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Question: How do you recover a deleted file that's been overwritten?

Answer: With the greatest of difficulty. The blog post following this one in a few days time is, ironically, about backing things up. However, I actually ended up losing the entire post during the upload process to my server (it replaced both the source and destination files with an empty file!). I'd already saved it to disk, but still almost lost it anyway...... Recovery of deleted files is awkwa… Read more →

RhinoReminds: An XMPP reminder bot for my convenience

(Above: A Picture of a Black Rhino. Source: WikiMedia Commons) Many times when I write a program it's to solve a problem. With Pepperminty Wiki, it was that I needed a lightweight wiki engine - and MediaWiki was just too complex. With TeleConsole, it was that I wanted to debug a C♯ Program in an environment that had neither a debugger nor a console (I'm talking about you, Unity 3D). Today, I'm rel… Read more →

Write an XMPP bot in half an hour

Recently I've looked at using AI to extract key information from natural language, and creating a system service with systemd. The final piece of the puzzle is to write the bot itself - and that's what I'm posting about today. Since not only do I use XMPP for instant messaging already, but it's an open federated standard, I'll be building my bot on top of it for maximum flexibility. To talk over X… Read more →

Creating a system service with systemd

While I've got some grumblings with systemd over how it handles (or not) certain things, it's the most popular service manager on Linux systems today. By this, I mean it starts and stops the various services (like your SSH server, web server, cron) automatically, according to the rules laid out in special service files. Since it's so popular and I keep having to write services (and look up how to… Read more →

Easy AI with Microsoft.Text.Recognizers

I recently discovered that there's an XMPP client library (NuGet) for .NET that I overlooked a few months ago, and so I promptly investigated the building of a bot! The actual bot itself needs some polishing before I post about it here, but in writing said bot I stumbled across a perfectly brilliant library - released by Microsoft of all companies - that can be used to automatically extract common… Read more →

Using libsodium to upgrade the comment key system

I've blogged about the comment key system I utilise on this blog to prevent spam before (see also). Today, I've given it another upgrade to make it harder for spammers to fake a comment key! In the last post, I transformed the comment key with a number of reversible operations - including a simple XOR password system. This is, of course, very insecure - especially since an attacker knows (or can a… Read more →

Markov Chains Part 4: Test Data

With a shiny-new markov chain engine (see parts 1, 2, and 3), I found that I had a distinct lack of test data to put through it. Obviously this was no good at all, so I decided to do something about it. Initially, I started with a list of HTML colours (direct link; 8.6KiB), but that didn't produce very good output: MarkovGrams/bin/Debug/MarkovGrams.exe markov-w --wordlist wordlists/Colours.txt --l… Read more →

Disassembling .NET Assemblies with Mono

As part of the Component-Based Architecture module on my University course, I've been looking at what makes the .NET ecosystem tick, and how .NET assemblies (i.e. .NET .exe / .dll files) are put together. In the process, we looked as disassembling .NET assemblies into the text-form of the Common Intermediate Language (CIL) that they contain. The instructions on how to do this were windows-specific… Read more →

Geolocation Strategies

Surprisingly often you'll find yourself needing to know the physical location of a user - be it to calculate which time-zone they're in, when the sun sets, or even which building they're in for a guided tour. Such a question has multiple different answers and ways of approaching it, so I decided to blog about the ones I can think of for future reference. Location-By-IP-Address The first method tha… Read more →

Goodbye, Flash?

You're probably already aware that Adobe announced that they are ending support for flash at the end of 2020. You're browser has probably already disabled the plugin by default. This is good news for the web as a whole, but what about everything left behind? What if I said that at the end of 2020 we'll lose an entire chapter of the Internet's history? I'm talking about the masses of content on the… Read more →