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A computer scientist with interests ranging from Distributed Systems to Evolutionary Computation.

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I was invited to talk at Tech Days Online at the Microsoft Reactor in London today on the topic of Microservices. Rather than a presentation format the talk was as part of a conversation moderated by Christina Warren, Senior Cloud Dev Advocate for Microsoft. Being live on Channel 9 — Microsofts online TV channel — Read more →

First NavEx (Turweston – Cambridge)

I was planning to do some more solo circuits on Sunday, however in the end I got to do something even more fun! Instructor Bill rang me in the morning to ask if I would like to go to the flight school earlier and share a navigation exercise with fellow aviation student Terese. Of course Read more →

Code-defined infrastructure

In my blog post about DevOps I argued that a good Software Engineer knows not only about his code, but about how and where it is going to be ran. In the past I have been guilty of having an idea which service I might use to run a particular application (usually Microsoft Azure as I Read more →

Flying Video

My brother posted a video to YouTube of when he came flying with me some time last year. You can watch it above. Danny Advertisements Read more →


The idea of DevOps — short for developer operations — being a discrete role in Software Development doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. As I have had quite a few conversations about this in the past few weeks I felt it might be useful to get my thoughts written down. The original Read more →

Business Cards

Got some new business cards at work today. They’re pretty nice. Danny Advertisements Read more →

First Solo

Last Saturday, 16th December 2017, I flew an aircraft solo for the first time — that is to say with no-one else in the plane! It was simultaneously the most terrifying and exciting thing I’ve ever done. After having flown about 50 minutes worth of circuits at Cambridge with instructor Nick Camu we set ourselves Read more →

You should be using NSP

A few months ago I integrated the Node Security Platform into the continous integration system we use at pHQ. This week it picked up a vulnerability for the first time (don’t worry, its since been patched 😉) which meant that I was alerted to the vulnerability and provided with a link to read about ways Read more →


Last week I was promoted to Lead Software Engineer at PepperHQ. As part of the meeting we discussed what I want to achieve in the year ahead. There’s a lot and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to try to be a bit better at keeping the blog up-to-date with details of my day-to-day Read more →