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Story writing

This month is the national novel writing month or NaNoWriMo. It is something I have taken part in before (but I have never finished a novel in that time), however this time instead of writing a novel I am going to be writing the story for my game, but instead of just starting jotting random Read more →

New Game Dev PC

Unfortunately my little game dev pc (also dubbed as “the micorwave”) bit the dust this week. It had lasted 3 and a half years and had done me proud, but the motherboard ports all died on me at once. Nevermind. So I had to quickly rebuild. It is nothing special, but it will work nicely Read more →

Script Debugging Android Games in Visual Studio

It is common knowledge that I work on mobile games and of course Android is one of the platforms we develop on. And from time to time we need to break point our code whilst it is running on device. Today however, I couldn’t remember how you do it. So I headed over to the Unity Read more →

Basic Melee Combat in Unity

It has been a while since I touched my stealth action game, but something recently drew me back. One of the things that caused my to stumble last time was that I had never worked on a melee combat system, but I had an idea of how to do it today. Sometimes I find context Read more →

Overriding clips in the animator through code

Unity did a nice post recently on Recore’s animation system with the layered state machine, which reminded me of something cool I have done in games before and something cool I am doing int my personal projects. Before we get started you should read up on: The Animator Animator Override Controllers Awesome, OK here is Read more →

Researching a replacement for Dynamic shadows

I have recently been really interested in the game Recore, a Unity game that is getting a fair bit of coverage on the Unity Blog about how they do stuff in the game, especially a game that launched in a quite janky fashion (they have patched it since and the 30mins to an hour I have Read more →

Dev Diary – Blink! (31/08/2016)

Yay got blink working… not sure it will stay but it is easier to remove it than not have it #gamedev #indiedev pic.twitter.com/Ayn8Fcz7sa — Lindsay Cox (@Coxlin) August 31, 2016 As you can see above, I have implemented Blink, the last player “ability” that lives outside of combat. The visuals are not finalized yet, but Read more →

MGS V Chapter 3?!?!!?

Yup, this old thing seems to be showing it’s ugly face again. Konami have recently announced they are doing a “Definitive Edition” for MGSV. Why is it a definitive edition. Because it contains Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain and the DLC all in one package. Why has it caused such an uproar? Because of the Read more →

UX305F – A year later

I have had this laptop for just over a year now, and I am still pretty pleased with it. It is super light and has plenty of power for me to work on my game. There are a few things I am not so happy with though. It can’t really take normal day to Read more →