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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Making QR Codes in Edge

Further to my QR Code fun and games recently I’ve just discovered that you can get the Edge browser to generate QR codes for web sites. I think this feature is also available in Chrome because that is what Edge is now based on. This can be a neat way of sharing a complicated link. Rather than try to copy and paste it you can just take a picture. You need to enable it, as at the moment it is an exp… Read more →

Playing Cosmic Frog

Derek and Maggy about to do something devious with their green frog.. So tonight we had our weekly games night. We played that game where you control a two mile high frog that can eat the landscape and regurgitate it. You know the one.Or perhaps you don’t. Cosmic Frog is a game of strategy and combat that, once you get your head around the mechanism, works well. You use your frog to fetch lumps of… Read more →

Making device configuration easy with QR codes

One of the hardest parts of installing an IoT device is making the initial configuration. The normal way to do this is to have the device start up a WiFi access point which you connect to. This is OK, but browsing for access points is a pain. However, you can now do this with QR codes. It turns out that there is a QR code that most phones understand that can be used to connect them to a WiFi host.… Read more →

Adding MQTT security in HackSpace Magazine

I’ve written an article about MQTT security that has been published in this month’s HackSpace magazine. They’ve done an amazing job of fitting my prose into just two pages. You can download a free copy of the magazine - which also has lots of other great articles - from here. If you want a printed copy you can subscribe and get a free Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Read more →

MedHack 2021 on March 6/7

If I have one piece of solid advice for students it is to do stuff. Not just the coursework - everybody has to do that - but the other things that make you interesting. If you want to form a band, then go for it. If you want to write a book, why not? If band forming and book writing are not for you, the very least you should do is take part in events like the upcoming Med-Hack at Hull. Events like… Read more →

Choosing power connectors

The two power connectors above look pretty similar. The one of the left looks shinier and fancier, but actually I don’t like it very much. This is because of the way that it is fitted. You need to push push the back of the connector into a box through the hole from the outside. So when you are soldering wires onto it you need to remember this, and also thread the retaining nut onto the wire that y… Read more →

Printing at great length

I’ve been working on some bindings inside the Connected Little Boxes software so that a sensor can send values to the printer. I got it working, printing out the temperature every minute. Then I went off for lunch and completely forgot about it. At least that’s the long term test sorted…… Read more →

Hello Robin

We went out for a walk today and found this little chap sitting on a branch. Read more →