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A computer scientist with interests ranging from Distributed Systems to Evolutionary Computation.

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Air Law and Operational Procedures

I passed my first two CAA exams today; Air Law and Operational Procedures with marks of 94% and 91% respectively. Went for a flight afterwards and did a few circuits and a PFL from the downwind leg. Was only up for 40 minutes as the airfield shuts at 6pm and the lesson before mine lasted Read more →

Consumer Grade Flight Simulators – Not For Me

This video was recorded before I got my rudder pedals, and is no indication of my ability to perform a take-off 😛 As I wrote in my last post: this year I have been making an effort to get in the air more often and get closer to attaining my pilots license. This month I bought some equipment Read more →

Onward Toward Solo Flight

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about my flying. After spits and spurts of flying since my initial taster lesson last year I decided to make it my goal to be in the air every two weeks in 2017. I’ve stuck to that so far and now have 35 take-offs and landings under Read more →

A “Social” Experiment

This weekend I was trying to resolve an issue with an accidental purchase one of my relatives made on ViaGoGo. We realised the mistake the same day as the purchase, and I set about trying to get a refund. Being the somewhat impatient person I can be with matters like this, and knowing that different channels Read more →

A Simple Transaction Log

A little while ago I was curious about how software that uses Transaction Logs works, so I built a toy to-do command line application to get some hands on experience. Transaction Logs are used when you want to have metadata detailing each action that has taken place on a system but then actually use those logs Read more →

Personal Challenges for 2017

Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled Jarvis, a simple AI to control various facets of his home including his lighting and more amusingly his toaster, which was a result of a challenge he set himself late last year to be completed by the end of 2016. The Facebook CEO is well-known for setting himself a “personal challenge” each year — Read more →


In early September I decided I wanted to find a new role in which I could make more of an impact than at my previous jobs. After having spoken to the very enthusiastic CTO of PepperHQ, Andrew Hawkins, about a role as the Senior Software Engineer of the Pepper Platform I decided it would be the Read more →


I first created this blog in September 2011 in preparation for the start of my undergraduate degree — the idea being that I would chronicle my time at university both in terms of what I learnt and the fun I was having. Not being able to get a wordpress.com domain using my name (there are 1,574 Read more →

Falling with Style

I took Charlotte for a ride along on a flying lesson for the first time on Sunday. I may have neglected to mention that the lesson was focused around learning how to recover from a stall. As you can see from the images below, she didn’t find that entirely amusing. Afterwards she complained about feeling Read more →

The Danny Test

The Joel Test is a very quick way of measuring the quality of a software engineering team by asking them 12 questions, which can only yield a yes or no answer. A score of 12 is great, 11 is tolerable and 10 or less is a fail. It’s harsh, but fair — a combination of two Read more →