Sara Payne


Computer Science student at The University of Hull. Interested in learning as many programming languages as I can.

Blog posts

First Dedicated Server

This last week I have been playing with my new server. The server its self is running Ubuntu server 18.04. I have used Linux and specifically ubuntu flavours for many years. Most of what I have done before was through a GUI rather than the terminal. So far I have... Read more →

C# Text file detection.

I assumed this would be a simple job. Off I went to Google only to find convoluted methods which still only worked in “most cases”. I am a little surprised by this. Obviously if you can control the expected format this is simple. My situation was different as someone else... Read more →

Covey Rez Pro

Released as Open Source under the simplified BSD licence. A holodeck style rez system designed from scratch for use in OpenSim worlds. https://github.com/manwapastorelli/OpensimCoveyRezPro.git Information about the product below The Covey Rez Pro system can be used as a basic Pack and Rez system as found in many rez boxes. However,... Read more →

Norse Adventure – Learning Escape Room Experience

The Norse adventure is a fresh Open Sim experience. Which bit do I tell you about first? Should I treat this as a marvellous example of Open Sims capabilities, or as a fun challenging game or something educational. The Norse Adventure is all these. Located on the Neverworld grid, you... Read more →

Website and Blog created

Well, it has been on my to-do list for what feels like a very long time. A quiet work night has been turned into something productive. I have the foundations for my personal website made. I have also added this blog attached to the main site. Now I guess it... Read more →