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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Making classy web sites for free using Hugo

A while back I read a great post from David Parker about using the Hugo program to produce static web sites that you can host on GitHub. I’ve had a go with this, using the amazing meghna template. You can find the result here.It’s been a great learning experience. Things I’ve learned:The Hugo program will serve out a test version of your web site pages which you can view on your local machine. Eac… Read more →

Big List Tuesday

Made a bit list of things to do today and managed to do at least some of them. Have a picture of a traction engine with some Brasso on it. Read more →

Playing with Linux for Free using Azure

Last week I built Linux PC and started it going on Azure. I kind of did it by mistake, in that I had half an hour between meetings and I thought I’d just do something to pass the time. There was intent there though, in that we are moving the Connected Humber air quality data visualisation platform (that sounds posh) over to Azure. Getting started is very easy and free. Just follow the instructions… Read more →

Zed book review

Zed by Joanna Kavenna s not a happy tale in the same way that 1984 is not a happy tale. However, it is a very relevant one in the same way that 1984 is very relevant. Zed is set in the near enough to be scary future and tells of the travails of Beetle, an all encompassing tech company that is in no way similar in reach and vision to companies like Facebook and Google. Not at all. Beetle is everywh… Read more →

Men at Work Board Game

Men at Work is a balancing board game. Players take it in turns to place girders, supports and workers on the building site. Place the highest piece on the site and you earn an award from Rita the site boss. Get three awards and you win the game. Make things fall down and you lose one of your three safety certificates. Lose all three and you leave the game. The pieces are beautifully made and pres… Read more →

Traction Engines at Whitby

Not that long ago this was white hot technology.. I spent today driving to Whitby, watching some traction engines run around, having an amazing fish pie at the Magpie, going for a walk on the beach and then driving back, stopping for a cream tea on the way.Perfection. Read more →

Air Quality Hardware Meetup

We had a splendid hardware meetup today. A whole bunch of new people turned up, including Dave White, Hull City Council Air Quality Officer. We wanted to discuss sensor design, data visualisation and a bunch of other things. So we did. It was great. Lots of plans made which I really look forward to seeing lead somewhere.At the time I promised to put up a bunch of links to things that folks might f… Read more →

Enter the Humber Healthcare Challenge

Click the logo to enter The Humber Tech Challenge is in October. You should enter. You should enter because:you learn stuffyou meet peopleyou make stories to tellyou do goodyou have funEverybody who took part last year got something out of the event. Even the judges had a good time. This year the challenge kicks off with a Visioning day on the 5th September. If you can’t make that we’ll have a Vis… Read more →

Hull looks good

Today I was up town at 7:00am to help review the papers for Radio Humberside. I took this picture before I went into the studio. Doesn’t my home city look good. Read more →

Cheap project boxes

What you can get for seven pounds Making boxes to put projects in is hard work. You can 3D print them but that takes ages. You can laser cut them (but you need a laser cutter). And making things waterproof is really hard too.Turns out that terminal boxes make great project boxes. They arrive waterproof and the holes in their sides have nifty little rubber plugs in them which you can cut to fit wha… Read more →