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Password management is a thing

When I was younger, more innocent and the internet was a friendly place (remember netiquette?) I thought that picking an out of the way phrase and using it for my passwords was a good idea. Then, a few years later, I realised that this was in fact a silly idea and started using different passwords for all my accounts. Which is just as well.Earlier this week I received an email with my venerable ol… Read more →

Making QR codes from Python

I’m trying to create the game of robot rugby. As you do. I’ve no idea how the game mechanic will work. My plan is to rope in some folks at the Hardware Meetup to try and work out the rules. Anyhoo, one of the things that we are working on is some way of tracking the robots around the playfield so that each robot player can know where it is. Brian has been working on some code to track things by me… Read more →

Only Connect Rocks

Only Connect is an awesome game show. Not only does it have Victoria Cohen as host (you really should read her book about how she won a million dollars playing poker) but it has some of the hardest questions out there. The teams are given things and have to figure out the connections between them.Mind you, I might only be saying this because I got the above connection. Read more →

Begin to Code C# with Visual Studio 2019 video now available

Last week I got an email from Zefanja who was having problems using Snaps with Visual Studio 2019. Snaps are an essential element of my “Begin to Code with C#” book, and if you can’t get them to work the book text doesn’t work very well. So I’ve made a new video that explains how to set your PC up. I was just about to send Zefanja a message about this when he has got in touch saying that he has fi… Read more →

Very expensive lego bricks

Years ago I made a picture using Lego bricks. They had this service where you could send them an image and they would send you back the bricks to make a 44x44 version on a Lego back plate. Turns out that I was way ahead of my time, in that there are now lots of apps for phones and whatnot that will do this for you.In fact I was so far ahead of my time that some of the bricks changed have faded and… Read more →

Sorry about this

You might think that it is a good idea to stand in a room blowing air on people but I’m not a fan. Read more →

Minecraft Earth

I’m not as into Minecraft as I probably should be. If I want to have fun I tend to fire up Visual Studio Code. Sad but true. Anyhoo, I’m fascinated by the idea of Minecraft Earth and today I fired it up and had a go. It’s free to download and play on your mobile device (Android or Apple) and it works a treat.You find yourself in a Lego Mindstorms version of your surroundings and as you wander arou… Read more →

Comic Con in Birmingham

I’m never quite sure why I go to Comic Con in Birmingham. It’s quite a drive, there and back from Hull in a day. And the most expensive thing I ended up buying was the ticket for the car park. But we had a wonderful time. It’s rather like being at a great fancy dress party, where they also sell lots of interesting things. Each time I think about making a costume, and each year I don’t do much - al… Read more →

.NET on the Raspberry Pi

I ran some .NET code on a Raspberry Pi today. I was gobsmacked to find out how easy it is to do that. The hardest part was getting the compiled program from the PC onto the Pi itself, and that was really easy with VNC. In no time at all I had an ASP server siting on the Pi and serving out pages. Most impressive. I used these instructions here. Read more →

The Aeronauts is a great film

Last night we went to see “The Aeronauts”. It’s the story of a balloon trip. Just a simple up and down. Except that it is not that simple. It says that it was “Inspired by real events”. I’m OK with that, but they must have been really brave souls to go and do this for real. It’s proper edge of the seat stuff. And the acting and the effects are just spot on. Well worth a trip I reckon. Read more →