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Building an Air Quality Sensor

I've been having proper fun today. I started with one of my tiny Heltec embedded controllers and an urge to connect it to an air quality sensor and a temperature/air pressure/humidity sensor. It wasn't easy, but it was possible. Biggest problem was that the temperature sensor uses an i2c connection to the Heltec device, and so does the lovely little OLED panel that you can see above showing number… Read more →

Hull Meetups is becoming Connected Humber

Things are changing, but not changing. The c4di Hardware Group is turning into Connected Humber. We'll be meeting up at exactly the same time, in exactly the same place, doing pretty much the same things. Only more so.We're going to turn the group into a Community Interest Company CIC, which will make it possible for us to do even more interesting things, and give us a recognisable presence when d… Read more →

Hull Pixelbot in the Press

I had Phil come to see me last week from the Hull Daily Mail. He was interested in my award nominated robots. We had a great chat, pictures were taken and videos were recorded. You can see the result here. And yes, I am going to be selling some Hull Pixelbot kits. Read more →

Enter the Humber Care Tech Challenge. Now.

The Humber Care Tech Challenge is in just around a month. We had the Visioning day last week and we've now got 98 ideas for projects for you to explore. I've been through them and broken them into categories to make it really easy to identify challenges and ideas to explore.Last week I discovered, to my great delight, that we'll have Principle ICT Business Analysts from East Riding of Yorkshire Co… Read more →

Hull Pixelbot at The Digital Awards

I'm totally gobsmacked (a great phrase) to discover that the Hull Pixelbot has been made a finalist in not one, but two categories in the The Digital Awards 2018. "The little robot from Hull" is up for an award in the "Best Hardware" and "Best Use of Technology within Education" categories. Awesome stuff. Thanks so much folks. The awards ceremony is in September.There's some impressive competition… Read more →

The Railway Pub in Cottingham is Awesome

Do me a favour. And yourself. Go for Sunday lunch at the Railway in Cottingham. The food is great, the staff friendly and helpful. And should you fall down the steps on the way out they are completely and utterly awesome. We found this out today when one of our lunch party was unlucky enough to miss-position his walking stick and take a tumble on the way out. The landlord took control of the situa… Read more →

Whitby Steam

Today finds us on the road to Whitby. A wonderful place, if a bit colder than we anticipated first thing in the morning. We'd come for the steam rally and a fish pie. We got all that, plus fantastic weather and a ride in the clifftop lift (well worth 60 pence of anyone's money). If you've not been to Whitby you are so missing out. And if you've been to Whitby and not had the fish pie at the Magpie… Read more →

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout is a fun film about atomic bombs. It has just the right amount of jeopardy, wisecracks and jaw dropping sequences to make it work splendidly.One of the things that I loved was the special effects. It turns out that there are two ways to shoot a "helicopter out of control" scene. One way involves a green screen and a lot of computing power. And it looks a bit fake. The o… Read more →

Humber Care Tech Challenge Visioning Day

Getting started Today I went along to the Humber Care Tech Challenge Visioning Day. This is where we get healthcare professionals to tell us about their problems and explore how to solve them. It's how we are setting the agenda for the Humber Health Care Challenge event itself, which is running in September. During the event we want teams to come up with working prototypes of solutions. But to do… Read more →

Cloud Connected Camping Lights

I was in the Pound Shop over the weekend looking for camping lights. What we me going camping in a month or so. I'm going to the Electromagnetic Field event at the end of August, and I've been buying sleeping bags and contemplating life under canvas for a few days. I found a likely looking light in a camping shop for a fiver but being from Yorkshire I thought I'd take a look at cheaper solutions.… Read more →