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Design nailed down and a clean repo

So after X many years working on my hobby project in my free time, I have finally nailed down the design of what the overall goal is, what the player does and how the world is explored. Yes it has taken a long time, but this is something I have been working on at home, Read more →

The Laptop Saga

Back in Feb, I did a silly. I took my laptop to the pub in my nice PlayStation bag and I took my eye off it for a split second. Within moments, a gentleman helped himself to the bag and buggered off. Lukcily I was insured, so although I lost my nice Asus UX305, it wasn’t Read more →

Start of 2017 and Level Building with Tiled

So despite January being a pretty shitty month regarding personal life with break ups, etc (yeah game devs are humans too, funnily enough :P), the plus side is that I devoted a lot of time and energy into my project that I have been working on for like a million years. “But wait!”, I hear Read more →


I could start my 2016 post by going on about Brexit, Trump and how we are all fucked, but we have every other news establishment doing that for us, so I am just going to take apart my experiences and do my standard view of the games industry and all that jazz. To be honest, Read more →

Creating a Cloak Effect

It has been a while since I have done any type of tutorial or any technical related blog post, so I thought I would share the process of how I implemented a “cloak” effect on my character. Essentially in my game, I am adding a cloak skill and in order to visualize this to the Read more →

Story writing

This month is the national novel writing month or NaNoWriMo. It is something I have taken part in before (but I have never finished a novel in that time), however this time instead of writing a novel I am going to be writing the story for my game, but instead of just starting jotting random Read more →

New Game Dev PC

Unfortunately my little game dev pc (also dubbed as “the micorwave”) bit the dust this week. It had lasted 3 and a half years and had done me proud, but the motherboard ports all died on me at once. Nevermind. So I had to quickly rebuild. It is nothing special, but it will work nicely Read more →

Script Debugging Android Games in Visual Studio

It is common knowledge that I work on mobile games and of course Android is one of the platforms we develop on. And from time to time we need to break point our code whilst it is running on device. Today however, I couldn’t remember how you do it. So I headed over to the Unity Read more →

Basic Melee Combat in Unity

It has been a while since I touched my stealth action game, but something recently drew me back. One of the things that caused my to stumble last time was that I had never worked on a melee combat system, but I had an idea of how to do it today. Sometimes I find context Read more →