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Even More Ultimate King Domino

So yesterday I talked about Kingdomino and what the maximum possible score is in two player 7 x 7 grid mode is (http://goparker.com/post/2018-05-14-ultimate-king-domino/). I showed a possible contender (267 points) and asked whether you could do better, throwing down the gauntlet. Well I picked the gauntlet back up again and did better myself. Read more →

Ultimate King Domino

Just a few days before last Christmas I began belatedly thinking about what sort of things I could do with my family during the holiday period. A little while ago, one of my buddies had introduced me to Kingdomino (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204583/kingdomino) which is a fun tile placement game for up to 4 players. It was on ‘the list’ of games that I had put together after perusing a num… Read more →

Damn Dirty Apes

So Three Thing Game (http://threethinggame.com/post/2018-05-05-the-event/) took place last weekend and much fun was had by all. That link was an article I wrote chronicling the event including all the winners. There were a number of other great games made that didn’t place and hopefully they will all make their own blog posts about it because this is my blog so I want to talk about the great game… Read more →

Using Github Pages with Hugo

I have been playing around with using the static site generation tool Hugo (https://gohugo.io/) with GitHub Pages (https://pages.github.com/) as a means of hosting various websites at no cost. Read more →

Three Thing Game award

Yesterday, it was nice for the Three Thing Game and the Bored? Games! events to get some official recognition for the benefits that they provide to the student experience. Read more →

Adding files to source control

Today I have been frustrated by a perennial problem of mine which is forgetting to add a crucial file to source control. Consequently, a program that I had wanted to show off today won’t build. Read more →

CSBlogs and Blogging as an employability tool

This is a post to espouse the virtues of blogging with respect to getting your first job (and possibly ones to follow). I also want to reintroduce CSBlogs http://csblogs.com/ to the Hull Computer Science students. More on both below. The picture is unrelated but begs the question, Who’s a pretty tabby tiger? Read more →

Clearing Video

A while back I was asked by the digital marketing team whether I would feature in a promotional video for Computer Science and here it is! It speaks to the quality of the answers that I gave to their questions that what you see here is a subset of the whole of my ramblings. Read more →

Three Thingian Gamesody

The first (of many?) music covers to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 12th and 13th May 2017 event. Read more →

Last Three Thing Game

Another in the line music covers to entice the masses to Three Thing Game. This is for the 3rd and 4th November 2017 event. Read more →