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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Achievement Unlocked: Got Useless Device

One of the things that I picked up at emf was a Useless Device kit from MSRaynsford. I’ve always wanted one. I spent a little while building it and it works really well. You turn it on, and it turns itslef off. The instructions and design are first class. Great fun and a nice little build project. Read more →

Hull Pixelbot at the Digital Awards

Hull Pixelbot finalist in two categories. Yay! Hmm. Three blog posts in one day. What an interesting life I lead….Anyhoo, today it was time to put on my best smart casual wear and head for the Bonus Arena for the finals of the Digital Awards. This was all rather exciting. Firstly because the Hull Pixelbot is a finalist in two of the competition strands, secondly because I really fancied having a l… Read more →

Build another LoRa Node in a Day

Everyone looking happy at the start In July we held a “Build a LoRa node” workshop at c4di. It was great fun for us, and those who took part. Today we did it again. I turned up, fresh from my media appearance and helped Robin set things up. As before, the aim was to get attendees to build a working LoRa node and finish up with a device sending environmental data to the cloud.Everybody succeeded. I… Read more →

Rob on Radio Humberside

The light first thing this morning was rather good This morning I was up bright and early (oh, OK, just early) and heading into town to review the papers for the Radio Humberside breakfast program. I love doing radio. Apparently I have the perfect face for it. Anyhoo, I settled down with a pile of newsprint and started looking for some vaguely happy stories. There’s so much depressing stuff in the… Read more →

Test Air Quality with the EMF Badge

The air here seems ok One of the (many) wonderful things about the electromagnetic fields event I went to was the badge that everyone was given. This was an embedded device with a nice colour screen and a powerful processor that just happened to be a mobile phone as well…… I thought I’d turn it into an air quality display. So I 3D printed a case and make some modifications so that I could fit an a… Read more →

Rob at Ron Dearing UTC

Despite arriving a tiny bit late, I had a great time at the evening event at Ron Dearing UTC today. A whole bunch of folks came to see me to talk about technology and I showed off some Hull Pixelbots, my silly goggles and the prototype air quality sensor that we’re working on over at Connected Humber. Of course, I totally forgot to take any pictures at the event. Silly me. That’s why there’s a rat… Read more →

To the Moon!

Today we went to see the moon in Hull Minster. Awesome. It hangs from a large steel structure that they’ve set up . I don’t really want to know how it fits together inside or how they printed it. I just want to marvel at it. We actually saw the moon for the first time last week, when I took along my expensive cameras and fancy lenses to try and get a nice picture. Today I just had my smartphone wi… Read more →

Cockroach Poker is Awesome

Schmidt Cockroach Poker (Multi-lingual edition) Schmidt Spiele We were playing Cockroach Poker today. I’ve not laughed so long, or so loud for quite a while. It’s a game of bluff and counter bluff involving stink bugs, cockroaches, rats, spiders, scorpions, bats and flies. Very muchly fun. Get a copy and start passing those bugs around. Read more →

Using a Line-us plotter with Hershey Fonts

Some time back I got a Line-us plotter. It's actually rather neat. It comes with a super little program that lets you draw designs on your computer and then print them out in an attractive, if rather wobbly, way.It is very easy to control the plotter from Python over the network, and I wanted to use it to draw some text. I was wondering how to do this when I remembered the Hershey fonts. These go… Read more →

Humber Care Tech Challenge Day 2

The winners being surprised by fireworks… The second day of the competition was at least as much fun as the first. We actually got to spend some time getting some code to work. By the end we had some sensors sort of working and Amazon Echo behaviours that responded to commands for our application. And we also had a good plan for developing and deploying the application. We still didn’t win though.… Read more →