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Tech in Energy

The future of energy will rely on technology more than ever. Here’s my predictions on how the industry will evolve in the next century. Renewable Energy Clean renewable energy will be the energy of the future, there are already entire countries that are fully renewable like Costa Rica and Iceland. Many other countries also have targets to be 100% renewable or at least carbon neutral in the future,… Read more →

My Time at Sirius

I landed an internship this summer, I know I was surprised too. Let me introduce you to Sirius Minerals the FTSE 250 traded company. Also a shout out to Hull Uni for letting me know through their jobteaser platform. So the week after I got the job I moved to Scarborough for 2 months. Honestly it was a fast but 100% worth it for the experience I gained in those 2 months. Sirius Minerals Sirius Mine… Read more →

Connecting to Hull 🏫

You’re going to uni, Hull uni. Here’s a list of things you can connect to that I found during my time here. If you don’t have your login bookmark this for later and if you find it useful a share would be nice. Timetables The most important thing on this list, you can find it here or use the IHull app which you can find on the app store. Or you could do it the better way… Use the ical feed below an… Read more →

Better Banking

Most banks are terrible, Enter Monzo, you can scroll to the header if you don’t want to read. Banks, most people hate them but they do provide a service for modern society, with most offering free accounts you can open at any time. I have multiple bank accounts, they have different perk or just have really cool cards and I think I enjoy collecting them. However there are some newcomers… I had an I… Read more →


To make this site I had a lot of help, Without the work of over 1385 people this would not look the same, these are the tools they created. Before I begin I just want to say this is not for absolute beginners, learning everything takes time so don’t worry Anyway onwards to tooling; Atom GitHub And realistically that’s all you need I recommend you download GitHub desktop to make you life easier. An… Read more →

Welcome to My Blog

Hey! Welcome to my blog, it’s great to have you :) This is just an intro into how and why I created my website, the tools I used and future improvements I’m figuring out how to do. I’ll give a brief overview of costing(a lot less than you think), and maybe I’ll write some tutorial over summer depending on how bored I am. Follow my socials or bookmark this page and check in every month or so. I’ll… Read more →