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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Deadpool 2

The movie Deadpool 2 is rude, crude and very violent. It is also something of a guilty pleasure, with a rather unexpected amount of heart. My advice, go for the quips and dialog and close your eyes in the gory bits. That's what I did. Read more →

Universal Paperclips

In Universal Paperclips you play the role of an artificial intelligence that was created to maximise the production of paperclips. Thing start off slow, with a button to press to make a paperclip. One mouse click equals one paperclip. But pretty soon you've earned enough to afford one or more "auto-clippers" that will press the button for you. Then you can start to set the price of your paperclips… Read more →

Rob at Pint of Science 2018

So, tonight finds me in Furley and Co in the middle of Hull. I was there to give a talk about the Robots to be most afraid of. I was second on the bill, the first speaker was Dr Stephen Burwood, a lecturer on Philosophy, talking about Science and Human Nature. It was really interesting to hear a philosopher's take on science, and where it fits in. I learned a few new words including the word "apor… Read more →

Bristol 10K

When someone says "10K" to me I think of this. Turns out this is wrong. At least this time. We were in Bristol for the 10K run, which number one son was taking part in. We were there to provide ground support, hold his coat, etc etc.It was great. I've never been to one before and the atmosphere was amazing. There were quite a few runners who looked around the same age as me, maybe even older. And… Read more →

Concorde in Bristol

Today we went to the Aerospace Museum in Bristol. Home of Concorde, and lots of other interesting stuff. We remember when Concorde was out exposed to the elements; now it's in a custom built hanger and beautifully presented. Quite right too. They've got a lovely mock up of the cockpit that you can sit in and pretend you're flying at Mach 2. There are lots of other displays too. We had a great time… Read more →

David Parker is blogging

I've just discovered that David Parker, one of my chums from Hull University Department of Computer Science, is blogging. He's written a lovely post about why you should blog, and then followed his own advice to create this. He's also reminded me of Compsciblogs, a great way to keep track of Computer Science blogs. If you start blogging (and you should) you can add your blog there too. Read more →

Rob at Pint of Science on Monday 14th May

I'm doing a "Science in our Society" session next week as part of the "Pint of Science Festival". I'm talking about scary robots. Ooooh. The talk is on Monday 14th of May in Furley and Co 18-20 Princes Dock Street,Hull HU1 2LPDoors open at 19:00 You can find out more here. Read more →

Whiskey Galore at Hull Truck

Whisky Galore is a tale of scheming Scots folk and shipwrecked whisky. Set on the twin isles of Great Toddy and Little Toddy during the Second World War, the action starts with the inhabitants enduring a whiskey famine. No small affair when "a wee dram" is so much a part of life.Things brighten up considerably when a boat runs aground nearby and releases thousands of bottles of whiskey into the se… Read more →

Rob at the Insider Dev Tour

Click on the image to register This is big news. Oh. Ahem.THIS IS BIG NEWS.Microsoft are rolling out an Insider Dev Tour next month. There are around 30 events all over the world, with 2 in the UK. One in London and one in Manchester.I'm very pleased to be able to report that I'll be presenting at the Manchester event next month, on the 20th of June. I'm doing a session on Machine Learning, really… Read more →

Robot Rumbles at Dot Net North

Turns out that Dot Net North is a great place to go and talk about robots. It's in Manchester and they run regular events about technology. Pete had offered me a chance to take along some Hull Pixelbots and explain that they are all about. Great fun. You can find the explanation here. We had Pizza, and at the end a Robot Carrying Cheese Race. A tense moment with the cheese. The audience was splend… Read more →