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Simulation and Capability Modelling Software Engineer at General Dynamics UK/Mission Systems

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Why I still believe in google glass.

From day one I liked the idea of Google glass. Now I no longer like it, I love it. I don’t wear it as a fashion statement, in fact I don’t wear it in public really. To me it has…Read more › Read more →

UKVI Completely useless in all regards.

I am sick to death with the UKVI process of doing anything, my latest quibble comes with making a query about a refund. I have been chasing up a refund on an application that I cancelled. The Refund is £1000…Read more › Read more →

UKVI Letter to MP

I am writing with regards the current situation with the applications of Visa’s through UK Visa and Immigration. I and my Fiancée are currently going through the process of applying for a Fiancée visa for my fiancée in China. There…Read more › Read more →

TalkTalk’s Incompetence

September I moved to Wales for a new job. My current job as a Software Engineer. I spent time looking for the best broadband deals and came up with talk talk. So I put in the order. I then had…Read more › Read more →

Cake Lane – Android Game

My game Cake Lane is available on the android store! Download it here! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=thePaulAdams.com.CakeLane Read more →