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Using TTN Mapper to show LoRa coverage

I’ve been playing with TTN Mapper. It’s great. There’s an app you can get for your phone (Android or IoS). You configure it with the details of your Things Network application and then you can wander round with a portable LoRa device and help to build a map of coverage. You don’t have to actually connect your LoRa device to your phone, you just have to enable the mapper program on your phone to co… Read more →

Server Discussions at c4di

We had a quiet, but useful, hardware meetup today at c4di. Although most of the talk was of servers and software.We’re in the process of migrating our services onto a shiny new Azure platform (if virtual machines can ever be regarded as shiny). As of today we’ve got the bulk of the work done. This means that you can go to our map and see something useful. We made some changes to the configuration… Read more →

Irony proof

Turns out that very young children don’t understand irony:Me: “Yes, go on, fine, wipe your hands on my trousers. No problem.”Number one granddaughter: “OK.” (wipes chocolate all over my chinos)Need to work on this. Read more →

Any Solar Power experts out there?

I want to a meeting with some folks who are interested installing some of our air quality sensors. However, we have a major problem with this because at the moment our devices are all mains powered. This is mainly because the particle sensor is quite a power hungry beast. It needs to be fed with around 120 milliamps. This is not a huge amount, but it is enough to make long term battery powered dep… Read more →

Icelandic Parking Tips

As part of the public service remit of this blog, I bring you my handy “How to buy parking tickets in Iceland” and “How to contest a parking fine in Iceland when you have failed to buy your ticket correctly”. If you park up in Iceland you have to buy a ticket. Don’t work on the fact that nobody else has a ticket in their car window, it’s all done with car registration plates. Pay for your parking… Read more →

I did no work today

I did no (or at least hardly any) work today. That has got to count as a win. I know that I’m supposed to be retired, but I seem to end up doing stuff anyway. But today I didn’t. Go me. Read more →

Always take some toys to meetings

Today I had a meeting about Connected Humber CIC. We are trying to spread the word about what we are doing. I took some toys along, including the prototype Air Quality sensor and my Air Quality Top Hat.This turned out to be a real win. Everyone was very impressed (or very polite). I reckon you should always have some toys to show off when you are trying to impress. This doesn’t mean you should pus… Read more →

So much for that...

I had a really great idea for a blog post today, but I forgot to write it down. Which was unfortunate as I’ve now forgotten what it was. Oh well. There’s a lesson in there for us all. Write your good ideas down in case they escape. Read more →