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Buying overhead camera supports

As part of our Hull Pixelbot Rugby effort we need some supports for the camera that we will use to track the robot player positions. Searching for “camera supports” doesn’t work. But after a bit of bouncing around Amazon I came across the above. It’s supposed to be used by photographers to support backdrop cloths, but it provides exactly what we want, a portable means of hanging a small camera ove… Read more →

Potato Clock

First thing yesterday morning number one wife told me that she was going to get a potato clock. This threw me completely. I remembered from years ago a demonstration which showed you can power a clock from a potato (you can buy kits) but I didn’t think that science experiments were on the agenda in any particular way. Then the fog cleared. What I should have heard was “get up at eight o’clock”. Fa… Read more →

Project XCloud looks very good

When David came round last week he showed us some Xbox games running on his Samsung phone. Not directly of course, but via Project XCloud. This is presently in Preview and David had managed to join the preview program. Once he had connected to our WiFi and paired an Xbox controller with his phone we were able to see a perfect rendition of Forza Horizons running smoothly on his tiny device. It just… Read more →

Hull Pixelbot tracking for robot rugby

At the last hardware meetup we decided that it was time to get our robots playing rugby. The idea is that it is a team game, with members programming their robots to make plays in a playfield. . We’ve no idea how it the game will actually be played but we have decided to find out by just doing it. Brian has done some sterling work (see above) with an image processing application that can now ident… Read more →

Old game boys never die

There must be about twenty quid’s worth of stuff here…. A couple of weeks ago we went to Comic Con in Birmingham. As I remarked at the time, | didn’t buy much. One of the reasons was that I already had lots of things for sale on some of the stalls. Today I happened across a bag full of bits and bobs, including my beloved Game boy Color and printer. Amazingly it still had some of the pictures in th… Read more →

Low light photography

I took this picture with my phone in the cinema last night. I liked the look of the lights. I’ve got a proper camera, but I seriously doubt that it could have come up with a better result. Most impressive. Read more →

Knives Out is a great film

Knives Out is great film. It’s a country house murder mystery in the Agatha Christie tradition but brought up to date.I’m not going to give anything away. All I can say is that the ending was surprising and very satisfying. And that I got it all completely wrong. There are some “laugh out loud” moments to be had too. Impeccably acted (which is what you would expect with a cast like this) and very… Read more →

Pimoroni Black Friday week

Of course Black Friday is a bit of a racket. But there are some bargains to be had. Pimoroni are making a week of it. Today they’ve reduced all their Breakout Garden sensors. These are very well packaged and you can either solder to them or plug them into their “Breakout Garden”. which attaches to the top of a Raspberry Pi. They have a nicely managed set of libraries on GitHub which make it very e… Read more →

In search of a backslash

A few years ago, at an MVP Summit, I bought a keyboard from the Microsoft Store. The discount was very pleasing and the keyboard was very comfortable. I thought this made me a winner. However, it did come with a bit of a sting in the tail, in that had the american layout, what with being sold in America. I set the Windows 10 language to match, but then I found that my pesky muscle memory was causi… Read more →

Accidental Art

This is what you get if you try to display a ball bouncing around a screen and you forget to clear the screen. I quite like it. This is what you get if you leave the ball bouncing a bit longer. Read more →