placed into groups and tasked to produce a computer themed game designed for children. Each of the group members had to Read more →