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We’re All Doomed

We’re All Doomed is a piece of coursework which I completed as part of a group for the module Advanced Graphics and Games Programming in my third year of university. The aim of the coursework was to demonstrate our understanding of component based game engines, which we did in C# using the C# OpenGL port; … → Read more →

End of 2017

I haven’t posted since mid 2017 – things have been busy with university and whatnot. This semester I’ve been taught and done coursework about graphics shaders, component based game engines, game proposals for business and developing a game, alongside working on my final project. The game was created as part of a team for one … → Read more →

Ripley’s Adventure

Ripley’s Treasure is a game that I helped to develop in a group for coursework for my module Commercial Games Development Process. Our task for this project was to plan and create a game that is linked to the city of Hull, because we’re the UK City of Culture 2017. We decided that we … → Read more →

Postgrad studies and medical devices

I’ve been very busy with coursework and various projects, but I want to leave an update on what I’ve been doing. I received my results recently, and I’m excited to say I’ve finished the second year of university with a 1st! I’ve decided that I’d like to continue and do a postgraduate course, but at … → Read more →

London, Sudoku, Pong and.. fluids?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Undergraduate of the Year in Computer Science, IT & Physics. I took a trip to London to visit their Assessment Centre based just next to the Thames. The day was pretty interesting, all starting from trying to navigate my … → Read more →

Undergraduate Finalist and General Update

Since the last time I posted, I decided to apply for the Undergraduate of the Year award for Computer Science, IT & Physics. The Undergraduate of the Year is run by Target Jobs, and the awards are being offered by various companies. For the one I applied to, the FDM Group were hosting. We were … → Read more →

Desert Scene

As part of my 2D Graphics module we worked with Javascript (with JSLint) and the HTML5 Canvas in order to draw a scene. Early lab work taught us about Matrix mathematics, Bezier Curves, Scene Graphs and Animation. Our coursework was titled “Do whatever you want*”, with the asterisk mentioning that it has to be work … → Read more →

Theatre Manager

As part of my second year at the University of Hull, I studied a module called Systems Analysis, Design and Process. The focus of this module was teamwork – how to work efficiently, different ways of controlling code versions, different types of project management, etc. As part of the group coursework for that module we … → Read more →


Nutmageddon is a game I spent a few months working on, inspired by the classic game Worms. I created it in Unity using C#, and it was intended as a mobile app. It contains a good selection of different weapons, each with a different damage modifier, bounce, etc. Unfortunately the project never properly came to … → Read more →

Alien Battles

Alien Battles is a top-down action shooter inspired by countless hours played of Contra 3 as a child. I created this demo to demonstrate my programming skills, and show my understanding of ‘game feel’. Alien Battles was created in Unity with C# Pictures of the game are below. View the game on itch.io, or … → Read more →