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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Drain Unblocking Etiquette

Truly an amazing device Arrive home on Valentine’s Day to hear the three little worlds that can change your life: “The toilet’s blocked”. Oh well. The thing with tools like drain un-blockers is that you can only find them when you don’t need them. And so it was on this occasion. Fortunately we have awesome neighbours who are much better at keeping track of their stuff than we are. They were able t… Read more →

Free Sony Photo Editing with Capture One Express

If you want a really good way to edit pictures, and you happen to have a Sony camera, then I can strongly recommend Capture One Express from Phase One. You can download it for free and it works very well with the raw format from Sony cameras. I took the picture above on the way into c4di with my venerable old RX100 this morning and used Capture One to straighten it, light up the foreground a bit a… Read more →

HEY Children's University at c4di

Can you spot the bug in the light flashing program? We had some children from HEY Children’s University to see us at c4di today. We did some talks for them up in the boardroom on the 3rd floor, with a fantastic view of the estuary and the deep. They were all sitting comfortably in the posh leather seats and spreading their notes around the big polished wood table.I really hope that they get a tast… Read more →

Barclays AI Frenzy at c4di

Just a quick heads up about an event that I’m speaking at. We had a call about the content yesterday and it all looks very interesting. And there are free refreshments. If you want to know more about Artificial Intelligence, see whats happening in the area and meet up with like-minded folks to talk about how you can use the technology, you should come along to the event next week. At’s at c4di on… Read more →

Back in Harness

One of the things I really miss about working at the university is standing up in front of people and telling them stuff. I’ve tried it on busses and trains and it just doesn’t work in the same way, what with the shushing and the telling me to sit down and shut up.But in a week or so I’ll be back at the university for a short run, talking about digital electronics. I’m doing a bit of teaching for… Read more →

Buying train tickets is harder than it should be

I hate it when things make me feel stupid. Buying train tickets online seems to be one of these situations. I wanted to buy some tickets to go from from Hull to London on Saturday. My normal approach (use the phone) was thwarted by the error message “Ooops. Something went wrong” when I tried to complete the purchase.So I headed off to the web. And was met with the above. This is the page for Hull… Read more →

Assertiveness Level Up

After my “success” negotiating my car tyre price last week I’ve now decided to stop apologising in shops when they ask for a store loyalty card and I haven’t got one. Read more →

Nice Place to Work

I took this picture yesterday. Not for the first time, I got to reflect what a nice place I work in. Read more →

Refactoring Monitair

Fun fact. Users don’t care how their code is factored. They just want there programs to do what they want. All the time. Programmers have a different perspective. They want it to look nice and be easy to maintain. This means that you often have to revisit decisions made at the start of the project, and change things to make them better. Real world architects don’t have this luxury. If half way thr… Read more →

More on Brexit: The Brexit options revealed

I know that I promised that my earlier post would be the last thing that I would write about Brexit. What can I say? I lied. There’s apparently a lot of that going around. I’ve decided that one thing the British are good at is making fun of whatever dire situation they happen to find themselves in. So, with that in mind, here is my explanation of the various Brexit options .No Deal : A chance for… Read more →