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Sponsor Me for Red Nose Day Madness

I’ve just sponsored myself for my lecture in Rhyme next week. I’d love it if you did too. Click on the image above to go straight to my donation page. If you can make it to the lecture I’d love to see you. It should be fun and there will be FREE DONUTS as well as lots of the usual fun and games. You might even learn something about air quality, which is what I’ll be rhyming about. The lecture is a… Read more →

Connected Humber MonitAIR Circuit Board

There comes a point in a project where things start to look real. I think we’ve hit that in our Air Quality monitoring project. At the Connected Humber hardware group this evening Brian gave out some populated versions of the sensor circuit board he’s designed and had made. Rather than making all the individual connections by hand we now have a beautiful little board that takes our processor, some… Read more →

Sensor Base Design the Hard Way

If I ever join you climbing a mountain, I’ll probably be the one wearing roller skates and carrying a piano. Sometimes it seems to me that I have a stubborn determination to do things the hard way. For example, today’s task was to create some designs for an outdoor air quality sensor. I wanted a circular fitting to go in the base of a pipe and a support that would attach to the fitting and hold th… Read more →

Digital Teaching - Final Week

Today was the last day of my teaching on the Mechatronics course. Thanks for being a great audience folks. I really hope you’ve learned something useful. You can find the notes for the session here. You can find the little circuit simulator that I used here. Read more →

Hardware Group on Thursday

If you’re in Hull, and you’re into Hardware, don’t forget that we’re having another Hardware Group Meetup this Thursday (the 7th of March). We’ll be talking about air quality, embedded devices, LoRa and top hats. Among other things. You can find out more here and sign up for notification of future events here. Read more →

DDD North was super awesome

The best conferences are the ones where you go and learn a bunch of useful stuff and also like to think that you’ve told a few folks useful things that they didn’t know.DDD North yesterday was one of the very best. I was blown away by the quality of the sessions, the enthusiasm of the audiences and the sheer good humour of the whole event. I learnt a whole slew of new stuff; from IoT development t… Read more →

DDD North is today and I've presented

Sorry for the lack of picture of the audience. I seem to keep forgetting to take one. Anyhoo, the talk has been and gone, the audience were very polite and everything I showed seemed to work. Which was nice.You can find the slides here. Read more →

DDD North is tomorrow and I'm presenting

I’m getting rather excited. It’s DDD North tomorrow. Four tracks of excellent computing content crammed into the lecture theatres in Hull University. A whole day of splendid sessions. And one from me. I’m on at 2:30 pm in Lecture Theatre A in the Robert Blackburn Building talking about Azure Functions, Air Quality and a bit of LoRa. I’ve just finished the slide deck and the demos. Should be fun. I… Read more →

Azure Functions with Azure IoT Hub

I really like Azure Functions. I love the idea that you can write pure code that sits in the cloud and just runs. Sometimes all you want is a thing that takes in some data, does something with it, and spits it out somewhere else. You don’t want to build and manage a server, set programs to run on startup, bind them to events and so on and so on. You just want a piece of code with a name and an add… Read more →

Making the cloud cry

I spent a big chunk of today playing with Azure Functions. They’re awesome. However, at one point I discovered that I’d made the wrong kind of function, and I had to delete it from the Azure Portal. When you do this you get the sad little message above, with a crying cloud. Awwww. Read more →