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Monday Snaps: Steering the Cheese

Welcome to this week's Monday Snap. We're re-creating the game Cheese Lander using the Snaps game framework. You can find earlier episodes here. Last week we put the bread and the cheese at their start positions. This week we're going to get the cheese moving. Games work by repeatedly updating the game engine and then re-drawing the display. In a Snaps game we use a C# loop to do this:void gameLoo… Read more →

Happy Birthday Me

I'm now officially and properly old. Bus passes beckon. Thank heavens I've still got my youthful good looks (although I've forgotten where I put them).However, I've just had the most fantastic of birthdays, starting with a trip out for coffee in the morning and then a slap up Sunday Lunch at 1884 Dock Street Kitchen. They do a roast beef that is just perfect (pro-tip, have the sausage roll snacks… Read more →

Tons of Culture in Hull

Oh to be in Hull in the summer time. This summer is astonishing in terms of the range and quantity of goings-on in the city. We wandered up town on Saturday for lunch at Nibble (wonderful place, you should try it) and found ourselves listening to a BBC Prom being broadcast from the stage right next door. Full orchestra action. The city was also alive with a whole bunch of folk acts around the town… Read more →

Splatoon 2 is wonderful

Of course I went out and got Splatoon 2 today. Very good game. I enjoyed the first one on the Wii U, and this one keeps up the standard, while adding some great new touches. We've been playing it on full screen TV and it looks lovely. The controls take a bit of getting used to, what with tipping the controller to aim, but I'm getting the hang of it slowly but surely. The single player campaign is… Read more →

The return of nobody else

I was having a conversation about the internet tonight and I was reminded of something I did a while back. I setup a Twitter account called nobody else. The idea is that if you would like to disengage with the platform, just let me know your Twitter username. Then you'll get the message "Nobody Else is following you on Twitter", so you can shut down your account and get on with your life. The acco… Read more →

Return of the Kaossilator

The Korg Kaossilator is a nifty device for making weird sound effects. I got one quite a while back and it has provided the sounds for quite a few projects. Today I was working on Begin To Code Python and I needed a suitably awakening tone for an alarm program that I'm writing. So I dug out Mr. Kaoss.I remember years ago that one of the marketing pitches behind Duracell batteries was that they did… Read more →

Hull Pixelbot on Hackaday

For reasons that I'm not completely sure of, I've put Hull Pixelbot on Hackaday. Already got two likes. Go me. You can find our more, and like it yourself, here:https://hackaday.io/project/25986-hull-pixelbot Read more →

Monday Snaps: Cheese Lander Game Reset

Welcome back to our weekly Snaps session, which has the ultimate aim of creating the awesome gaming experience that is Cheese Lander . Last week we got the bread, cheese and background screen drawing nicely, this week we are going to place the bread and cheese at their starting positions. So, if someone asks you "Who moved the cheese?" you can say it was you.We're going to start with a bit of gent… Read more →

Oresome Birthday

I stole this picture off their web site.... We had a significant birthday in the family this week. Ending in zero. No, not mine, that's next week. Anyhoo, as a present we organised a session at Oresome in Hull. You start with a strip of silver and finish three hours later with a really nice ring that you made yourself. It turns out that the process is more complex than you might think, and gives y… Read more →