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Finished Writing

That's it. Chapter 16 (writing games with pygame) is done. I've finished writing the original material for Begin to Code with Python. Now I just have to finish the editing. But at least I don't have to go to bed thinking about what I'm going to write tomorrow. Read more →

My points are expiring and I don't care

Internet companies seem to be getting increasingly desperate in their marketing. The latest trick seems to be to award me some discount coupons and then send me loads of emails telling me that they are about to expire. Just FYI folks, I neither know nor care about your coupons. If you happen to be selling something that I need right now and you've got coupons that make it cheaper, then great. But… Read more →

Hull Solar Gate

Hull's "Solar Gate" sculpture is now properly in place. It's rather impressive. If you go and see it (and you should) then make sure you take a proper look at all the plaques set into the ground around the sculpture. Read more →

Hull Pixelbot: the future is clear

We had another splendid hardware meetup at c4di today. Karl has done some sterling work on the design of the Hull Pixelbot chassis and we now have a price for a laser cut version. It comes in at less than four quid, which I think is an excellent price. The next thing to do is decide how many to get.... Read more →

Back writing....

Now that we're back in Hull it's time to finish off the last part of the book. You might not here from me for a while.... Read more →

Journey from Hell

Well, that was fun. In retrospect signing up for the 10:40pm flight home was not a great plan, but it did give us one more day away. We arrived back in the country at 2:00am all bleary eyed, but just about up for the two hour drive back to our house that I was expecting. After all, the roads would be nice and quiet, right?If only. All the motorways were shut. And I mean all of them. And the divers… Read more →

Heading home..

This is our last day in Lisbon. We actually saw some grey clouds and some rain, which I think is preparing us for what we can expect back home. On well. We will definitely be back. Read more →

Roman Amphiteatre

The Romans liked Lisbon too. They built a dirty great big amphiteatre just to show off. There are still some bits of it left which you can see, yes, at another museum.We like museums. Read more →

Lisbon Culture

More culture today. The Puppet Museum (only a bit creepy) and the Oriental Museum. All good stuff. And I seem to remember some good food and drink too. Read more →

Lisbon Castle

Today we headed for Lisbon Castle. It has a great view of the surroundings; what with it being on the top of a hill and all that. Read more →