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Rob Miles University Lecturer and Microsoft MVP. And tall.

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Hardware Meetup Interesting Chip

We had a great Hardware Meetup this week. If you ever want to join us, take a look at the MatterMost thread here for details of the next meeting on the 1st of October. One of the things we talked about was an amazing little processor that you can get for 94 pence for the smallest one. It looks very interesting. I think we’re going to order some. Read more →

Chinese Book

My Chinese copy of “Begin to Code with C#” has arrived from China. I think it was totally worth getting it just to read the author’s bio page. It turns out that they’ve left all the important bits in English. Read more →

Quiplash Fun

Jackbox Games are great. I’ve got very fond memories of playing “You don’t know Jack” from CD way back in the day. Tonight we had a go at a bunch more JackBox games, including “QuipLash”. In Quip Lash you have to come up with quick quips which the rest of the players then vote on. My favourite of the night was when Simon was asked to write something you wouldn’t expect to find in a message in a bo… Read more →

Night Flying

The view of the runway Tonight we thought we’d fly over Mont Blanc. Which was sensible enough as people say it looks fantastic. Although doing the flight at night might have been a bit more adventurous than we’d bargained for. I find it hard enough to stay in the air under normal circumstances, but it is even harder when the invisible ground keeps coming up to say hello. Anyhoo, we made it as far… Read more →

Animal Crossing Basement

Thanks to the silvery tonged selling technique of Tom Nook I now have a house with a basement and a 2,500,000 mortgage…. Read more →

Leela vs Elsa

Last week on Saturday night we watched “The Fifth Element” one of my all time favourite films. This week someone else was in charge of viewing choices and we watched Frozen II. Without wishing to give much away the plots are virtually the same, although with a bit less shooting in Frozen 2. Very strange. Read more →

Enter node.js

I’m doing a tiny bit of node.js in the Begin to Code with JavaScript book. It might seem a strange thing put into what is supposed to be a beginners text, but it is such a large part of how the language is used that I think I really should say something. I want to make it clear that JavaScript lets you write both server and client. Read more →

Cow Photography

Went out onto Beverley Westwood today for a walk. They have cows on there so I took another picture of one. I used my other cow picture in a poster for a departmental event a few years ago, so I could do with a spare. Read more →

Adventures in Parcel Delivery

Our post delivery person is great. But sometimes a bit eccentric. Today they delivered a package while I was in to someone who was out. All I got after spending an afternoon excitedly waiting for my camera strap to arrive (I really should get out more) was a note that said “Number 5 living room window”. Now I don’t number the windows on my house. And our living room isn’t so big as to have 5 windo… Read more →