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Northern Lights at York Minster

I visited York Minster with my sister to see the Northern Lights exhibition, run by Ross Ashton. The experience of Northern Lights can't really be explained, so here are some pictures from the event. Read more →

Electronics Lab 1: Part 1

So, as mentioned in previous posts, I switched from Artificial Intelligence to Electronics and Interfacing. As we go through the labs, I'm going to post the code/photos of how I achieved the objectives so that I can look back and see what I've done in the future.I think Read more →

Uni 2.0

A little late to the party with this post because we're about 5 weeks into the semster now, but I am officially starting my second year of university as a Computer Science student.I'm taking Electronics and Interfacing, Software Engineering and Systems Analysis, Design and Process in the first semester. Read more →

I'm ridin' Solo.

A couple of weeks ago, I met with my friend Starbeamrainbowlabs to work on Freeside Linux Labs, a set of small introductory lessons to Linux for new students at the University. During the meeting, Starbeam pulled out what looked like a USB stick. I didn't take much notice but it Read more →

Rob Miles Red Nose Day Lecture In Rhyme 2019

Rob Miles put on his 'Lecture in Rhyme' to raise money for Comic Relief. The lecture covered air quality and why it's important to monitor it - which the audience was reliably informed is because we all breath and it's somewhat beneficial if we breath clean air. Read more →

Kattis Top 5!

Kattis Top 5? What the hell is that I hear you ask.Kattis is a place where nerds hang out to test their coding skills, sharpen their understanding of a new language or just show off how awesome they are to other developers… and I’m in the top 5! Read more →