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Simulation and Capability Modelling Software Engineer at General Dynamics UK/Mission Systems

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ARCore Unity Augmented images, Multiple images.

I’ve been playing with the Unity ARCore SDK for sometime now, In the latest release they have added Augmented Images, which is awesome! For some reason though the examples they released only framed a number of pictures. That is that…Read more › Read more →

Ikea drill bit snapped.

I was drilling a hole through this small block, ready to attach this piece of wood to a part of a Rabbit Hay feeder. I previously used this drill but earlier in the day too attach a headboard to a…Read more › Read more →

Love Reminder

This is an App for Android I made initially for myself. When I mentioned it to my friend he liked the idea and wanted it for him self so I put it up on the play store an you can…Read more › Read more →

16/06/2015 Worst Readme.txt ever?

Looking at the Microsoft Windows 10 for IoT i found this beauty of a readme file… -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Readme File for Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview April 2015 (c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. ------------------------ How to…Read more › Read more →

Website Overhaul

I think this website is long overdue an overhaul! So I’ve finally started it. As of the next few days the new Home Page will be redesigned and I’ll work on the rest from there! www.ThePaulAdams.com ! Read more →

Why I still believe in google glass.

From day one I liked the idea of Google glass. Now I no longer like it, I love it. I don’t wear it as a fashion statement, in fact I don’t wear it in public really. To me it has…Read more › Read more →

UKVI Completely useless in all regards.

I am sick to death with the UKVI process of doing anything, my latest quibble comes with making a query about a refund. I have been chasing up a refund on an application that I cancelled. The Refund is £1000…Read more › Read more →

UKVI Letter to MP

I am writing with regards the current situation with the applications of Visa’s through UK Visa and Immigration. I and my Fiancée are currently going through the process of applying for a Fiancée visa for my fiancée in China. There…Read more › Read more →

TalkTalk’s Incompetence

September I moved to Wales for a new job. My current job as a Software Engineer. I spent time looking for the best broadband deals and came up with talk talk. So I put in the order. I then had…Read more › Read more →