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Beasts of Balance

Bank Holiday Monday finds us out shopping in Leeds. But I was there for a reason. I wanted to buy a copy of "Beasts of Balance" from the Apple Store. I'd nearly bought a copy on a recent trip but I was talked out of it. But the person who talked me out of the purchase isn't on this trip....We had a go this evening. I thought it was a game where you try to balance objects on a plinth. It is, but th… Read more →

Makers Central

Today, feeling much better, it was into the car and off to Makers Central in Birmingham. It was a very enjoyable trip. There wasn't as much 3d printing and embedded technology as I might have liked, although Pimoroni and RoboSavvy were there, and it's always nice to see what they are up to.There was some lovely work being done with wood and resin, and some of the woodworking tools looked a lot les… Read more →

Hull Raspberry Pi Jam with robots

Well, that was great fun. Spent the morning at the Hull Raspberry Pi Jam. It was something of a "RobotFest". I had my Hull Pixelbots and Coretec Robotics were there with their balloon Raspberry Pi powered balloon busting robots. I was trialling a new idea I've had, called the "Robot Rumble". The idea is that players code up their robot warriors to get as far into their opponents area as possible.… Read more →

Hardware Meetup - now with biscuits

I had to tear myself away from a really good conversation to take this picture We had another really good Hardware Meetup at c4di yesterday. Three new folks turned up and we’re going to start working with Arduino devices at the next session. We’re assembling some kits and some content to get folks playing with hardware. The idea is that you spend a princely five pounds on a starter kit containing… Read more →

Avengers Infinity Wars

We went to see the new Avengers movie this week. All I can really say is “Star Wars 2” and “Star Treck 2” have got nothing on this one. Read more →

Apple Homepod Review

One of the nice things about being a writer is that every now and then you get a note saying that a bunch of people have bought copies of your book and, as a result, you've got some money to spend. It doesn't happen to me as much as I would like, but it did happen last week. And so, of course, I used some of it to buy myself an Apple HomePod. What with there being one for sale second hand in a loc… Read more →

Hull Pixelbots at Dot Net North in Manchester next Tuesday

Another Hull Pixelbot event coming up. On Tuesday next week I'm going across the Pennines to Dot Net North in Manchester. You can sign up here. I'm going to try and crowd source some robot control. And apparently the pizza is really good. If you want me to bring my Hull Pixelbots to your neck of the woods (do woods have necks?) then let me know. Read more →

Hull Pixelbot Robot Rumble at the Raspberry Pi Jam on Saturday

Don't forget the Hull Raspberry Pi Jam this coming Saturday at Central Library. There are going to be lots of robots, including a bunch of my Hull Pixelbots.I'm going to be testing a new "Hull Pixelbot Robot Rumble" in which two teams of robots face off against each other in a test of programming skills and strategy. Should be fun. Read more →

esp8266 wacky wifi

one way to get a screenshot.... This is rather weird. It all stared when I got my old Nexus 7 tablet out of retirement. I'm doing some upgrades for the web server for the Raspberry Pi event coming up, and I wanted to use the Nexus to see if the web site would work on an Android powered browser. One of the applications on the Nexus is a WiFi analyser that I've used to pick and choose my WiFi channe… Read more →

..and we're back

I've discovered that trying to produce a blog post every day is getting in the way of proper blogging. I'd have a great idea for a blog post and then remember that I'm a few days behind and I'd have to "catch up" before I could post the new one. I know, stupid really.So, from now on the Rob Miles blog will be much more free form. I'll post when I find something interesting and not worry about keep… Read more →