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Connected Humber Hardware Group Meeting on Thursday

We’re having another meetup of the Connected Humber Hardware group at c4di on Thursday,. We start at 6:00 pm and talk about lots of stuff. I’ll be bringing along some Arduino kits for those who want to get started with embedded development, along with a few things I’ve been playing with….. Read more →

Hornsea Radio Rally

When I was a lot (and I mean a lot younger) Radio Rallies were a big thing. Lots of fascinating components and bits and pieces for sale. You could watch the progress of half-finished projects as they moved from one person’s “Bring and Buy” stall to another over the years. This was in the days when talking to someone a long way a way (perhaps even abroad) was not a thing that anyone did because it… Read more →

Creating 3D Printed Text Masks

I’ve been refining my light printing technology, based on the “Do it for Josh” light (which is still available by the way). The first version used a printed mask and transparent letter inserts that were stuck inside it. It worked OK but it was a pain to assemble and the letter inserts kept falling out. So I’ve designed a new version in which the letters and the masks are all printed in one. The cl… Read more →

This blog post is not about cucumbers

I keep getting these emails from people expressing their admiration of some of my blog posts. Which is rather nice. However, these uplifting messages are invariably accompanied by a request to put a paid piece on my blog about some service that they are offering. Today things just got silly. A while back I did a blog post about a visit from Phil and Stuart who worked for the BBC and did a lovely s… Read more →

Four hours of sheep rustling

Wallace & Gromit's Fleeced the Boardgame Esdevium Games A while ago I write a review of the Wallace and Gromit Fleeced game. In it I mentioned that some people were complaining that the game could go on forever with no winners because everyone just spent all their time rustling sheep from each rather than trying to win. Well, that’s what we did last night. For four and a half hours. Great fun thou… Read more →

Hull Fair

Hull Fair is huge. They say it’s the biggest fair travelling fair in Europe. It’s when all the travelling fairs from all over the country get together to have one last bash before winter. People come from all over to see it and go on the massive rides that they have. Me, I just go on the Ferris wheel and try to take some pictures. In the olden days the wheel used to tower over the fairground. Nowa… Read more →

Starting with the Azure IoT DevKit

Today I thought I’d have a proper play with the Azure IoT Devkit. There’s a ton of content out there about getting started. It’s actually quite simple to follow. In it’s simplest form you just follow the instructions here, but since the device has a proper security chip I though I’d veer off and see about using the Azure IOT device provisioning service and an X-500 certificate to create a very sec… Read more →

Programming books for kids

I was in the lovely Little Bookshop in Leeds today and I noticed that they had display filled with books about engineering and coding for kids. Lovely stuff. I’ve bought a couple of books from the shop, and I thought I’d mention them in ye olde blogge. I’ve put these in the blog post as Amazon items because I’m lazy and its easy to do (which is, in a nutshell why I use Amazon) but what I really wa… Read more →

Slave to Fitness

It turns out that I really want my watch to have a high opinion of me. I’m slave to a piece of program code somewhere deep in side the software that goes:if(exercise_value>30) printf(“Well done Rob”);It’s reached the point that when I do a job where I can’t really wear the watch (for example painting a summerhouse with horrible, gloopy paint that goes everywhere) I get rather resentful of the way… Read more →


At the hardware group on Thursday, when we were talking about hardware for new members. We have a kit of parts that we make available for those who want to have a play with Arduinos and I realised that I had absolutely no idea how many devices I had in stock. So on Friday I spent a while going through all my little boxes from China and counting devices. I then thought it might be a good idea to la… Read more →