Sara Payne


Computer Science student at The University of Hull. Interested in learning as many programming languages as I can.

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Website S.E.O

Following the end of the university exam period, my attention has returned to the Fire And Ice Grid. While the website was made, it was not performing well in search results. Mobile display problems had been detected by Google search console. Some content was going off the edge of 360... Read more →

December Work Madness and January Exams

Well, December was as December always is, busy! My private hire business 1st Class Travel explodes throughout December. Leading up to the end of the university term this held its own complications. Course work deadlines were added by the university. Running a business while engaging in full-time study was always... Read more →

The Fire and Ice Grid opens

The Fire and Ice Grid is a user-created 3d virtual world powered by OpenSim. Simultaneously, this project is both a business and a research project. Every aspect of this project uses open-source software. There are multiple programming languages used. The server is running Ubuntu Server (C and assembly language). OpenSimulator... Read more →

A productive week

This week in my new venture I have taken my first steps on PHP. I now have a contact form on my website which is protected by Recaptcha v3. I have also got my Gsuite drive successfully connected to my ubuntu server. This gives me convenient extra storage on my... Read more →

Rsync to the rescue

I am still in the process of setting up my new opensim and web server. Having established one backup with rsync i started makinging my primary backup to GoogleSuite. Well oops in the middle of it i deleted the files I was backing up. Thankfully my first backup method was... Read more →

First Dedicated Server

This last week I have been playing with my new server. The server its self is running Ubuntu server 18.04. I have used Linux and specifically ubuntu flavours for many years. Most of what I have done before was through a GUI rather than the terminal. So far I have... Read more →

C# Text file detection.

I assumed this would be a simple job. Off I went to Google only to find convoluted methods which still only worked in “most cases”. I am a little surprised by this. Obviously if you can control the expected format this is simple. My situation was different as someone else... Read more →

Covey Rez Pro

Released as Open Source under the simplified BSD licence. A holodeck style rez system designed from scratch for use in OpenSim worlds. https://github.com/manwapastorelli/OpensimCoveyRezPro.git Information about the product below The Covey Rez Pro system can be used as a basic Pack and Rez system as found in many rez boxes. However,... Read more →

Norse Adventure – Learning Escape Room Experience

The Norse adventure is a fresh Open Sim experience. Which bit do I tell you about first? Should I treat this as a marvellous example of Open Sims capabilities, or as a fun challenging game or something educational. The Norse Adventure is all these. Located on the Neverworld grid, you... Read more →

Website and Blog created

Well, it has been on my to-do list for what feels like a very long time. A quiet work night has been turned into something productive. I have the foundations for my personal website made. I have also added this blog attached to the main site. Now I guess it... Read more →