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Last night, we finally caught up on a series we'd been meaning to for a couple of weeks - Damned, written by Jo Brand. We were drawn to it mainly because of its casting of Alan Davies and Jo Brand, but the first episode did something interesting. Damned is somewhat Read more →

It's Blair Witch Jim, But Not As We Know It

I have a small guilty secret to announce, which I suspect probably shouldn't be so guilty - I love Blair Witch. It's probably one of my favourite horror films of all time. The journey it takes the audience on is well crafted and honed. You go through everything the cast Read more →

David Brent

Last night, me and a friend went to see the David Brent movie, Life on the Road. Being a big fan of the office, but aware one of the main talents behind the series, Stephen Merchant, wasn't part of the new movie, I wasn't sure what I was going into. Read more →

Magnificent Mount Stuart

In the past, I've visited some of the best Historic Homes in England, and I was stunned into silence at the gorgeous gothic architecture of Mount Stuart. Meticulous thought has been put into every tiny detail. The detailed tower, the asymmetry of the build, it's a building that oozes style Read more →

Homemade Naans

Cooking in a kitchen that isn't your own isn't much fun, but I've not been doing badly so far this holiday. Tonight, I thought I'd push it one step further, and try making some form of bread to go with a curry I was making for tea. So "basic naans" Read more →

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Reading is great. And this book was also great. I started it and finished it within 48 hours, which ought to tell you all you need to about how great it is. Anyone who knows remotely anything about geek culture will find something to love about this book. The basic Read more →

Making Friends with the Locals

Today was a bute-iful day (no, I won't stop with the puns), so we went for a few walks. We started out in Rothesay, and walked through a nice little forest called "Skippers Wood", and on the way saw two gorgeous Deer! They seemed really quite tame, but after a Read more →

Ettrick Bay

Ettrick Bay is a lovely beach on the Isle of Bute. We walked across it, and it was nice. But what really makes it a great place is the Tea Room there. I highly recommend it. Just make sure that your order goes as follows: Raspberry (or Banana) milkshake Lemon Read more →

Bute-iful Brew

I'm a big fan of beer. And a big fan of independent ventures. So when the two cross paths, I'm usually pleased. My favourite brewery is a lovely place o'er the hill from me in Sheffield, called Bradfield Brewery. I highly recommend their Blonde and Belgian Blue brews. So while Read more →

Holiday Feeling

I'm off on holiday for the first time in 4 or 5 years. It'll be quite nice to get away from work and general life for a while, especially in the wake of all the political and economical news of the past few weeks. We're going to Scotland - the Read more →