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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Writing MicroPython using Visual Studio Code and Pymakr

I’m starting to really, really, like MicroPython. I particularly like the way that you can use the REPL command prompt to test out code before dropping it into your programs. I’ve been using an editor called Thonny which is nice enough but of course what I really want is to be able to use Visual Studio Code. It turns out that there’s a plugin for this. It’s called Pymakr. It lets you transfer Pyth… Read more →

Seam Client Fun and Games

I think this should be fast enough… Now that we are getting into networked game nights I’ve decided that I have a need to play games on the big telly in the living room. Thoughts turned to a Raspberry Pi 4 running Steam Client. This was suspiciously easy to set up: there are a couple of splendid guides online that you can find here and hereThen I did some testing. One thing I didn’t appreciate is… Read more →

Home Networking Tips

I’m sure that most of my readers know this stuff, but just in case you don’t, here are some home networking tips. Feel free to add yours at the bottom in the comments.If you can use wire, use wire. Nothing like a wired connection. If your laptop doesn’t have a socket you can get a USB adaptor (search Amazon for USB network). It makes a big difference. You can also get boxes that let you send netwo… Read more →

Hardware Meetup now on Teams

Last night we had our first ever “Hardware Meetup on Teams”. There were only a few of us, but it went surprisingly well with only a few minutes spent saying “Can you hear me?” and “No.”.If you want an invite to our next meetup, ping me an email at [email protected] and I’ll see what I can sort out. Read more →

A Walk in the Woods

I went out for my “one trip out of the house for exercise” walk today. I took the camera to try and lend some impression of purpose to the trip. I have to say that the outside is looking very nice at the moment. Read more →

Hull has great networking

It’s nice to have a service that promises speed and then delivers…. With everyone now confined to their houses and living their lives on the internets it’s great to be in Hull. This is the performance that I was seeing yesterday when I was downloading the games that we wanted to play. Awesome. Read more →

Playing Smallworld 2 Online

Smallword is a nice little board game. Players try to build empires of different races with different attributes. The skill-full part of the game is deciding when to ditch your race, send it into decline and reset your conquering ambitions. We played it in person a while back and tonight, because we can’t get together any more, we had a go at the online version. It worked very well, there were som… Read more →

USB Power Supply

This is a really useful device. You feed it power from a USB socket and it puts out a range of voltages from around 14 volts down to two or three. You can also set it to limit the current supplied and it has a nifty display of current and voltage. Great for testing simple circuits and well worth the price. I got mine here and the customer service was excellent. My first device arrived with the per… Read more →

Crocodile Dentist is still a thing

When our kids were a lot younger than they are now we had a lot of fun with a game called “Crocodile Dentist”. The gameplay is simple enough: pull teeth out from the crocodile and be careful not to pick the one which makes him close his jaws and chase you across the table. Last we we got out our old copy and played it with a new member of the family and discovered that it still retains its nerve w… Read more →