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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Hardware Chats

Another lovely evening at c4di talking hardware, Visual Studio, how to build a brand and lots more besides. The only bad news was that Rob is heading for Coventry. Their gain, our loss. Have a great time down there you two, and feel free to come visit any time you like. Read more →

CodePen Hull August 14th

The next meeting of CodePen Hull is at 6:00 pm on August 14th at the c4di. I'm not speaking at this one, but I really want to go along to listen to everyone else.Developers in the Hull area are very welcome to come along too. Sign up here Read more →

Monday Snaps: Cheese Physics

Last week we got the cheese moving around the screen using the cursor keys. It wasn't very good. The cheese just moved as long as you held the key down. This kind of movement is fine for some kinds of game where the action is fast and frantic, for example the paddle in a breakout game. So, feel free to steal that movement code for any of your game object that need immediate movement.However, for C… Read more →

Pub Night Pictures

Went out to the pub on Wednesday night. I took the camera. As you do. The light was quite good and I grabbed some pictures of Cottingham Church. Read more →

Begin to Code Python Snaps

Creating pretty menu screens, Snaps style As you might know, I'm working on Begin to Code Python. You can order a copy below. It will be out once I've finished writing it....When I wrote the Begin to Code with C# book (which you can buy now - see below) I wrote a library of functions I called Snaps. The idea was to use these to make it easy for people to create impressive applications right from t… Read more →

Amazon Echo in Hull

Our Amazon Echo works really well. Except sometimes. The radio service, on TuneIn, frequently stops or breaks up.If we ask again for the station it plays again for a while and then stops. It used to do this a lot a while back, but it seemed to have settled down.I'm not sure if it is the WiFi in the house or the networking in Hull. Anyone else in Hull with an Echo had a problem with radio playback? Read more →

Baby Driver is a great film

Baby Driver is a great film. Perhaps a bit more driving would have been nice, but not really necessary. It has shades of Reservoir Dogs, Cape Fear and Hot Fuzz. All in a good way. Snappy direction, driving music and even a happy ending (spoiler alert - too late...). We managed to track down a screening last week. It might be a bit harder to find now, but it is well worth seeking out. Read more →