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Snaps and Visual Studio 2019

It turned out that the hardest part of installing Visual Studio 2019 was freeing up the 18 GB or so of space that was required. If you are installing it for use with Snaps from my wonderful Begin To Code with C# book you can do a very ordinary installation, but you do need to select to two options that I’ve marked in red above. If you do this you should find that the Snaps you can download from Gi… Read more →

Watch Umbrella Academy

You might have spent the evening watching the Eurovision Song Contest. I spent it watching three episodes of Umbrella Academy. I think I got the better deal. Worth a look if you like well produced superhero nonsense. And who doesn’t. Read more →

Mowing blind

Every now and again I do a good turn for someone. At least once a year. Earlier this week I was out cutting grass for a neighbour, navigating a mower and strimmer around his lovely garden. When I’d finished I looked across the road at our house and I noticed that it seemed a bit blurred around the edges. Turns out that I’d done the entire job wearing my “close up” glasses (the ones that I only eve… Read more →

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is not a bad film

I’m not a huge fan of Pokémon. But I am a fan of nights out and popcorn. So last night we went to see Pokémon Detective Pikachu. It’s fair to say that films of video games don’t have a great history. My favourite ever video game film has got to be the original “Tomb Raider” movie. Mainly because it contains this line.“The letter’s from my father. He must have written it before he died.” Anyhoo, ex… Read more →

Day tripper

If you want to get a good response when you are on the phone to an electrician, mention the smell of burning. It wasn’t very pronounced, but it was definitely there….It all started when the charge for the car failed half way through. The earth drip on the charge box had triggered. I reset it and tried again. And that’s when it tripped again and I smelled the fateful smell. I think this is a known… Read more →

Always put a hole in the bottom

Note that this is not our air quality sensor. This is a nuclear warhead. Almost as complicated…. Had a great meeting with John today about the Air Quality sensors that we are going to fit on lampposts around the city. He had a couple of words of very sensible advice. don’t make holes in the top where the water can get inmake a hole in the bottom where water that gets in can drain out Read more →

Buying Domains

I bought some more domain names today. The way I see it, buying domains is the nerd version of getting a tattoo. Except that it’s cheaper and less painful. And if you don’t like the result you just stop paying for it. I’ve bought csharpyellowbook.com and cplusplusgreenbook.com. Around seven pounds each from Namecheap. Read more →

How to break a Heltec

You probably don’t want to know this. But I know how to break the LoRa functionality of Heltec LoRa device. It’s simple. Just fire it up without the aerial plugged in. This seems to destroy the radio output stage. I’ve done it several times now, just to make absolutely sure…. Read more →

Play Cockroach Salad

Turns out I’m a big fan of games involving cockroaches. Cockroach Poker is great fun. But Cockroach Salad is even better. It has a fiendishly simple gameplay that will make your brain come out of your ears. Best played with a large bunch of raucous friends. Read more →

Surfing memory lane

Making a meme in 2006…. Someone is interested in publishing an eBook based on a text that I wrote over twenty years ago. This is scary. Particularly if you’ve lost the original file. For many years my backup approach was always to copy the files from the old desktop into a folder on the drive of the new one. This worked until I stopped using desktops and started using laptops. Laptop drives are mu… Read more →