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Make your own Theremin. Sort of.

A Theremin is a musical instrument that you control by waving your hands. It's used a lot to provide spooky sounds for science fiction and horror movies. A "proper" theremin uses a tuned circuit that is which is controlled by the player waving their hands near a couple of antennas. I thought we could have a go at making something similar using just a light sensor and an Arduino, so I've come up wi… Read more →

Machine Learning at the Insider Dev Tour

If you were there, click through to the large version on Flickr and find yourself... Today I had to get up early to catch a non-existent train. Of course, I didn't know it was non-existent as I got showered and hurried down my breakfast before dashing out of the house. I found out at the station. Apparently my train to Manchester was cancelled because it was "late leaving the depot". Which makes i… Read more →

All In

Well, that's it. I've finished writing all the text for the C# book. I think they call this "all in". It's certainly how I feel just at the moment. It seems to me that writing (and programming) always takes longer that I think it will. Even (or perhaps especially) if I allow for this. Anyhoo, the good news is that now I'll have more time for Hull Pixelbot, Lora and, of course, the blog. Read more →

Hull Pixelbots with ChildDyamix

Answering questions... Spent a great evening with a bunch of folks from Child Dynamix. I showed off the Hull Pixelbots and then we had a go at programming them in HullOS. Such fun. Read more →

Thwaite Gardens

Thwaite Gardens was open today for the afternoon. They had a choir, beautiful gardens, tea, and cakes. It's amazing that a place like this is right in the middle of the Cottingham area. The gardens are attached to Thwaite Hall, which until recently was a hall of residence for students from Hull University. It's closed now, and looks very forlorn with all its windows boarded up. I really hope that… Read more →

Working with the Arduino at the Hardware Group

I really must take more, or at least some, pictures of the Hardware Group at c4di in action. But I'm always too busy talking about stuff to get out the camera.Anyhoo, we had a great meetup today. We've got a bunch of new members who are just getting started, so we've put together some tiny hardware kits that they can use to get started. Like those "Build an Aston Martin in easy steps" magazines th… Read more →

Deadpool 2

The movie Deadpool 2 is rude, crude and very violent. It is also something of a guilty pleasure, with a rather unexpected amount of heart. My advice, go for the quips and dialog and close your eyes in the gory bits. That's what I did. Read more →

Universal Paperclips

In Universal Paperclips you play the role of an artificial intelligence that was created to maximise the production of paperclips. Thing start off slow, with a button to press to make a paperclip. One mouse click equals one paperclip. But pretty soon you've earned enough to afford one or more "auto-clippers" that will press the button for you. Then you can start to set the price of your paperclips… Read more →

Rob at Pint of Science 2018

So, tonight finds me in Furley and Co in the middle of Hull. I was there to give a talk about the Robots to be most afraid of. I was second on the bill, the first speaker was Dr Stephen Burwood, a lecturer on Philosophy, talking about Science and Human Nature. It was really interesting to hear a philosopher's take on science, and where it fits in. I learned a few new words including the word "apor… Read more →