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How to start as a Software Engineering contractor in the UK

In my last post I wrote about how easy it is to register a limited company in the UK. Registering your company is, however, just the first step on the road to running a business. In this post I’ll outline how I went about getting a business bank account, getting insured, hiring an accountant and Read more →

Unemployed to Managing Director in one easy step

Here’s a good tip for anyone out there hoping to make it to the top without much effort; you can become a Managing Director in just 1 day so long as you have access to a debit card and £12. The gov.uk website makes it really easy to start up your own Private Limited Company Read more →

Defty: The easy to use website builder

After leaving DriveTribe I took on my first role as CTO at a start-up called Defty. As employee number 1 I took on the task of hiring the Engineering and UX/UI team, deciding our technical strategy and setting up quality assurance systems in addition to developing the platform itself. In this blog post I will Read more →

I’m 90p up! Adverts on CS Blogs

Unfortunately it took 2 months to make that 90p! Since Rob and I rebuilt CS Blogs in 2016 neither of us have really done a lot with it. Whilst I am accountable for some of the 3,000 monthly page views the most I have done with it operationally for some time has been to ensure Read more →

The Worst UX of any product I’ve used

I’ve spent much of the last year thinking about how to improve the user experience of a product I have been working on (more on that in future post). One of the most important things to consider when crafting a user experience is the context in which the user interacts with the product. A prime Read more →


During my time at DRIVETRIBE I primarily worked on a feature called MyGarage which allows people to upload a complete history of their vehicle ownership as well as their dream vehicle and any vehicles they have for sale. Each vehicle upload consists of an image, make and model. Optionally a user can add the model Read more →


I was invited to talk at Tech Days Online at the Microsoft Reactor in London today on the topic of Microservices. Rather than a presentation format the talk was as part of a conversation moderated by Christina Warren, Senior Cloud Dev Advocate for Microsoft. Being live on Channel 9 — Microsofts online TV channel — Read more →

First NavEx (Turweston – Cambridge)

I was planning to do some more solo circuits on Sunday, however in the end I got to do something even more fun! Instructor Bill rang me in the morning to ask if I would like to go to the flight school earlier and share a navigation exercise with fellow aviation student Terese. Of course Read more →

Code-defined infrastructure

In my blog post about DevOps I argued that a good Software Engineer knows not only about his code, but about how and where it is going to be ran. In the past I have been guilty of having an idea which service I might use to run a particular application (usually Microsoft Azure as I Read more →

Flying Video

My brother posted a video to YouTube of when he came flying with me some time last year. You can watch it above. Danny Read more →