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BSc Computer Science student at the University of Hull. Interested in all things techy and arty.

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Core War Emulator (02)

It’s been a few months so this blog is probably due an update regarding the general progress of my Core War Emulator project, which I briefly spoke about here. I’m a strong believer that a picture speaks a thousand words, and a video averaging at 30fps and lasting approximately 2 minutes consists of around 3600 Read more →

Core War Emulator (01)

Here goes the first update about my Core War Emulator project… Salutations. In case you hadn’t picked up from other parts of my site, I’m a final year BSc Computer Science student at the University Of Hull. For my final year project (or dissertation) I have chosen to create a brand new implementation/emulator for Read more →

The New and Improved YouTube Playlist Downloader!

Not so many moons ago, I created a YouTube Playlist Downloader using a C# library called YouTubeExtractor. It worked pretty well, but lately it’s not really been functioning so great, and I decided to give it a much needed upgrade.. So here’s the all new and improved YouTube Audio Extractormatic! It’s still a WIP, Read more →

EasyNetworking library

I’ve been getting into networking as of late, and decided to create a little dynamic-link library of code to use in my projects. You can view/download the project from GitHub, and I’ve added a little sample application to get you started with how it all works. Basically what I’ve attempted to do is abstract the Read more →

The great debugging debuggery

Hi all! Been a long time since I posted. So here’s a post about a big debugging headache I just had, so that I’ll be so publicly shamed that I’ll never do it again. To give you some context, I’m presently working on a YouTube Desktop MP3 Converter/Downloader. Here’s a screenshot: This is the first Read more →

Hack Manchester as it happens…

I’m attending HackManchester all weekend – for those who don’t know, it’s a 24 hour coding competition held annually at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. My coursemate Rich and I decided we’d give it a go because, well, what else is there to do at the weekend? We might stream on Read more →

My thoughts on learning JavaScript

For those who don’t know, I’m a 2nd year Computer Science student. Over the last few weeks, we’ve started to learn HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript in our 2D Graphics module. It’s rather interesting so far – we’ve been doing some basic drawing functions such as lineTo, stroke, fillStyle and more recently we’ve been learning to Read more →

Some more WordPress theming

First off, before I begin today’s post, I ought to mention that I’m not 100% sure how the above code will look on any sort of RSS viewer because I’ve got it set up to be all highlighted and fancy looking via a plugin on my WordPress… Anyway, on to the post… I’ve spent the Read more →

Unleash the comments!

Just a quick update to say I’ve finally added in the much anticipated comments system into my blog. Who wants to be the first to try it out?! I’m hoping you can comment as a guest, or if you have a WordPress account then you should be able to sign into that. I haven’t actually Read more →

Prepping for Windows 10

Windows 10 has been out almost 2 months now and I’m still a little reluctant to upgrade. Yet. Naturally, whenever any software is first released to the public, there’s always going to be a lot of bugs which weren’t caught during preliminary test phases, and Windows 10 is no exception. Granted, Microsoft did at least Read more →