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Are mobile networks ready to be disrupted?

First fintech, now insurtech, regtech and everything else. Is mobiletech the next big up and coming industry as users want to understand their data and usage more, and can the Big-4 and their MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) fight back? Mobile Plans haven’t changed much in the last 10 years; sure the data you can get for your money has increased, or in some cases even decreased. Many provi… Read more →

Building Lecture Analytics at JISC's CAN Hackathon

After our success at JISC’s DigiFest hackathon, this week, the team were invited back to Milton Keynes to work collaboratively with other groups. We also built a new product to help teaching staff to understand where students are engaging and why engagement could be dropping across lectures, by anonymously monitoring student faces in the lecture theatres to calculate student attentiveness and emot… Read more →

Visualising what data Universities' hold

Opening doors on campus, tapping into lectures, using eduroam and logging in to single sign-on all are logged so the University can work out if you’re going to lectures, but what does this data actually look like? When I requested a list of lectures I was absent from this year from at University, I wasn’t expecting to get a 3500 row CSV back of all my activity at University. After I got over the s… Read more →

Going to FinTech North in Manchester

Last week I attended FinTech North Manchester, an event about businesses, potentials of technology and rules around running FinTech businesses. It’s a really interesting area of technology, with huge potential for transformation so I thought I’d attend to learn more about the industry and where it’s going. A variety of companies from the North spoke to us, including MyPinPad who delivered the firs… Read more →

Winning JISC's DigiFest Hackathon

Last week a team of members from #hullCSS and I went to the JISC Digifest Hackathon at the ICC in Birmingham. If you don’t know about the organisation, chances are you’ve used their services as they provide the Janet Network and eduroam for the UK, as well are a non-profit providing solutions for the education sector. Over two days we built an initial version of an ‘intelligent campus’ application… Read more →

Joining Hull Makerspace

On Saturday I went along to the new Makerspace in Hull with fellow #hullCSS members Harry and Adam to see what was happening in the space, as I hadn’t been before - and they said it was really cool. After doing an induction session, being reminded to stay away from sharp things and all the normal health and safety stuff, I was set loose on the space to build whatever I wanted. After three of us sp… Read more →

Going to York Technology Conference

This Wednesday I got the opportunity to go to York Technology Conference, after seeing it advertised on Twitter in Early November, I was really interested in a local tech conference, especially with York being so close. I went along with Adam representing #hullCSS and some other people from the University across different faculties. Getting Started When we arrived, we were given our lanyards and p… Read more →

CodePen January in Hull

This week I attended CodePen in Hull again, the first one of the new year after the one where #hullCSS demonstrated SpaceApps at last November, this event we had three speakers with really different topics, Bethan who talked about ethics in tech, Sundeep who told us about SVGs and Steve who told us about some cool tech he found at Future Decoded. Bethan Bethan talked about taking responsibility fo… Read more →

End of Semester One (Year 2)

This is my slightly late review of last semester and what I’ve been up to! I’ve built numerous applications in projects for my course but we’ll get into that shortly; I’ve also had a lot of project management practice this semester, being in charge of delivering an agile group report as well as software. Ultra Run Ultra Run was my project for Electronics and Interfacing where we were tasked with b… Read more →