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Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Hull

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Clearing Video

A while back I was asked by the digital marketing team whether I would feature in a promotional video for Computer Science and here it is! It speaks to the quality of the answers that I gave to their questions that what you see here is a subset of the whole of my ramblings. Read more →

Last Three Thing Game

Another in the line music covers to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 3rd and 4th November 2017 event. Read more →

Three Thingian Gamesody

The first (of many?) music covers to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 12th and 13th May 2017 event. Read more →

Frog poem

Under a rock and hidden deep, There lies a frog, he’s half asleep. He dreams no dreams of kingdoms far, But of being trapped inside a jar. He tossed and turned throughout the night, Not cold, he shivered from his fright. The jar was sealed, the air was thin, Not much air was there within. So he gasped and strived for a breath, And bravely waited for his death. Read more →

Code snippet test

If you want to get the first fault tree in my ExampleFaultTrees object, then the following code is for you: var exampleFaultTrees = new ExampleFaultTrees(); topNode = exampleFaultTrees.getFaultTree(0); You first need to instantiate an ExampleFaultTrees object and then you can ask it for the zeroth element in its internal array of fault trees. You can then simply call the topNode’s draw function, g… Read more →

Lost in translation: How to draw a fault tree

The other day I gave a workshop for the 08240 2d Computer Graphics students in the Computer Science department of the University of Hull. A number of the students were struggling with this aspect of the coursework that they were undertaking. Above is a rough video I put together of the content. I made it using a chemistry beaker holder to hold my webcam pointing down at the surface of my desk. Read more →

Spooky Elephant releases Heartotron!

Just a quick note for now to announce the publishing of our game – Heartotron – to the Windows Store. You can preview and install it (for free!) on your Windows 8 device from the following store link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/heartotron/569d7e21-6eca-479c-8dfd-03371b5f739e Please give it a go and leave us some feedback or ideas for improvements. We have a planned update for later in t… Read more →

Boarding the Android Express

Today I took possession of my shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note II. My previous daily device was the Samsung Omnia 7 which was one of the debut devices of the Windows Phone 7 range. It was a close run race between the Note II and the flagship Windows Phone 8 device the Nokia Lumia 920. ![alt text](https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/raw/master/src/common/images/icon48.png "Logo Title Text 1") ![Ex… Read more →

My DIY eGPU Project – Speed boost

This morning, some lovely person using the handle Burger commented on one of my earlier posts suggesting that if I connect the eGPU setup after boot-up is complete then I should get a significant boost due to PCIe compression. I little bit of Googling reveals a bit more detail here, but it seems that you need to have a ‘modern’ Intel integrated GPU in combination with one of a fairly narrow range… Read more →

My DIY eGPU Project – The Hawk

Today my new graphics card arrived from eBay. It is a second hand MSI N460GTX Hawk which I picked up for a reasonable £79.02 including postage. This puts the running total for the eGPU project (not including bits that I had lying around) at £166.10. So how does it perform? Well you may remember that I previously benchmarked both the integrated graphics of my laptop and a borrowed Geforce 9600GT in… Read more →