Tom Fosdick


Software Developer for the University of Hull specialising in critical systems for the emergency services. Cyclist, runner, blogger and motorsport enthusiast.

Blog posts

Health & Fitness: COVID Edition.

A few weeks into the first COVID-19 lockdown my friend shared this. We all laughed, because even back then we knew that a lot of truth was being said in jest. Now it’s a new year, and with COVID-19 vaccinations being rolled out there is a new hope that 2021 won’t be quite as miserable Read more →

The Peloton Diaries

Peloton? That spinning thing aimed at cash rich, time poor urbanites? How on earth does that end up in a rural cottage and does it work? Read more →

Please Just Mute Geoff.

Background noise happens. If you're in a remote meeting with other people, get used to muting yourself and get comfortable with muting others. Read more →

What Have We Brits Learnt Through #blacklivesmatter?

I’m working on some longer stuff, because one thing that #blacklivesmatter has made me realise is that there are a lot of assumptions being made about racism and there’s a lot of bollocks being talked. In the meantime, a few bullet points: We still have institutions here in the UK that treat people differently according Read more →

How to Spot a Racist, Method #473

When angry people are protesting on the streets things do sometimes boil over. Opponents of the protests will seize on this immediately, firstly as an attempt to discredit and devalue the protest but also to distract attention from the cause. Opponents of protests have even infiltrated them and deliberately tried to start riots for those Read more →