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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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I love pictures like these

It was a lovely afternoon for a walk out (I can’t believe I just wrote that) so we went out for a stroll. We came across this lovely sign on Cottingham Station. Read more →

Nice Sky

There have to be some compensations for carrying the big camera and the heavy lens all the way up town. Read more →

Windows 10 Magic Disk Space

Windows 10 is magical. Or something. At the beginning of this week I was worried that I was running out of disk space on my main hard disk. Which can be a problem. Things were turning red. Never a good thing in my experience. This morning I discovered that I suddenly had a lot more space. Around 30 G bytes had appeared from nowhere. Now, I might have done some “sleep deletion” last night, but I do… Read more →

Rob at Black Marble Architecture Forum

I’m doing a couple of sessions at the Black Marble Architecture Forum next week. However you can’t get to see both of them unless you are both a student and an industry professional.Black Marble have this lovely policy of running a one day event for both students and developers, with twin tracks. For the first time they’ve let me loose on the professional track, so I’ll be talking about Azure IOT… Read more →

Tesla Testing at c4di

Good reason to be part of c4di number 493: Sometimes you get to drive a TeslaToday was rather exciting. Tesla came to see us. I’m rubbish with names, and I didn’t write them down, but both fellows who turned up from the company were excellent, both in the talk that they gave to set the scene for the day, and also at the moment when they just said “Get in and drive it”.So I did. I’ve already got an… Read more →

Using Serial1 with the Azure IoT Devkit

A while back I posted about changes you could make to the Azure IoT DevKit library so that your programs can use the second serial port of the device to talk to things like GPS receivers and Air Quality sensors (a particular interest of mine).At the time I suggested that this could be fixed by adding the creation of a second serial port to the SDK. I’ve just heard back from the team and this is no… Read more →

Haynes Electronic Games Advent Calendar

I got in real trouble a couple of days ago when it was discovered that there still some days from last year’s chocolate advent calendar that I’d not got around eating. What can I say? I forget stuff.But this is something quite different and definitely not edible. It’s an advent calendar that starts with a simple circuit that lights a LED and ends up on Christmas Eve with a fully working version of… Read more →

Hull "Urban Legends:Northern Lights" was awesome

I’ve got very fond memories of Hull’s City of Culture year. We had streets full of people on chilly nights looking at amazing artwork and feeling a real pride in the place. Tonight we had all that again with the “Urban Legends:Northern Lights” event. In fact I reckon the quality of the artwork an story telling exceeded that of last year. Perhaps they’ve learned a few tricks since last time. We hea… Read more →

Heltec Lora 32 on Fritzing

I spent a big chunk of yesterday trying to create a Heltec Lora 32 part for the Fritzing design program. In the process I learned quite a bit about SVG files, Inkscape and pcb design. So I don’t think it was a complete waste of time….Tomorrow I’m going to try and figure out how to add my newly created part to the Fritzing parts library. Then I’m going to make Fritzing parts for the sensors that I’… Read more →

Autumn Walk

One of the really nice things about living where we do is that after about five minutes of walking I can be somewhere like this. Read more →